Beall’s was founded in 1915, Florida. The store consists of two chains including the Beall’s department store and Beall’s outlet with Beall’s Inc being the parent company. With an estimated 500+ locations, at your average Beall’s store you can find a diverse range of products from clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, accessories, and housewares.

If you haven’t already visited a Beall’s store then why not check them out online at Beall’ where you can see a full picture of products and services on offer including online shopping, Beall’s gift cards, coupons & offers and use the online store locator to find a Beall’s store near you.

What is the Beall’s guest survey?

The Beall’s Survey was designed so they can get a valued insight into their customers eyes, allowing them to continually improve the products, services and customer support on offer to the public. IF you have recently visited a Beall’s store and would like to express your feedback to the company, then the Beall’s feedback survey is a great way to do so.

The survey shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to complete, and for taking part you can enter the Beall’s sweepstakes for your chance to win $500 Beall’s gift card to spent at your local Beall’s department store.

Before you begin with the survey, you must have a valid receipt from your most recent purchase at a Beall’s store and have a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet to complete it.

  • Visit the official Beall’s survey website at
  • Enter the date of visit as seen on your receipt
  • Continue to answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • Complete the survey, and enter your personal information for your chance to win the $500 gift card on the Beall’s sweepstakes.
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  1. I shop at bealls on a regular basis when I need to check on clothing,etc. for gifts etc. I enjoy the store I go to but sometimes it is too warm and crowded. but I still try to go. I do shop a lot at this store . I find good bargins.



    For me, shopping at Bealls is Enjoy, I must confess that for a long time, I felt envious of the people who enjoy shopping, why the experience is different for Bealls? , Sensory experience, Everything is according Bealls care is your angle of view, with this feel to the brand, making your visit more personal contact and each of the products, people are the brand, maybe the most important: products can be tested with no time limit or vendors touting. Your job is to help and I really feel that way. You are the center live in a time in which we hear constantly that the consumer is at the center of all actions.


  3. sharon rasmussen

    How can I complete your survey when I have a valid sales receipt from the Montrose CO store and both web and phone will not accept the code. Doesn’t make for very good customer relations!!!
    Item was purchased 11/04/2013 Code is 0830-002-1820-1244 15 digits.
    The local store is absolutely no help.


  4. melissa Nethery-Davis

    Bealls is my favorite store. It’s got all the great fashions and the clerk’s are so friendly and prompt to help you!
    This past Friday was really exciting as they had started selling Estee Lauder and Cinque products!


  5. melissa Nethery-Davis

    I love Bealls, it has almost anything you would need in fashion. Also,they have2 new cosmetic counters that opened up,, Estee Lauder and Clinque!!!


  6. Need to improve process. My survey code from Kilgore,Texas Beall’s Store is inaccurate. It says it is invalid. I worked out the code and the store number has an extra zero than the actual code number. I tried for about 45 minutes using various manipulations of numbers. I manipulated the date and it wasn’t the correct one on the receipt but it was accepted. Apparantly, there are only 4 people qualified to win the drawing: the same four people that has a correct code…….


  7. Alison Rodriguez

    I think bealls is great, i love shopping there for my clothes. I enjoy walking around and looking for cute clothes! I give bealls a 9!!!!


  8. Have tried for two days to complete survey…site will not take date (typed as it is on my receipt). Doesn’t make for good public relations, does it!


  9. Antoinette Morris

    I have been unable to participate in the contest to win $500 gift card by completing your Bealle’s survey. The website tells me I have already participated even thought that was done weeks ago. why is this happening??


  10. para mi es la mejor tienda departamental… Bealls siempre encuentro todo lo que busco salgo muy satisfecha y la atencion que dan es excelente 🙂


  11. Melitta Druhe-Boedeker



  12. doug Stalinsky

    My name is tammie stalinsky actually my husband doug stalinsky got me my card as a gift and i use for school clothing for my grandsons and clothing that we may need.I love beall’s store i wish that i would have become a beall”s customer earlier on in life i have had my card now about one year or so.My visit today was a better than usual visit, i recently had surgery and not suppose to lift anything heavy i bought some school clothes for the boys, the cashier was so kind to carry my bags to the car for me.I just thought that was a very nice thing to do. I cant to go back and finish my shopping for the boys school clothes.I love my beall’s in Crockett Texas.


  13. I am very happy shopping at Bealls employees are very helpful


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