If you are one of the many Comcast customers in America, you probably want to help the company improve their products and services by filling out the Comcast survey. Thus, the company will be able to see themselves from their customer’s perspective and understand what needs to be changed.

Speak your mind and tell the company what is your opinion on their services and products. This way, you can benefit from better services in your area. It only takes 2 minutes to answer the 7 questions of this survey.

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Comcast – About Company

Comcast is a multinational telecommunications and mass media company that is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a leader in the broadcasting market and has the largest revenue among all cable television companies worldwide. Comcast also operates a handful of TV channels: E!, the Golf Channel, NBCSN, NBC, and Telemundo are endorsed by this company. The company also administers the Universal Pictures studio and Universal Parks & Resorts in Orlando, LA. Therefore, satisfying their customers is a must.

What is the Comcast Survey?

The Comcast Survey is a way customers can tell the company about their experiences with Comcast services and products. As a result, the company can then decide what areas to improve and focus on based on their customers’ needs.

Comcast Customer Satisfaction Rating

The ConsumerAffairs Comcast rating is 1.1/5 and many Comcast consumer reviews accuse the company of having poor customer service or high rates and condoned them for bad practices. Nevertheless, many continue to use Comcast services. Although most do so because they have no other providers to turn to, some are happy with their services.

What You Will Need

To participate in the Comcast Survey, you will need the following:

  • A computer, laptop, or mobile device;
  • An internet connection;
  • A Comcast receipt or bill.

How to Participate in the Comcast Survey?

The old survey link does not work anymore. However, we noticed that a popup survey invitation appears on the Xfinity website.

popup with comcast survey invitation
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  • To make your opinion heard, you need to click “Start Study” to proceed.

comcast survey screencap 2
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  • First, you need to wait for the popup and click on “Start Questionnaire” when it appears.

comcast survey screencap
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  • Then, tell the company how satisfied you are with Xfinity. You can grade your level of satisfaction with 1 if you are highly dissatisfied, 5 if you were completely satisfied, and everything in between.

comcast survey first quiestion
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  • Now, you can proceed to rate your overall satisfaction with Comcast. Just as with the previous question, you’ll have to rate your level of satisfaction with numbers between 1 and 5, the latter meaning you were highly satisfied.

comcast survey second question
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  • Then, tell the company if they are good enough to be recommended by you. This time, you’ll have to choose a mark between 1 in 10. Click on 1 if you would not recommend Comcast Xfinity to friends and family, 5 if you are undecided, and 10 if you are extremely likely to recommend them.

comcast survey third question
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  • In addition, motivate your answer.

comcast survey fourth question
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  • Then, choose the reason(s) you visited the website or a shop. You can choose more than one answers or fill in your own if it is not listed as an option.

comcast survey fifth question
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  • Tell Comcast if they solved your problem. If you found out what you were interested in, click Yes. If not and need further assistance, click No.

comcast survey sixth question
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  • Type in your opinion about what improvements the Xfinity website needs. This can be anything from locations to personnel or their services.

comcast survey seventh question
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  • FInally, click on Close to send your answers.

comcast survey last page
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Useful information about the Comcast Survey

Comcast Xfinity Official Website: www.xfinity.com.

Comcast Survey Website: At the moment of writing, the Comcast survey was no longer active. You can complete the survey if you visit the Xfinity website and wait for a popup to appear.

Comcast Hours

The operating hours for Comcast stores vary from location to location. Please refer to their official website and use the Store Locator feature.

Comcast Locations

To find the closest Comcast location, please refer to the Service Center Locations on their official website. After you log in and type in your address, the website will recommend you nearby stores you can visit for further assistance.

How to Contact Comcast

If you want to send a message to the company you can use their shops, the “Contact” page, or the information below:

Comcast Customer Support Phone Number: (800) 391-3000

Comcast Sales Phone Number: 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)

The Xfinity website also offers a chat feature, which will connect you to a Comcast agent if you have further questions or are interested in their products and services.

You can also contact Comcast on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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