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Logan’s Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants founded in 1991, Kentucky. Well known for it’s vintage decorations and buckets of peanuts found on each table. With over 200+ locations, at many you will find the menu consisting of mesquite-grilled steaks, sandwiches, salads and seafood, beer & beverages, yeast rolls, peanuts, hamburgers and more.

If you’re not familiar with Logan’s Roadhouse then why not visit the official website at logandsroadhouse.com to get a full idea of the products and services on offer.

What is the Logan’s Listens Survey?

Logan’s forever strives to bring the best experience to it’s customers, with excellent food and service to the overall restaurant atmosphere. If you have recently visited a Rogan’s Roadhouse restaurant and would like to share your experiences then the LogansListens survey is a great way to do so.

For taking a few minutes of your time to complete the survey, Logan’s will give you a free coupon to use on your next visit as a ‘Thank You’.

So how to get started..

Before you begin, you will need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet and a valid receipt from your recent visit to a Logan’s restaurant.

1. Visit the official LogansListens.com website
2. Enter the serial number found on your receipt
3. Continue to answer all required questions as honest as possible.
4. Collect your free coupon and enjoy your next visit at Logan’s Roadhouse!

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  1. Ralph Schaub, Ph.D.

    I ate at a Logan’s today, because my girlfriend likes it, I don’t. And you didn’t disappoint. I wanted to buy a bottle of wine…but guess what…NO WINE LIST. The bartender ran over with some bottles he hand printed and prices that were in the $25 range. This is not how I order wine. If you are going to cater to the beer crowd I guess that’s OK, but no matter what, this is the last time I eat at Logan’s.

    Ralph Schaub, Ph.D.


  2. Melinda Laughter

    We TRIED to eat at Logan’s today. This evening we entered and were seated at approximately 7 pm.Our order was taken in a timely manner; however, we were still sitting there waiting for our meals at 8pm. Our waiter had finally come by to explain that “there was a big table” that slowed things down in the kitchen, then we did not see him again for a while. He came back at 5 minutes to 8 to tell us he was going to TRY to get the manager to “comp” part of our dinner. We never saw a manager. We got up and left at 8pm. We won’t be going back. This is the Logans on Cummings Hwy in Chatanooga, Tenn FYI.


  3. Peggy Trusty
    7-31-13 at 12:30 p.m.
    My husband and I stopped in at Logans Mt. Juliet, Tn. where we always eat several times a week to find out they changed the menu, and raised prices, done away with specials. I ordered French dressing for the salad which they do not have anymore said they had some kind of strawberry dressing instead. Like they always say if it works don’t change or fix it. People these days look for specials and when you get rid of them you may also lose your customers. Another Logans at Lebanon, Tn. that I was eating at, I stopped because everytime we ordered diet coke and Mr. Pibb when it got to the table the waitress had already forgot which was which and she told us to smell of it so we quit going there so I guess we will not go to Logans anymore. Too many changes. BIG MISTAKE

    Peggy Trusty


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