The Eat n Park survey is the most objective way the company can improve its services and products. It covers matters like food and service quality, restaurant overview, or cleanliness and asks customers for their hones opinions. As a result, the survey is meant to provide some unbiased insight over the Eat n Park customer experience.

Even though the company offers coupons as incentives to customers who fill out the survey, the real motivation for regulars of the Eat n Park restaurants should be the improved quality of their favorite chain.

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Eat n Park – About Company

Eat n Park is a U.S.-based restaurant chain best known for its smiley cookies. Its headquarters are located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. However, we can also find locations in Ohio and West Virginia. Their most noteworthy products include appetizers, salads, burgers or other meals, beverages, and desserts.

With a history of almost 70 years, the name is comprised of several distinct brands that operate within the Eat n Park brand:

  • Eat n Park Hospitality Group;
  • Eat n Park Restaurants;
  • Hello Bistro;
  • Delicious Raw;
  • Six Penn Kitchen;
  • The Porch at Schenley;
  • Parkhurst Dining;

What is the Eat n Park Survey?

The Eat n Park survey is a short questionnaire customers can complete to help Eat n Park understand how their clients perceive them. As a result, the company can objectively determine which aspects of their locations and activity need improvement. Therefore, filling out the survey is ultimately beneficial to customers.

What You Will Need

To participate in the Eat n park survey, customers will need a computer, laptop, or mobile device with internet access and a receipt from an Eat n Park restaurant.

How to Participate in the Eat n Park Survey?

Here are the steps to correctly filling out the Eat n Park survey:

  • First, enter the official Eat n Park survey website:
  • Then, fill in your survey code: This is 13 digits long and can be found on your receipt.

the first page of the eat n park survey
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  • Now, you can proceed to answer the survey questions: They will cover matters like food quality and temperature, service time and customer attitude, restaurant cleanliness and organization, and your overall experience in an Eat n Park location. Please note the company will identify the location that printed out your receipt by the identification info you provide. Therefore, when filling out the survey, it’s important to only refer to your last visit.
  • Then, fill in your contact information: The company will only use this info in exceptional cases, such as to investigate certain claims or accusations.
  • Finally, submit the survey and write down your redemption code: After finishing the survey, the page will display a code. Customers need to write this code down on the receipt to be eligible for rewards.

Useful information about the Eat n Park Survey

Eat n Park Official Website:

Eat n Park Survey Website:

The most frequent reward for filling out the survey is an Eat n Park coupon which can be used during the next visit in an Eat n Park restaurant. However, restaurants can establish their own rewards. Therefore, different locations will offer different incentives to their customers. No matter the case, these are always written down on the receipt, right next to the survey code. The company also releases Eat and Park coupons for $2.00 or more off through their official website.

Eat n Park Hours

Most Eat n Park locations are open Sunday through Thursday from 6 AM to 11 PM, and Friday and Sunday from 6 AM to 12 AM. However, 24/7 restaurants can be found in major cities. It seems like smaller ones have more restrictive schedules.

Eat n Park Locations

Customers can find an Eat n Park restaurant in most of the big cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. There are over 70 locations in these three states. Therefore, we advise customers to refer to the Eat n Park official website and use the store locator feature to find the nearest Eat n Park restaurant.

How to Contact Eat n Park

The official Eat n Park website offers complete information about nutritional values of their meals and dishes. To stay in touch with the company, customers can join the Eat n Park email club through the official website.

To contact the company and find out information about ingredients, practices, or contests, customers can use the “Contact Us” page from the official website. The Eat n Park phone number differs from restaurant to restaurant. nevertheless, customers can also find the nearest Eat n Park location by using the Store Locator feature.

Eat n Park is also responsive on social media. Here are their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

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