The Bakers Square survey was designed with customers’ satisfaction in mind. Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery wants to hear from the dining restaurant chain’s guests and collect valuable feedback on their experience in the Bakers Square locations and with their products and services.

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Bakers Square was founded in 1969 under the name Mrs. C’s. An all-American dining restaurant chain, Bakers Square is known for its varied pie choice. In addition to their renowned pies, Bakers Square also offers a varied breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in over 46 location across the United States.

What is the Bakers Square Survey?

The Bakers Square guest satisfaction survey is the dining restaurant’s chain online tool put at customer’s disposal so they can offer feedback to the company. Participate in the Bakers Square customer satisfaction survey and let them know if you had a good time, enjoyed their products or their services. Offering your feedback helps the restaurant improve every aspect of their activity.

What you Will Need to Participate in the Bakers Square Survey

In order to participate in the Bakers Square survey, Bakers Square guests must:

  • Have access to the internet on one of the following devices: laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Prepare a guest receipt received at any Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery location
  • Make sure that the survey code printed on the guest receipt is complete and readable
  • Reserve 10 minutes to go through the Bakers Square client survey questions  

How to Participate in the Bakers Square Survey

Provided that all of the Bakers Square client experience survey requirements are met, Bakers Square guests should proceed by accessing the following link:

Accessing this link will open the page seen in the Bakers Square client survey screenshot below.

bakers square survey
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In order to participate in the Bakers Square Survey, guests must enter the valid survey code present on the guest check in the empty box. Following, click continue. Enter your Bakers Square client survey answers thoroughly so as to be able to submit your feedback. The Bakers Square client satisfaction survey is specifically designed for Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery guests.

Bakers Square Survey Usability Score

Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey usability score on personal computer and laptop: 5/5

Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey usability score on smartphone: 4/5

Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey usability score on tablet: 5/5

Useful Information about the Bakers Square Survey

The Bakers Square dining restaurant chain aims to pool guests’ feedback in order to improve products and services offered across the 46 Bakers Square U.S. locations. To achieve this goal, Bakers Square designed the Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey available at this link:

The nationally praised dining restaurant chain wants to know Bakers Square clients’ opinions. As such, all guests are invited to leave their feedback via the Bakers Square Survey.

Useful Information about Bakers Square

Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery dining restaurant chain serves customers in nearly 50 locations across the United States. The most well-known products offered by Bakers Square are their pies. Customers can find the Bakers Square pies online by accessing this link:

In addition, by visiting the official Bakers Square website, current guests and prospective guests can find Bakers Square coupons and gift cards, Bakers Square nutrition facts, Bakers Square careers and Bakers Square pie prices.

If you’re interested in finding the Bakers Square hours of functioning, you must first check the Bakers Square locations. These can be found by accessing the locator. Enter the zip code of the location where you hope to find a Bakers Square restaurant, the city or check out the lists by state.

How to Contact Bakers Square

Customers who wish to contact Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery may do so by using the contact form on the official website. The contact form may be used for general feedback, question about the Bakers Square survey or other information. The same Contact section on the website features the company’s phone number, the guest relations phone number and an email address.

In addition, Bakers Square customers may contact and follow the dining restaurant chain via the social media channels:

These social media pages are also useful if customers wish to keep up with the latest offers, deals and survey opportunities provided by Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery.

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