Started in 1991 the restaurant now operates locations all across the USA. It serves American cuisine and seafood. The restaurants even have a gift store that sells facetious t-shirts featuring phrases advertising Joe’s seafood choices. It’s located in Houston, Texas. If you haven’t already visited a Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant then why not visit them online to see the full menu, available offers & find a Joe’s near you.

So what is My Joes Experience all about? is the survey website developed by the company to allow it’s customers to leave feedback and their frank opinion of how they felt during their visit. If you have recently dined at a Joe’s restaurant then this is a great opportunity to complain or praise the company on their efforts.

The survey shouldn’t take longer than several minutes complete, and once your finished you will receive a validation code to use on your next visit to redeem a freebie. To begin you will need a valid receipt from your most recent purchase. Ready? Let us how you how to get started below;

  • Visit the official survey webpage at
  • Locate your receipt and enter the 16 digit survey code.
  • Continue to answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • Receive your validation code on completion and enjoy your next  visit to Joe’s Crab Shack.
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  1. I visited the loc on Mt zion two weekends ago, on a Sunday, and while the place was packed and the service was really slow, the food was excellent and the staff was “over extended” but very professional. Overall, a great experience. My husband and I went yesterday, again on a sunday, and the place was at half capacity, the bar was out of most of the liquors and we walked in and waited at the front for about 10 minutes before the hostess came up. When she greeted us, she said that there were no booths available and we were better off to sit at the bar. I told her that I’m looking at at leave 5 booths that are empty but she said that they needed cleaning and that she was the only one to do it. I asked if we could wait for a booth and how long would it take, and she said about 5 minutes. I said that we would gladly wait a few minutes, in order to sit at a booth. She left, stood and talked to a waitress for about 2 minutes and then started to clean the table. Again the food was “great” but we had to order beer b/c we were told that they were out of most of the alcohol and that they didn’t have the ingredients to prepare a hurricane or two other drinks that we requested. Liquor stores are open in Atanta, GA on sundays so my husband said that it they had a mgr with half of a brain, he would run out to get some alcohol in order to service the customers properly, especially on the weekend. My comment was that the owner of this store would probably have a “heart attack” if he was aware how this location was being run. And that’s probably why they had such a huge drop in volume. We witnessed two groups to leave because they were waiting so long. We joked that this would be a great place for the show “undercover boss”. Thanks!


  2. its is outragious that you need all this personal info on people to receive a coupon !
    keep your coupon


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