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For those of you who have dined at a Macayo’s restaurant recently, you now get a chance to share how you felt about the experience by taking the Macayo’s survey.

We have created a complete rundown of their survey. This includes information about what you will need to complete it and a short guide to help you do so. We also gathered additional information about the company itself.

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Macayo’s – About the Company

Macayo’s is a family-run restaurant first started up in the late 1940s by Woody and Victoria Johnson. They focus on Mexican cuisine using farm fresh ingredients that are locally grown. Their dishes are all developed from family recipes. Macayo’s pushes a tradition based on family, creating a family-friendly dining experience for those of all ages to enjoy.

What is the Macayo’s Survey

The purpose of the Macayo’s survey is for the restaurant to gain a better insight to customers’ desires, likes, and dislikes. It’s a chance for you to share honest feedback and gain a coupon reward in the process. You will see questions related to how you heard about the restaurant, how long you’ve been going, etc. In all, the Macayo’s survey should take around five minutes or so to complete.

What You Will Need

There is only one way to participate in the Macayo’s survey, and that is with a receipt from your most recent visit. A receipt is necessary because it has all of the information you need to enter to begin the survey in the first place. As such, it appears that you need a purchase to fill out the Macayo’s survey. You can take the entire survey online, so a strong Internet connection is necessary as well.

How to Participate in the Macayo’s Survey

  • Go to the Macayo’s survey website with the receipt of your most recent visit ready.
  • You will be prompted to enter information found on your receipt such as the check and server number. You also must enter the time you dined at the restaurant and its location.

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  • Once you begin the Macayo’s survey, you will answer common questions such as how you heard about the restaurant, etc.
  • You will get the chance to rate your overall experience with the restaurant before you complete the survey.
  • At the end of the Macayo’s survey, you will need to to enter your email address if you want to receive additional promotional information from the restaurant.

Useful Information about the Macayo’s Survey

To discover more information about the company, head over to their official website. The Macayo’s survey is available on a feedback website. When you complete the survey, you will receive a reward in the form a coupon for a free Second Lunch on your next visit. You even get the option to sign up with your email to receive additional promotions from the restaurant after you finish the Macayo’s survey.

Macayo’s Hours

Most of Macayo’s locations operate at similar hours. Their Arizona locations appear to run daily from 11AM-10PM. In Nevada, they open Sun-Thurs, 11AM-9PM, and Fri-Sat, 11AM-10PM. The restaurants also have lunch hours which are typically Mon-Fri, 11AM-3PM. Some locations have happy hour as well, and some don’t. Check with your local location for more details.

Macayo’s Locations

As of now, Macayo’s has locations throughout two states in the U.S.: Arizona and Nevada. You can find most of their locations in Arizona. To find the restaurant closest to you, you can use the restaurant map on their website.

How to Contact Macayo’s

If you want to reach the corporate office of Macayo’s, you can do so at their mailing address: 1480 E. Bethany Home Road #130, Phoenix, AZ 85014. You can also reach the corporate office via telephone number at (602) 264-1831.

The restaurant is also available online. You can fill out a contact form, or you can visit any three of their social media sites: Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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