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Applebee’s is an American company which develops, franchises and operates the Applebee’s grill and bar restaurant chain. Founded in 1980 by Decatur, Georgia – the restaurant has quickly grew to now operating over 2,000 locations in the US and 15 other countries including Canada, Brazil and Chile. If you have visited an Applebee’s restaurant before then you will remember the distinct food menu on offer including salads, shrimp, chicken, pasta and riblets.

Why take part in the Applebee’s customer survey?

If you have recently visited an Applebee’s restaurant then it’s important to let the company know how they are getting on and what (if anything) they can improve on – by expressing your feelings to such a company, you will always be heard and ensure the company act on your opinions.

For just taking a few moments of your time, you can enter the sweepstakes to enter a $1,000 prize.

To participate in

You need a valid recent receipt from the resturant, and to be eligible for sweepstakes you need to be a legal resident over the age of 16/18/20.

  • Visit the official webpage at
  • Enter the required information from your receipt including; Server name, Date, Time, Check Number, Amount and 9 digits serial number.
  • Continue to complete the survey, and you will receive 10 entires to the lucky draw for sweepstakes.


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  1. I just ate at Applebee’s in Sarasota, FL on Clark rd and it was terrible


  2. Nancy Charleson

    We eat at Applebees frequently and are pleased with the friendly service and delicious meals at a reasonable price.


  3. vhilena Nelson

    Awesome service. Bartender servicing whole restaurant by herself and doing it well.


  4. juliana malchan

    I eat at the jamiaica ave applebees it was very good. service great heather m. Was very helpful.


  5. My wife and I visit Applebees quite often. the last 2 visits the food was bad to the exyent that we sent it back to the kitchen. The manager & server were great. They apologized and did not charge us for the meals. We love Applebees because that is where we fell attracted to each other for the first time. We will continue to visit Applebees because for 13 years it has and will be a speacial place for us.


  6. I can’t believe they took the blondie off the menu that’s the only reason why I go they try to push the new Apple thing on me but it didn’t work I guess I won’t be going back to Applebees any time soon until they bring back the blondie


  7. Madalena Galindo

    Breanna C was great server very kind and helpful we ate the one in mira loma ca!


  8. Mary Ann Steinle

    We just came back from eating at Applebee’s in Hays Kansas. I have eaten there several times and have always been pleased however, this time we were disappointed. I must stress that the servers, greeters, wait staff and management were excellent. Everyone was friendly, polite and served the food as soon as possible. The new summer steak items need to be looked at. We had the garlic marinated steak. It was so salty that we could not eat it. I think it was because of the juice that may have been poured over it to keep it moist. The steak was cooked properly it was just the flavoring. My husband had ordered the same thing and sent his back. The replacement steak which was not supposed to be a marinated steak was just as salty and he asked for no salt. I don’t think the portabella mushroom and spinach combination is a good one either. It lacked flavor completely. The potatoes and the braised onions were right on tho. As I said….We were completely happy with the restaurant and staff. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any thoughts on this menue item. The management adjusted our bill but we did lose our taste for this item. We will continue eating at Applebee’s but will stick to the things we know are good. Thank you.


  9. Richard Moore

    I am a loyal customer of applebees in Davenport florida (four corner area) and I always ask for Debbie H, and is she’s busy? I will wait. She is amazing the food is great and the atmosphere, well go see for a servyourself.. And do yourself a favor and ask for Debbie, she is the ideal candidate of what a server should be like, you are a server or want to be a server, you can learn A LOT from her. will be back there very soon.. and if by any chance Debbie h sees this? THANK YOU FOR CONTINUOUS GREAT SERVICE…. YOU ARE AWESOME DEBBIE KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK.


  10. On 5-30we visited the Applebee’s in Fonddulac for a lunch…..the service was terrible,the amount of food was very small,we were never offered refills on our beverages,waited 15min or more for our meal when we ask the waitress about our meal she said they are training a new cook it will be a while….when the food arrived my chicken penne was cold…..when I could catch our waitress I ask her to reheat the meal. She did by the time I got my meal back my husband was almost done eating……seems the service is getting worse. After spending $23.00 on your meal you should feel satisfied and glad you went out to lunch….hesitant to return


  11. My girlfriend and i Just had a terrible experience here at applebees in Fayetteville NC. As we arrive there was no one to greet us. the bar tender had to sit us, as we seated while waiting for waitress no one ever show up. After waiting for while i asked could i speak to the manger finally he arrive and wonted to know what was the problem. I explain to him how long we had been waiting and no one show up to introduce them or take our order. The supervisor took our order and apologize for the wait, after awhile a new waitress, that was there took our order for appetizer, which we never got. Our tea glasses stayed empty as waitress continue to pass our table. this was a horrible experience and i don’t think i will ever be going back there again, oh and by the way there was a waitress there with a nasty attitude by the name of Yvette C she should never work with the public. Before leaving i told the other manger about her attitude and he said he would deal with her. This is the second applebees in Fay. i have had problems with , no more APPLEBEE’s for me Thank you Ida Johnson.


  12. We had late lunch early dinner at the Olean, NY, Applebee’s today. First of all, the music was so loud that it was difficult to hear others at the table talk. The waitress was adequate, pleasant, but not overly friendly. The service was good. The trio appetizer was very good. My husband got Napa Chicken, was OK but horribly salty. He had this same entree three days prior in Horseheads, NY and it was superb. Not sure why the same dinner could taste differently at 2 different locations. I ordered the blackened sirloin steak with potatoes and green beans. The steak was so salty that I could barely eat it. It was prepared as ordered, medium rare and was tender. Bottom line is we will probably go back some day but it will be a while as we had a gift card to use and we hadn’t been there for a couple of years.


  13. My friend and I ate lunch at the Applebees in Cathedral City… was awful.
    I had tortilla soup that I didn’t eat because it was bad. The salad was ok. The iced tea was 2.50 which was too much. I nicely told the waiter that the soup was awful and he just shrugged his shoulders. My friend had the Chinese Chicken Salad and it was also bad.
    That was my first and LAST time eating at Applebees…….My friend will not return either.


  14. We were completely disenchanted with the NEW menu for 2 for $20. You took a perfectly fine piece of meat, grilled it to specifications and then pour gobs of honey over it and the chopped potatoes with some onion skins thrown on top. Yuck. We want the old menu back. Now if we want a grilled steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables (carrots, green beans) we have to pay extra for the mashed potatoes and vegetables. We don’t want our steak drowned in bourbon either. We will be over at Chile’s until you go back to the better menu choices. We were using Applebee’s as a family gathering place for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries & special occasions. No More. Receipt No. 099886368 Thanks for the read.


  15. We loved it!!! New Hyde Park Applebees Rocks!! We had the 2 for 20 grilled honey with shimp, greenbeens and potatoes…yum yum yumm!!!


  16. When the survey gets to the entry of our birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format it does not recognize my legitimate birthdate or any different format dates I try to start the survey. Let me know when it is fixed and I will try again. Title in subject line should be “Survey”.
    Thank You
    Have A Great Day


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