Have you recently had lunch or dinner at Boston Market? Were you satisfied with their rotisserie menu? Would you rate their food and customer service as excellent, or did you left disappointed? Is Boston Market your must-go place whenever you crave for good food and quality entertainment whenever you go out? Why don’t you let them know what you think? Take part in their online client satisfaction survey and speak your mind! Access their survey page at www.tellbostonmarket.com and answer a few questions. The survey shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. You will not only help them improve your next experience in the restaurant, but you will also receive a reward as well. Here we have a complete guide on how to take the Boston Market survey! Have fun and good luck!

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Have you recently dined at Peter Piper Pizza? How would you rate their service? Is it your family’s first choice when it comes to the best pizza and kids entertainment in the city? If you enjoyed being their guest, or on the contrary, you left the place in disappointment, let them know what you think about their customer care! Participate in their guest satisfaction survey online. All you need to do is access the PPPsurvey page and answer a few questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your feedback count and improve your next guest experience. We will provide you with all the information you need below. Good luck!

peter piper pizza restaurant

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Have you recently dined at one of the White Castle fast food restaurants? If so, now is your chance to let them know what you feel about their customer care and famous hamburgers. Are they what you crave? All you need to do is participate in the White Castle survey. By giving your feedback, you help the company assess their customer service policy and take better care of their guests. It takes 10 minutes to submit your review online and we are here to help you with the entire appreciation and evaluation process.

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Romano’s Macaroni Grill is a restaurant chain specialized in Italian-American cuisine. With over twenty years of experience, the franchise is one of the leading casual dinings from around the world.

The restaurant devised an online questionnaire – the Macaroni Grill Experience Survey – www.macaronigrillexperience.com – to improve their customer relations and services. Therefore, guests can leave their mark on their service and products, for their benefit and that of future clients.

macaroni grill experience

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La Madeleine de Corps, Inc. or more commonly known as La Madeleine is a restaurant chain. Today, the restaurant offers the chance for customers to share their feedback to better improve customer relations in the future. So why wait? Leave your La Madeleine feedback today!

la madeleine feedback

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Marcos Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey is the latest online survey made available by the restaurant chain and can be found on Marcos.com. Be amongst the first to take this survey to have a chance to win free pizza for a year. Your feedback will prove useful for the company as it will allow to improve customer relations.

Marco’s Pizza is a restaurant chain and interstate franchise based in Toledo, Ohio. It is operated by Marco’s Franchising, LLC. It is specialized in Italian-American cuisine, and it was founded in 1978. Today the franchise operates more than 500 locations in 35 states as well as the Bahamas. According to the Top 100 Pizza Companies in the United States, Marco’s Pizza is ranked number 2.

Marcos Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey

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T.G.I. Friday’s is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining. The popular restaurant known for its red-striped canopies and frequent use of antiques as décor now has made its own TGIF survey. Customers are invited to provide their feedback on the customer satisfaction topic. This will enable the company to review its customer services to better improve customer care.

The first T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant was opened 1965 by Alan Stillman. The restaurant opened on the 15th of March, 1965 and served standard American cuisine, bar food and alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless the restaurant emphasized on food quality and preparation. There is a wide range of TGIF specials customers can choose from. Another distinct feature of the restaurant is represented by the uniform. Employees are wearing red and white soccer shirts displaying the well known TGIF stripes.

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Have you recently visited a Jamba Juice location? Why don’t you share your customer experience and tell Jamba what you feel about their customer service and menu items? All you have to do is participate in the Jamba Juice Customer Satisfaction Survey online at www.telljamba.com. The company values its guests’ reviews and is willing to reward you for your honest feedback. In this post you will find out all the information you need in order to make your evaluation and appreciation of the Jamba customer care reach out to them.

Jamba Juice is a well-known American restaurant chain headquartered in Emeryville, California. The company is a leading franchiser, labeled by Forbes as the best franchiser in America in 2014. Jamba Juice now operates over 800 stores in 26 United States, as well as in the Bahamas, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada, and South Korea.

jamba juice logo and smoothie presentation

At the core of the Jamba Juice story lays their aim is to provide customers with first-class services and fresh, tasty products. The Jamba mission is to build a healthier tomorrow as well, taking great care of the ingredients they select. That is why at the basis of their menu there are mostly fruits, veggies and wholesome grains and seeds.

The Jamba Juice offers a wide range of products, from smoothies and juices to tasty bowls and healthy bites like salads and sandwiches. If you wish to keep a healthy diet, you can try out their spinach smoothie. For a boost, they have energy bowls and juices with extra-vitamins.

Want to find out which the nearest Jamba Juice store is to your place? If you visit the Jamba Juice official website, www.jambajuice.com, you’ll see a ‘store finder’ box at the top left side of the page. By entering your zip code, you’ll find the closest Jamba Juice locations.

Tell Jamba Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you enjoyed your latest Jamba drink, or by contrary, you were disappointed, tell Jamba about your experience. The company will greatly benefit from your review on their customer service and menu offer. By taking the Tell Jamba survey, you will help them better meet your customer needs next time you visit one of their stores.

So, based on the information Jamba Juice gathers from their guests, they are committed to improve their services, which will definitely enhance your future customer experience and satisfaction.

The survey can be completed by accessing www.telljamba.com. Your candid feedback is much appreciated. Upon completion of the Tell Jamba Survey you will receive a discount on your next purchase.

What You Will Need

In order to participate in the Tell Jamba Customer Satisfaction Survey you need to comply with the following:

  • Own a device that has Internet access like a laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone.
  • Have a recent Jamba Juice receipt handy.
  • Have basic knowledge of either English or Spanish;
  • Spend about 5 minutes to express your opinion on their customer care.
  • You may be required to leave your personal information like name, phone number and email. Ensure you agree with the terms of the Tell Jamba Survey privacy policy.

How to participate in the Tell Jamba Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Here are the easy steps you need to follow to take part in the Tell Jamba survey:

  • Visit the Jamba Juice Customer Satisfaction Survey online page: www.telljamba.com.

Tell Jamba Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the 15 digit survey code located at the bottom of your receipt, then click ‘START’.
  • Choose your language: English or Spanish.
  • You will be asked to rate your customer experience at one of the Jamba locations and answer a few questions based on your latest visit. These questions refer to your satisfaction with food items and the way you were served by the Jamba staff.
  • After completing the Tell Jamba survey you will receive a validation code you will need to present on your next visit and get a discount.

Useful Information about Tell Jamba Survey

Jamba Juice Official Site: www.jambajuice.com

We recommend you to check the Jamba Juice website if you are interested to know more about its mission, offers, promotions and rewards program. There you can discover more about nutrition, as well as their up-to-date coupons and discount offers.

Tell Jamba Survey Site:  www.telljamba.com

Tell Jamba what you think about their menu offer and customer care by accessing the link above.

Incentive: Once you complete the online questionnaire, you get a validation code you need to write down on your receipt. Present your receipt along with this code on your next visit to get a discount on your purchase.

Jamba Juice Hours of Operation

Due to the great number of Jamba Juice locations throughout the States, the hours of operations vary according to each region. Best way to find out the hours of the store which is of interest for you is to search where the closest Jamba Juice location is to your place.

How to Contact Jamba Juice

The Jamba Juice representatives are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need. There are various way to reach out to them.

  1. Contact them ONLINE

The easiest and most convenient way to reach out to Jamba Juice is by completing their contact form online. This can be found by visiting their official page www.jambajuice.com. Make sure you mention your name and contact details so that they will get back to you.

  1. Social Media Channels

Social media is another option for you to get in touch with Jamba Juice and share your feedback. You can follow Jamba on the follwing social media channels:

Jamba Juice: Instagram

Jamba Juice: YouTube

Jamba Juice: Facebook

Jamba Juice: Twitter

Jamba Juice: Pinterest

  1. Send them a Letter

You can also write to them at this mailing address:

Jamba Juice Company

6475 Christie Ave Suite 150

Emeryville, CA 94608



This concludes our Tell Jamba Survey information. We hope our guidelines prove useful. If you have any questions related to the evaluation and assessment process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just leave a message in the comment box below. We are happy to answer to our readers’ questions and concerns. Good Luck!

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When did you last had a delicious pancake breakfast? If you wonder where to find a good place to enjoy your first meal of the day, IHOP a.k.a. International House of Pancakes runs over 1,650 locations across the United States and Canada, and around the world.

Headquartered in Glendale, California, IHOP is a restaurant chain specialized in breakfast foods owned by Dine Equity but operated by independent franchisers. As their advertising campaign states, if you ‘Come Hungry’, you have good chances to ‘Leave Happy’. IHOP takes great pleasure in providing excellent customer service and affordable breakfast items.

At IHOP’s you can choose from a wide range of products. They have everything from egg specialties to signature pancakes, French toast and waffles. Even if they are focused on breakfast foods, at IHOP you can also find lunch and dinner items. Moreover, since 2010 they pay attention to diverse nutrition requirements introducing the Simple & Fit menu. This way you can find and enjoy delicious items under 600 calories.

International House of Pancakes has offered places where people to take a bite and enjoy good company since 1958. Its history goes back at the end of the fifties when the first IHOP restaurant was opened in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The IHOP business grew fast over the decades, currently running 1,650 locations all over the world. Since 2012 they operate in Dubai as well, while new restaurants have been opened in Kuwait, Guatemala and Saudi Arabia. IHOP is also one of the companies involved in charity work. In ten years they have been giving back to community over $20 million.

The IHOP menu diversified over the years, but one ingredient remained the same – a smile.

IHOP restaurant new logo


The IHOP Survey

If you have recently had breakfast at IHOP, why don’t you let them know what you think about their customer service and breakfast menu?

IHOP Survey is an online questionnaire especially created for you to share your guest experience. Rate your customer satisfaction based on your latest visit at one of the IHOP restaurants and get a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes next time you visit one of their locations.

By participating in the IHOP survey, you help them gather information from customers which will lead to better services and food offers. Leave your review for a more enhanced customer care. IHOP looks forward to your feedback on your latest visit. All you need to do is visit the IHOP survey page and complete the online questionnaire. Your opinion matters!

What You Will Need

  • First thing needed is internet connection enabled through a device like a laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • Second, make sure you have a recent shopping IHOP receipt handy as you will be asked to enter the survey code printed on it. Keep in mind that the survey invitation expires within 3 days after purchase.
  • Third, you need to have basic knowledge of either English or Spanish. The questionnaire is available for both languages.
  • Forth, the survey will take about 10 minutes of your time.
  • Fifth, there is a privacy policy we recommend you to check before completing the IHOP survey as you will be required to provide personal information.

How to Participate in the IHOP Survey?

In order to complete the evaluation, appreciation and assessment process of the IHOP survey, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Visit the IHOP survey website at tellihop.com and follow the indications on the screen.
  • Choose the language of your preference and click ‘Next’.

ihop survey page 1

  • Enter the survey code located on your receipt.

Ihop survey page 2

  • You will be asked a series of questions about your latest visit at one of the IHOP restaurants. Make sure you submit an honest and accurate feedback and help them better meet your needs next time you choose their service.
  • After completing the IHOP survey, you will be given a code. Use it when you next visit their locations to get a free short stack of pancakes.


Useful Information about the IHOP Survey

IHOP Official Website: www.ihop.com

For additional information about IHOP, we recommend you to access ihop.com. Find out everything about the company, IHOP locations, IHOP coupons, promotions, summer specials or nutrition.

IHOP Survey website: www.tellihop.com

Visit the IHOP survey page to participate in the customer feedback survey. This way, you will let IHOP know what you think about its service and menu offer and help the company enhance your future guest experience.

Incentive: Upon completion of the IHOP survey, you will receive a redemption code you need to write on your receipt. Go back to IHOP with your receipt and enjoy a free short stack of pancakes!


IHOP Hours of Operation

IHOP hours vary depending on location. Some restaurants are opened from 6 am to 9 pm or from 6:30 am to 10 pm every day, while others have shorter hours of operation. To make sure you don’t miss a chance to try out their delicious pancakes, check which IHOP location is nearest to your place, get the contact details and give them a call.

How to Contact IHOP

For any questions you may have, there are several ways to reach out to IHOP:

  • By Email

To share your thoughts, leave a feedback or ask a question of any kind, you can visit ihop.com and click on ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the page. In order to leave your message, you are required to fill in a contact form

  • By Phone

IHOP representatives are happy to answer to your questions by phone as well. Give them a ring at the next phone number:

(866) 444-5144

They are available from Monday to Friday, 7am – 7 pm.

  • By Mail

For general information, you can also send IHOP a letter at the following mailing address:

450 North Brand Boulevard

Glendale, CA 91203

If sailing the internet is your thing, find IHOP on social media channels.


This concludes our IHOP Survey information. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, we encourage you to express your opinion. Please leave us a message in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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Have you bought a Papa Murphy’s pizza recently?  Or ordered a pizza online? Let them know how you felt about their services by participating in their customer experience survey. Help them deliver the best service possible. All you need to do is access the survey page – papasurvey.com – and sit comfortably until you finish answering a series of questions. It will take less than 10 minutes to deliver your feedback and we will provide you with all the information you need so that you successfully complete the questionnaire.

papa murphy's logo

About Papa Murphy’s

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Papa Murphy’s is the fifth-largest pizza company in the US operating stores in 38 states. Their concept of ‘take-n-bake’ pizza began in 1981 and since then they are focused on providing fresh products at the very best value.

At Papa Murphy you can customize your pizza and get exactly what you want by choosing from a wide range of fresh products and types of crust. They make your pizza by hand so that you can put it in the oven when you get home and serve it fresh. This is what they call ‘Love at 425°’.

Papa Murphy’s operates in 1,400 locations not only in the States, but also in Canada and United Arab Emirates. You can find out which is the closest Papa Murphy’s store to your house by visiting their store page – www.stores.papamurphys.com. Find the store location you are interested in by entering your state, city or zip code.

Papa Murphy’s Official Website can also provide you with more useful information about their menu, deals and nutrition. We provide all the links you need at the bottom of our post.


Papa Murphy’s Customer Service Feedback – Papa Survey

Papa Murphy’s values your opinion about their service and products. That is why they invite you to take a few minutes to complete this customer service survey. They want to know if they meet your expectations and if there are aspects that need more attention.

By delivering your feedback you can improve your future customer experience and the experience of other customers as well. Tell the managers at Papa Murphy’s what you think about their pizza stores. Do they offer high quality products and excellent customer service?

Your evaluation is important and much appreciated. Wonder what you will get by giving up to your time to express your thoughts? At the end of this survey you will receive a redemption code which you can use the next time you visit one of Papa Murphy’s stores.

What You’ll Need


Basically, what you need in order to complete this customer satisfaction survey is:


  • Own a device that enables internet access, such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop.
  • Have knowledge of English as you will need to understand and answer to a few questions about your visit;
  • You need to have visited a Papa Murphy’s store recently;
  • Spend about 10 minutes of your time to rate different aspects of your most recent customer experience and complete the online questionnaire.

How to participate in the Papa Survey?

We provide you with all the indications you need to participate in the survey, but first you have to visit www.papasurvey.com.

Here’s what you will need to do in order to successfully complete the questionnaire:

  • Enter the store number found on your baking instructions or search store by zip/postal code;
  • After entering the 5 or 6-digit store number, enter the date you visited a Papa Murphy’s store;

papa murphy survey page 3

  • Next, you will be asked to rate your customer satisfaction:

rate satisfaction page papa murphy's survey

  • Furthermore, there are other aspects you are required to rate, such as friendliness of employees, food quality and speed of service.

papa murphy's survey - aspects to rate

  • Then you will need to check the aspects you consider that require the managers attention:

papa murphy's survey aspects that need attention

  • You will also be asked how likely it will be to order again from Papa Murphy’s stores or recommend their products.
  • You can also rate the value for money.
  • Your thoughts are very welcome that is why you are invited to type your comments about your most recent visit. You can let them know what you enjoyed the best or, on the contrary, what you disliked about their service.
  • papa murphy's survey comment box
  • At the end of the survey they will require you to enter your address. Your personal information will be collected according to their privacy policy.

info collected by papa murphy's survey

  • Based on the completion of the survey, you are going to get a redemption code you can use when you next visit Papa Murphy’s pizza stores.

papa murphy's survey final page

Useful Information about Papa Murphy’s Survey

Official site: www.papamurphys.com/

Survey link: www.papasurvey.com/websurvey

Incentive: By participating in this customer survey you deliver your appreciation on Papa Murphy’s service and products and contribute to the improvement of their customer care. As a way to say ‘thank you’, Papa Murphy’s gives you a redemption code based on the completion of their online feedback. This code can be used when you next visit one of their stores.


What are Papa Murphy’s Hours of Operation?

Given the number of locations Papa Murphy’s operates, the hours of service may fluctuate. That is why it is better to call the store that interests you and check their work schedule.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s

All the information you need in order to contact Papa Murphy’s can be found on their website. Click on Contact Us at the bottom of the home page and you will be sent to a feedback page where you can type your praise, suggestion, question, concern or request on a variety of topics such as:

  • Marketing
  • Cleanliness
  • Store appearance
  • Wait time
  • Website
  • Gluten free
  • Staff
  • Employment

You can also find Papa Murphy’s on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Here are the links you can follow to contact them through their social media pages:


Papa Murphy: Facebook

Papa Murphy: Twitter

Papa Murphy: YouTube

This concludes our Papa Survey information. We hope our indications will prove useful to you. If you have any further questions about the evaluation and appreciation process, please drop as a line in the comments section below. We’ll try to answer to you as soon as possible.

Your review is important. Let Papa Murphy’s know what you think as a costumer.

Good luck!

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