Amazon has proven itself to be a major competitor across all platforms from goods to video streaming. To keep up with the times, the company sometimes sends out requests for consumer responses and feedback to the way things are working. It comes as no surprise that Amazon would embrace surveys as a way to know what is working and what needs to be worked on. These surveys are entirely invitation-only, so unless you get one, you’re probably never going to have the opportunity to give your opinions.

About Amazon

Photo of an Amazon building

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Amazon had an impressive start back in 1994, and as of July 2019, the prolific site will have celebrated their 25th anniversary. From humble beginnings as the world’s first online bookstore to the massive internet retailer that it is today, the company has faced a lot over the years.

Today, they sell everything including streaming media, video games, clothing, electronics, furniture, food, pantry staples, and beyond that, they also lay claim to being the world’s largest
cloud infrastructure services provider.

The company has expanded to include a global presence in many different countries around the world. Some of them include France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Brazil. Amazon has grown so much that it has surpassed Walmart in terms of market capitalization. It also holds the trophy for being the largest worldwide internet company.

Amazon continues to grow as the company’s most recent acquisition includes Whole Foods Market which had the power to put the company front and center with a physical storefront in addition to its online presence.

Some Fun Facts About Amazon’s History

Given the popularity of the site, it’s always fun to read a little bit about things you didn’t know. For example, did you know that the first logo was supposed to represent the Amazon river because the river was the longest in the world? That vision was what Amazon was based on, to become the largest of its kind.

The vision was not without purpose, especially when Amazon experienced its first boom during Christmas of 1998. That first crazy season led to employees sleeping in cars just to be at work on time because there were not enough people on staff. After that, they said it would never happen like that again.

Amazon also had some flops that only a few people remember today. When eBay came online, Amazon tried to compete and create a site that would do the same thing. It flopped, and eBay reigned supreme.

In another flop of a move in 2004, Amazon attempted to develop what they called “Block View,” which had people flying all over the country to take pictures and pair stores or restaurants with yellow-pages style listings. That lasted for maybe two years before Amazon gave up. The following year, Google started their “Street View” project.

What is the Amazon Survey?

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According to their site, Amazon surveys are meant to provide information regarding customer experiences involving both products as well as services that originate with the company. The surveys, when they’re active, are hosted on third-party sites.

Amazon never asks its customers to give over any sensitive information like passwords or social security numbers, so if you ever see something claiming to be from Amazon asking for those things, be aware that it’s likely a scam.

Avoiding Amazon Survey Scams

You have probably seen many different emails claiming to have Amazon surveys you can take, but they all end up in your spam. There’s a good reason for that, too, because many if not all of them are scams that you need to avoid. Here are a few tips to help you learn to recognize these scam emails, so you don’t accidentally set yourself up in a negative way.

  • Verify the links that are in the emails. Don’t just click on things blindly, because even though some may look legit, the servers hosting the scam surveys are hosted in places like Bulgaria or Nigeria. You can check WhoIs to find where they’re coming from.
  • Always check to see who the sender is on the email. If it is from Amazon, it will plainly be from Amazon. If you’re not sure, do a reply-to email by clicking the reply button and see where the email will be sent. If it’s not Amazon, then it’s a scam.
  • Don’t forget to look for glaring mistakes. Grammatical and spelling errors are huge red flags for scam emails. If you see anything like that, don’t become a victim and delete it instead.

How to Participate in the Amazon Survey

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When it comes to Amazon surveys, the only way you’re going to be able to participate is if they email you an invitation for your feedback. Sampling is random, and wording tends to include something similar to the following.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide better services and support, we would like to request your feedback via a short online survey. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete. The survey is active for a limited time only, so please respond as soon as possible. This survey is hosted by an external company (VendorName), so the link below does not lead to our website. Your responses will be subject to Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

Only if you were to receive this email would you be eligible to take a survey. Amazon does sometimes reward individuals for giving feedback by way of Amazon gift cards, but again, only if you’re asked to participate.

The Amazon Research Panel

There’s a whole other group of people, too, that receive special invitations for surveys and product testing. To receive these invitations, you must be a part of the Amazon Research Panel. If you’re not, then you can’t participate in any of them. Amazon is extremely selective of who they reach out to when requesting customer feedback.

To become part of the Panel, you also have to answer a qualifying questionnaire before they’ll accept you as a member of the group. If you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to take online surveys, do in-home product testing, or even attend the occasional taste test if it’s available where you are.

The Amazon Research Club

There is another group, the Amazon Research Club, which is also by invitation only. This club works to improve Amazon-branded products. Various items include everything from grocery items to pet products and whatever falls in between.

This group works on household products and personal care products before they’re launched. Also highly selective, the Club gives its members early access to the latest products. The members are then expected to give complete and accurate feedback about their experiences. To be a member, you must also answer a qualifying questionnaire. Once approved, you’re part of the club.

Useful Info About the Amazon Survey

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The only way to participate in Amazon surveys, the Panel, or the Club is to receive an invitation from Amazon. You can choose to not participate at any time.

Amazon also encourages its patrons to notify the company immediately if any fake Amazon survey emails make it to your inbox. The email address to send them to is They need those emails to stop the phishing attempts that are done in their name.

​Amazon Hours

The best thing about Amazon is that they are available any hour of any day throughout the year. There is no closing time. Depending on the time of year, though, you may be subject to longer shipping times, especially around the holidays.

The only way to participate in Amazon surveys, the Panel, or the Club is to receive an invitation from Amazon. You can choose to not participate at any time.

Amazon also encourages its patrons to notify the company immediately if any fake Amazon survey emails make it to your inbox. The email address to send them to is They need those emails to stop the phishing attempts that are done in their name.

Amazon Locations

Currently, there is a single headquarters located in Seattle, Washington, where Amazon was born. Amazon planned to make their choice for their second headquarters in 2018. They kept the entire process public because they wanted to make sure that wherever they ended up, they were welcomed with open arms and people that were enthusiastic to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

How to Contact Amazon

Contacting Amazon is supremely simple, but it’s not always staring you in the face when you’re on their site. They do have a Contact Us page, but it’s interesting to navigate. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to contact Amazon if you need something.

When you’re on their contact page, there are a few categories to choose from including orders, devices, digital content and services, as well as Prime membership. You can select the “something else” option if none of those fit what you need to contact them about.

Golden Corral includes a wide variety of buffet style foods. When you consider the vast array of delicious entrees to choose from, the prices are very affordable. For example, on steak and shrimp night, the price is just under $12. Other nights, it’s closer to $10. For an adult, breakfast and lunch costs about $7, and kids eat for just $3.

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cinemark survey

Cinemark is a well-known movie theatre chain that is headquartered in Texas. It has an international presence in both Taiwan and Brazil and includes several different brands that operate under the same umbrella. These theatres include Rave Cinemas, Century Theatres, CineArts, and Century Theatres.

The company prides itself on being innovative in the world of movie theatres. You can see it in the way they have embraced technology courtesy of Connections and the proprietary app. The Cinemark survey is just one more way that the company encourages consumer feedback so they can keep up with demands and adjust as needed.

About Cinemark Theatres

The theatre chain was first introduced during the 1980s, complete with video game arcades. If you were a child of the 80s and into the 90s, you probably remember those massive arcades that just seemed like a natural extension of the theatre.

It wasn’t until 1988 that Front Row Joe was introduced as the company’s mascot. He continued taking center stage until the late 90s but made a brief reappearance towards the beginning of the 2000s. Also during the 90s, Cinemark continued to grow into Latin America to include Mexico and Chile.

With all of the acquisitions and new growth, Cinemark has become the third largest domestic movie theatre chain and the second largest chain in the entire world. They have made a few sales along the way like the Mexican theatres in 2013, but it has not impeded their expansion at all, and the chain continues to thrive.

There is really only one dark spot in Cinemark’s history. Many years ago, Cinemark was among the first to incorporate stadium seating in its theatres with the intention of improving the overall movie-watching experience. The U.S., under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), stepped forward and claimed that the chain was discriminating against clients with disabilities because people in wheelchairs were limited to the seats in the front row.

Cinemark originally fought the allegation saying that they were compliant with the law because all they had to do was provide seating, which technically, they were doing. After some litigation went back and forth, they eventually changed their tune and agreed to revamp the layout of the theater to include access to some wheelchair friendly seating in higher rows.

Cinemark Theatre Connections and the Cinemark App

Cinemark has taken note of the way that people use the internet today along with the way they interact with the world around them. As a result, they created a couple of different incentives that you can take advantage of without any sort of fee on your behalf.

Connections members get to earn points when buying tickets and concessions. Those points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards that range from digital downloads to musical exclusives. Connections is free to join, and as a member, you’ll get advanced notice for promotional screenings, too.

You also have Cinemark Theatres app, found on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, which is an app that is free to download and use. With the Cinemark Theatres app, you can access showtimes and purchase tickets for any Cinemark theatre across the country. Inside the app, you’ll find Cinemode, which is a function that allows you to earn rewards and keep your phone silent throughout the movie you’re watching.

Cinemark Movie Club

If you’re ready to take the next step, especially if you’re an avid movie-goer, then you’re going to want to check out the Cinemark Movie Club. It offers patrons some fantastic perks and incentives as a result of being Movie Club members.

To get started, you can join up and expect to pay $8.99 per month per membership. When you become a member, you receive credit for a free adult ticket that you can use for any 2D movie at any time. If you have any unused credits, they roll over and ever expire for as long as you’re a member.

Additionally, you’re going to be able to reserve your seat online and redeem your member credit without any extra fees. If you’ve already used your credit for the month, you can still purchase seats online without paying the extra fees that everyone else still has to pay.

As another bonus, you also save a full 20% on concessions when you go and purchase your movie snacks and drinks. What’s more, is you earn points every time you purchase something at concessions thanks to Connections, so you’re earning points and saving money along the way. It’s a win-win for the enthusiastic movie lover.

What is the Cinemark Guest Experience Survey?

The movie theatre chain knows what their customers want thanks to the Cinemark survey. It measures the guest experience as well as asking what people want and enjoy. They value customer input, and it has resulted in major changes over the years.

How to Participate in the Cinemark Guest Experience Survey

If you decide to complete the Cinemark survey, with the most recent drawing, you were entered into a drawing for a year of free movies. This would have come to you in the form of 52 Cinemark gift cards or movie passes that are valued at $10 each. According to their rules, the approximate value is $520, which is great if you want to go watch a movie just about every week. Depending on where you are though, you may want to go out on discount days to get full use of a genuinely free ticket.

There were a total of fifteen grand prizes that were awarded once per month with the last prize for this round having been awarded in January 2019. Check back, though, because they offer all sorts of different drawings for completing the Cinemark survey in addition to a variety of sweepstakes.

Useful Info About Other Cinemark Sweepstakes

There are more than just the Cinemark surveys. Granted, the surveys are great, but did you know that Cinemark hosts sweepstakes drawings year-round? It’s a good rule of thumb to go and look at their website relatively frequently to see what their new offerings are in case you’d like to toss your name in the hat.

Cinemark is has run several different sweepstakes over the years, and the prize for these vary depending on which one you decide to enter. As an example, for the Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch sweepstakes which ended on 12/26/18, the prize was a $1000 Visa Gift Card if you entered and were at least 18 years of age. Cinemark also offers sweepstakes for minors like the drawing for a life-size Praetorian Guard that ended January 1, 2018.

In another sweepstakes competition, the I Can Only Imagine drawing led to winning a trip to Nashville
for two lucky people. That one ended back in March 2018. These are only a couple of examples of what you can look for when you go out and see what they have to offer. One of the best things about these drawings is that you don’t have to purchase anything to enter.

Cinemark's Website is Very User-Friendly

With all of the ways that so many sites aren’t user-friendly in an age where the internet connects us all, it’s good to know that Cinemark’s website is easy to use. Off of their Guest Services page, you can find all the information you’ll need for a pleasant experience no matter what you’re doing.

The page starts with talking about tickets and refunds which could arguably be the most important things when you’re going to visit a movie theatre site. It proceeds to accounts, gift cards, and then a more in-depth section on Connections and the Movie Club.

At the end of the page, you’ve got several different FAQ pages that break up the various topics into digestible pieces of information. You can tell that the people who developed this site put real thought into how it was constructed to make your life easier if you ever needed some information.

Taking a Few Minutes for the Cinemark Survey

Take advantage of the free offerings, too, like Connections or the various sweepstakes you can enter without spending a dime. You may find that you want to go to the next level and enjoy more from your movie experience than you thought you could.

Cinemark will continue to be user-friendly from its site to the way the theatre operates if you take a few minutes to complete the Cinemark survey. The company wants to hear from its patrons because if the patrons are happy, they’ll keep coming back for more movies. All it will cost you is a few minutes and a free entry to win movies for a year.

Cinemark Hours

Hours vary by location and by season. Over the summer or during the holidays, hours will typically start earlier than they do in their off-season.

Cinemark Locations

Given the vast amount of locations owned and operated by Cinemark, your better off using their store locator to find a theatre near you.

How to Contact Cinemark

You can use their Contact Us page to send a message to them, or you can also contact them via phone or snail mail.

Phone: 1.800.CINEMARK

Mailing address: Cinemark USA, INC., 3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Plano, TX 75093-7865

Doodle Survey Logo

Doodle is a web-based tool that can be used to make administrative tasks easy for those that choose to incorporate it into their everyday work life. These solutions include easy appointment settings, being mobile-friendly, and integrating calendar settings from places like Connect and MeetMe.

If you wanted to go Premium, then you’re looking at even more features like poll monitoring as well as being able to answer inquiries directly via the Doodle interface. Management becomes a breeze when you make the choice to upgrade.

About the Doodle Survey

Doodle Sign-up

Doodle on its own is a free application that you can use to schedule events and determine meeting times. It is designed to make life easier when it comes to scheduling everything from troop meetings to family dinners to meetings with the CEO.

You might say that by polling people for time and availability, you’re even sending out a Doodle survey ofsorts because it functions similarly to a survey platform. You can design your questions and answers in a fully customizable way for every single poll you send out.

Another perk that Doodle offers is the way that it will send emails to remind people to answer the poll, at least in the Premium version, and it will tell you who has and has not seen or answered your question. You also don’t have to worry about security as an issue for Doodle because it offers complete encryption from one end to the other.

If you choose to upgrade to Business, then you can also have subdomains under your single Doodle account. This is great for a parent organization that needs to keep track of multiple groups and meeting times that all affect the larger picture.

Perhaps the best thing about Doodle is the way that it makes the entire scheduling process a breeze instead of forcing you to track down everyone to ensure that they answer. If you’re in need of planning and scheduling, then Doodle may very well be your new best friend.

How to Participate and What You May Pay for Doodle

Doodle Premium

Doodle offers you a few different options. Like most applications today, there are free features that allow you to see if this is going to be an app that you love. If you decide that it’s not for you, then there’s no price tag commitment because you can walk away if needed.

Doodle’s Free Options

There is a completely free option available for individual users. It works beautifully and includes the MeetMe feature. MeetMe shows your availability in an online calendar and people can request appointments with you absolutely free of charge. This is a handy feature if you want to test the waters.

If you want to take a leap and try the 14-day trial for Premium or Business features, you can do that, too. You don’t even need to input credit card details to try it out for 14 days because the application is automatically set to go back to being a completely free account if you choose not to purchase the full subscription.

Making the Choice for Doodle Premium

The first question for any application that charges a fee is, “how much does it cost?” The answer is a very affordable $49 per year for an individual user to go with a Premium subscription. When you choose this option, you get plenty more features available as a result.

Not only is scheduling easy for you to go, but you can also send reminders and messages as needed. Calendar connection stays the same, but now, you can also see who is missing and who hasn’t responded. This first tier of paid subscriptions also gives you an ad-free experience whenever you use it.

Going Full Throttle with Business Subscription

This is still an affordable option at $69 per year for a single user, but the difference with this choice is that you can select multiple users. The more users you have, the lower the price point gets per person. For a group of five people, you’d be paying $179, and for up to fifty people, you’d pay $1199 for the year. If you want to connect more than fifty users, then you need to contact Doodle directly for customized pricing.

Now that costs are out of the way, you’re going to see some fantastic perks by choosing the Business package. Not only do you get everything you got with the Premium subscription, but you also will get to have an entirely customized design. That means you can brand it as your own with your company’s logo and details.

You can also add customized subdomains at this level. That means that under your main Doodle account, you can custom subdomains to help you manage your users, your polls, and your scheduling. The slightly higher price certainly justifies having this as an option if you’d like to make Doodle a primary tool available at your disposal.

How to Create a Doodle Survey

There is a completely free way to create a Doodle survey, and you don’t even need an account to just play with this functionality. Having an account makes life easier for you in case you ever want to duplicate a survey, but you can at least try it and see if you like it before handing over your email address to yet another website.

Here’s a scenario to help you navigate exactly how this works. Imagine that you’re trying to plan a family reunion, but no one can decide on where they want to go even though a date has been selected already. Enter Doodle survey to save the day. You start by clicking on Create a Doodle which is located on the top right corner of Doodle’s site.

Filling in Your Doodle Survey Information

From there, you start filling in information as needed, which includes your email address, but take note that by adding your email address, you will not be opening an account. On the next screen, you’re going to see a calendar, but to create a survey instead, opt for Free Text (found in the upper right-hand corner of the prompt) and click on that.

By clicking on Free Text, you can enter the details of what you’re trying to figure out along with instructions to all about how they need to select their top favorite locations to start planning the whole thing.

What to Put in Time Proposals

On the next screen, you’re going to see Schedule an Event and a place to enter time proposals. The reality here is that you’re entering text for options that you prefer to have instead of times. That makes it possible for you to enter whatever you want to within those text boxes.

You’re almost done at this point. On the next screen, you’re going to enter everyone’s email addresses to get their answers. When you’re done, Doodle sends out the poll to everyone and then that’s it. Now you wait for replies to pour in and then you’re good to go to get your planning underway.

Useful Info About the Shortcomings of Doodle Surveys

Doodle Survey

Doodle has fantastic functionality as a scheduling tool. Many people have tried it and agree that it is excellent in that capacity, but as a survey platform, there are some key things missing. It certainly has its uses, but there are significant shortcomings.

As an example, you can’t leave the option for anonymity which can be important for getting truthful answers if you’re asking for feedback. You also can’t leave options for open-ended answers with Doodle without someone messaging you directly.

Truthfully, Doodle surveys are good for little more than basic polling to find out good dates, times, and locations for events. There’s nothing wrong with that but understand that you won’t get comprehensive feedback if you’re looking for customer or colleague input about business operations or processes.

Think about why you want the app before diving in and making an account. Try out the free functionality to see if it feels like what you’re hoping to get out of an application like this one. If you don’t like it, no harm, no foul, and you can move on without worrying about getting unwanted emails in the future.

Doodle Hours

At its core, Doodle is an online company that is open 24/7, but if you need to reach an actual person, you’re out of luck unless you’re okay operating on Switzerland hours.

Doodle Locations

Their headquarters are located in Switzerland and operate on a global scale.

How to Contact Doodle

You can contact Doodle via their contact form, email, or via snail mail at the following address.

Mailing Address: Doodle AG, Werdstrasse 21, Postfach, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

Email Address:

Surveys are everywhere these days, but it’s because companies realize that they need to get information from their consumer base to successfully meet demands. That’s where the world of social media can come into play, and Facebook is a significant part of that community.

About Facebook


In February 2019, Facebook celebrated its 15th birthday. First founded in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg used his knowledge of psychology and technology to create “Thefacebook” while he was attending Harvard. It took off almost instantly, and within the first year, people couldn’t wait to sign up and get online with the emerging social media platform.

Facebook became what we recognize today in August 2005 when the “the” was dropped from the name. The platform was also opened up to more people that existed beyond just the university populations that had embraced it.

By September 2006, Facebook had expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, and the UK, but was still limited to students and faculty members. It was then that Facebook was opened up to everyone across the globe, and membership took off with a quickness.

The total users at the end of 2009 amounted to more than 350 million people with over a hundred million unique, first-time visitors every single month. Then, in 2010, Facebook was valued at 41 billion dollars, but the company didn’t stop there.

From 2012 Through Today

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars and later took the company public. After some ups and downs, the platform had the pleasure of saying that they had reached one billion customers in addition to increasing its global and financial reach.

There were even more highs and lows for the company for the next several years that ranged from dealing with the political climate, handling hate traffic, and ensuring that any new algorithms were based on what people wanted to see. Some businesses took a hit from this particular update in 2018, but Facebook as a company continues to thrive.

How Social Media, Including Facebook, Drives Consumer Behavior


Image from Punch

Interesting research shows that social media participation actually drives purchase behaviors, so having a Facebook survey can be beneficial to your business. It was explained that methods and frequency of social media engagement drove future behaviors and became an accurate indicator of business expectation.

There’s a reason for this correlation, though, and it is because social media has been a major influence on millions of consumer opinions. It makes sense when people spend an average of about two hours every single day online frequenting social media platforms.

After all, social media will help keep your business stay relevant in addition to keeping your brand visible to the masses. Information can be updated as needed on social media platforms like Facebook, and the engagement is accessible in real-time.

The Power of Consumers

Consumers have tremendous power on Facebook as well as every other social media platform. If a person follows your business, shares your posts, and regularly chooses to “like” what you share, then they are more likely to push others to your page.

From here, as a business, you can go forward and encourage engagement with your consumer base. With so many people online every day, you can reach millions of people at your fingertips that are online on a constant basis.

Smart, savvy business owners recognize this opportunity and have endeavored to make social media create a convenient sales funnel to build up their business. They engage their customers with funny posts, memes that are shareable, and eventually ask questions or polls to get regular feedback.

What Is the Facebook Survey?

facebook survey

Image from FossBytes

If you’re on Facebook at all these days, then you’re going to be familiar with the options that you see when you create posts. You have options to Check In, Ask for Recommendations, and Tag Events, and create Polls which is where Facebook surveys come in.

They don’t have a traditional survey platform, but businesses can ask questions via the Poll option to get input back from the users that see their posts. While not necessarily great at getting truly meaningful feedback from consumers, it does at least give a glimpse into what a business’s customer base may be interested in.

How to Participate in the Facebook Survey

Creating a Facebook survey is very simple, and it’s easy to make them available to the public. The polls offer the ability to collect results that are simple to read and understand. To get the poll started, you need to click on the text box that asks, “What’s on your mind?”

Click on the options below to see the various choices you can select. You’ll see the ones that you’re used to seeing like Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity, Tag Friends, and others. Click on the Poll option to start filling out the information you would like to gather.

Your text box will change and prompt you with, “Ask something…” At that point, you will see a choice to start adding options to choose from. In other words, if you were to ask a question like “What’s your favorite color?” you could follow it up with options like Red, Blue, Green, and White.

Naturally, you from a business perspective, you probably wouldn’t be asking about colors unless it’s relative to your business. You could ask questions about what consumers want in terms of good or services provided, but that’s going to be about the extent of what you can do or expect.

After all options have been added, you can select how long you want the poll to run. You can choose to let it run for a day, a week, or some other customized amount of time. Once you’ve created your survey and added all of the options you want to get input on, you’ll go to the bottom of your post and click on the Post button

Useful Info About the Facebook Survey

Facebook surveys are not anonymous, so you will see how every single person votes. They will also see how their votes compare to everyone else who gives a response.

You can also present a poll in smaller groups within Facebook Messenger. This is a great way to figure out meeting and scheduling times if you’re trying to get a common time together for everyone.

If you’d like, you can also put a poll together inside of a Facebook event. You go over to the Events tab and pick the event that is going to host the poll. From within the event, you do the exact same thing that you do from your business page.

As the voting takes place, you can watch your poll progress in real-time and see responses as they come in. You can even add GIFs or photos to your polls in some instances to make them a little more engaging.

Facebook Hours

facebook hours

Image from Life Hacker

Facebook is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. There is no off day, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to reach a real person. Instead, they encourage the use of their knowledge base when you have a question you need to ask them.

Honestly, you’re better off reaching out to the online community to get information about Facebook and any issues you’re having. While real people work in their various offices, best of luck trying to reach a live person.

Facebook Locations

Facebook has established its presence around the globe. You will currently find physical locations for the company in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Of course, you can find Facebook online at any time of day or night.

How to Contact Facebook


Image from Inventiva

There isn’t an easy way to contact Facebook directly unless you’re filing a complaint or a report for something like an errant post or a policy violation. You can, however, go to their help page and get information that way.

Instead, they encourage using the Help Community to get your questions answered. If you need to reach a human being, you’re pretty much out of luck. There is a phone number, but when you call, it redirects you to searching online.

Phone Line: 650-543-4800

Zoho Survey

For basic, online surveys, Zoho delivers what you need or require. It’s appropriate for any company or organization that wants to carry out surveys to measure things like education assessments, customer satisfaction, marketing research, and many other things that would otherwise be intangible.


Photo Credit from Zoho

About Zoho

Inside Zoho, you’re going to find many different reports and charts that will help you to understand the data that you’re pulling in. Should you decide that you need to view the information in another application, you can also export the data in a .cvs or .xls if you would prefer to view things in a spreadsheet.

Zoho surveys also work with other business apps like Google Apps, MailChimp, and Google Sheets if you’d prefer to use one of those. After all, according to Zoho, software is their passion.

What is The Zoho Survey?

homepage of zoho

Zoho surveys are designed to be easy for anyone to use when it comes to survey creation and overall administration. You’ll find many pre-built templates to get going in just a few minutes. If you’d like, you can also customize the templates to cater to your particular audience. As a bonus, you can also modify your survey to be readable on any smart device from tablets to phones to PCs.

Naturally, as you conduct a Zoho survey, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting quality information in return. Zoho allows you to share your survey material just about anywhere. Not only is it possible for you to host the surveys yourself, but it’s also possible to embed them in your personal domain. Zoho makes it all easy for you to do whatever you need to do with their survey functionality.

Not only is the platform optimized for mobile connectivity, but you also don’t even need to have your respondents actively connected to the survey. Questions can be accessed, and answers can be submitted even if there is no internet connection because Zoho collects them and submits them once you’re online again. Between mobile optimization and ease of connectivity, using Zoho becomes a no-brainer.

Another spectacular benefit of using Zoho surveys is the way that it supports a variety of geographical locales. It also supports more than thirty different languages, which means you can create a survey and then have it translated to collect data from all over the globe, too.

Features You’ll Find in Zoho

There are so many features that you’ll find as you create a Zoho survey. You can ask as many questions as you would like, and they can be in a variety of formats from multiple choice to open-ended answers. The responses you’ll collect will be easily accessible from any device, too.

Additionally, if you want to brand your survey to reflect your company, you can do that without any issues. Customize your survey to reflect who your company is or represents to reflect what you’re surveying. Once you have them completed, you can share them wherever you’d like and enjoy the advanced reporting features after the data is compiled.

You can always check out customer reviews including this one from PC Magazine which rated it as excellent among its competitors. They compare Zoho to others like SurveyPlanet and SurveyMonkey, all of which provide their own perks depending on the app you choose. Even still, Zoho still has significant functionality when brought up against their peers.

a survey form from

Photo Credit from Zoho

How to Participate and Understand The Cost of Zoho Surveys

From a business perspective, you’re going to want to know what the bottom line is to get your survey off the ground, right? You’ll be happy to know that there are options available for everyone price point to get you what you need. Starting for Free Just because it’s free doesn’t make it awesome. In this case, though, Zoho surveys are excellent to start with courtesy of both their free version as well as their free trial. The free trial is a full 15 days, which means it gives you enough time to create a survey, send it out, and get responses back to see what Zoho can do for your business.

If you’d like, you can also start out with a completely free version for up to three users. There are some limitations with the free version, but that’s to be expected. You can create unlimited surveys, which is great, but you have some restrictions on them. As an example, you can only have up to fifteen questions per survey, and you can only collect up to 150 responses for each survey you send out.

Going for the Standard Version

The standard version has more available to it at a reasonable lower price. In addition to all of the free perks, you get many others to add to the pot. You will also get the ability to have unlimited questions on all of your surveys and unlimited responses to match.

Customizing your survey and branding it is a breeze with this choice, and you will also get advanced reporting options like sales forecasting and scoring rules. You’ll also get charts and KPIs, full access to an incredible document library, the ability to create customized fields, and
plenty more.

Taking it Up a Notch to Professional Standing

If you choose to purchase the professional package, you’re still up for paying a fairly decent price given what is included. You’re going to get everything in the standard package and then get lots more options.

With the professional package, you get email integration, macros, inventory management, and even Google Ads integration. You can collect as much data as you’d like and be able to analyze it to your heart’s content with all of the tools available inside Zoho.

For the Enterprise Level Necessities

At the enterprise tier, you can expect even more to look forward to inside of Zoho. You get everything in the professional package and then some. You can customize just about everything to fit your needs.

You have access to Zoho’s conversational artificial intelligence, Zia Voice, which is useful if you need to access support or you have questions about your survey. Zia can do complex calculations at the touch of a button and answer all your CRM needs.

Go Ultimate or Go Home

Okay, so maybe you don’t actually have to go home, but if you want the most robust package Zoho has to offer, you want to select the ultimate choice. It has everything from all of the tiers below plus more features than you can shake a stick at!

You also get a dedicated database cluster as well as enhanced storage for all of the data that you need to keep. You’re also going to have access to free premium support that is only available to the top tier package. When you put it all together, you realize that it’s named ultimate for a reason.

Zoho Survey

Photo Credit from Growth Kitchen

Useful Thoughts and Information on Zoho Surveys

As you well know, every single business needs customizable systems that can work for your personal needs. Zoho realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all model that can work for every single business. That’s why Zoho offers so many options that will make their surveys work for you.

As you go through selecting your survey application suite, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. Do you need simple and basic functions or do you need something that offers more
advanced features? What about aspects that are specific to your industry?

If you want a blank slate to work with, Zoho does the job for what you’re looking for when it comes to any business. Plus, you have the ability to start with a free trial to see if it is actually what you’re hoping to find in survey software.

Zoho surveys offer you a fantastic way to connect with your clients no matter where they are around the world, and it also offers you an excellent view of your data from anywhere you are. If you’re still not sure, don’t worry about looking around and trying a few new apps because you want to be sure you find the right one with the best fit.

Zoho Hours

Like most online companies, Zoho never really closes. You can reach them just about any time in the world.

Zoho Locations

You’ll find Zoho in several locations around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and India.

How to Contact Zoho

On their Contact Us page, you’ll find every phone number and email address you can possibly need for sales enquiries. There are also real people that you can connect to via several different phone numbers and email address if you’re interested in press releases or public relations.

Old Navy Sign

Image from Rent Vine

Old Navy has a long-standing commitment to its customers, and as a result, they regularly put out surveys to get responses to how their business model is working. Like many others in the world of retail, Old Navy has fought its battles and has come out a winner on the other side.

The Old Navy Survey is a key component of how well the company has done given the economic declines that we have all faced since its inception in 1994. Everyone who participates will get something in return, too.

Old Navy

Photo Credit from Old Navy Gap

About Old Navy

Old Navy finds its beginnings near San Francisco as a subsidiary to Gap. It was founded in 1994 and was designed to still be trendy, but to also be less expensive than Gap stores typically were. Everything was intentional about the store from the design to the to the décor.

The stores were made to resemble grocery stores to an extent with the way they have shopping carts and impulse items near the front counters. The look and feel to the store was much more
inviting to the masses compared to the more sometimes stuffy feel inside a Gap store.

Shelves are made of metal, and the floors are always cement with the purpose of having an industrial look. The colorful clothing arranged on the shelving are all part of the design to also set the store apart from others in its target demographic.

Old Navy also grew exponentially from the time it opened its doors. Within the first four years, it surpassed one billion dollars in business, and by the early 2000s, the store went international. Many years later, in 2015, the company was pulling in over six billion dollars in sales per year in the United States alone.

What Makes Old Navy Famous

The simple answer as to what makes Old Navy famous is their clothing styles that never seem to go out of style. Their denim has been sold in a set of standards since they opened. You can walk into any Old Navy and try on skinny jeans or boot cut jeans, and you’ll know that they’ve remained true to form for decades. With the different washes, there is going to be a style and cut that works for everyone.

Old Navy also caters to the family which gives the store a markedly different feel from many of its competitors. There are dedicated areas within the stores that are for everyone from babies to boys and girls to men and women. They have their store down pact, and they keep it that way by incorporating Old Navy surveys on a regular basis so they can stay in tune with customers.


Photo Credit from Old Navy Gap

What is the Old Navy Survey?

The Old Navy survey takes 8-10 minutes to complete, so you’ll need to give yourself a few minutes to get it done. You will get asked questions that can range from multiple choice to open-ended, so be ready to be as honest as possible when you answer. You’ll need to complete the survey within five days of your purchase date according to the receipt. Please remember that you will need a receipt to participate in the survey.

How to Participate in the Old Navy Survey

A purchase is required in order to participate in Old Navy’s survey. There’s no getting around that unless maybe you know someone who shopped at Old Navy but didn’t care about the rewards at the end.

To get started, you’ll need to go to the current survey site. It is usually printed at the bottom of your receipt so that you can find it. The survey site does change, so what you find now may not be the same as it was last year.

Once you get to the page, you’ll need to enter specific information found on your receipt like the transaction number and the store location. Once you have entered the info, you’ll be ready to get started on the survey.

There will be questions about the staff, overall service while in the store, displays, the layout, changing rooms, and possibly bathrooms. As the questions change periodically, the only thing you can be sure of is that they will reflect all aspects of the store and a hopefully positive shopping experience.

You may also see an open-ended section of the survey where you can write in any suggestions or feedback that weren’t answered in any of the previous questions. Once you’ve completed the survey, you’re going to get a discount code.

Be sure to write the discount code on your receipt and bring it back for your 10% discount off of your next purchase.

old navy survey

Photo Credit from Lion Movie

Useful Info About the Old Navy Survey

Do keep in mind that you can’t redeem your discount online and you will have to use it at a brick and mortar storefront. It also only applies to merchandise, so you can’t use it to buy a gift card at a discount.

You also can’t combine the discount with any other offers, so if there is a 20% off coupon, you’ll have to choose which one to use one at a time. On the bright side, once you complete your survey and get your 10% off code, it is good for three months, so you’ve got some time before you need to use it.

Other Offerings at Old Navy

There are some other perks to shopping at Old Navy, too. If you apply for and qualify for the Old Navy Visa Card or the store card, the Navyist, you’re going to get some fantastic perks when you use either one.

Every time you use your Navyist card at any of the stores that are part of the Gap family, you’re going to earn points that will eventually lead to cash rewards. If you qualify for the Old Navy Visa card, you’re also going to earn points just by using your card anywhere you go.

Another perk that shows up every so often is Old Navy’s Super Cash rewards. You receive them by spending a pre-determined amount of money when you shop. Then you’re given specific dates you can return to save money on your next purchase. Super Cash can only be redeemed at Old Navy Stores.

As a bonus, if you keep your eyes out for extra deals, there will be times when you get double Super Cash. What that means is that instead of getting a $10 off coupon when you spend $25, you’ll get $20 in Super Cash to spend at your next visit.

Old Navy Hours

Old Navy hours vary by location, but they typically open around 9:00 AM and close around 10:00 PM. You’re going to need to find the store that is closest to you to get perfectly accurate hours. Also, check specific locations during the holidays as they typically have extended hours to accommodate holiday shoppers.

Old Navy

Photo Credit from Old Navy Gap

Old Navy Locations

There are quite literally hundreds of locations across the globe, so your best bet is going to be to use the store finder. It will use your location to find the stores that are closest to you. You can also choose to only look for the Old Navy Outlet locations if you’d rather find those instead.

How to Contact Old Navy

You do have a few options when it comes to contacting Old Navy. You can always Google for your nearest location to get the phone number that calls any store directly or check the store locator as that information is there, too.

If you need to call their main line, you can reach them by phone both domestically and internationally. They are available from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM EST every single day.

Domestic Phone: 1.800.653.6289

International Phone:

Old Navy also welcomes letters and gives you an address to use as well. If you choose to write a letter, make sure you address it to either Old Navy Online for general service, or Old Navy Customer Relations if you’re writing about a specific store.

Address: 6007 Green Pointe Drive, Groveport, OH 43125

In staying with the times, they also encourage you to send them an email if you’d prefer. You can find it on their Customer Service page alongside their customer questions knowledge base.


If you see a product on the market, then you’ve probably seen something that Nielsen had a hand in because they have been in the business of consumer research for nearly a hundred years. That’s a long time by any stretch of the imagination.

About Nielsen

The Nielsen Company has created and upheld a gold standard of what should be expected for consumer analysis and has grown with the times. They understand the far-reaching marketplace better than most companies around.

By using the Nielsen survey panel, they aim to continue to improve and provide the way that people reach the market and to give insight on how people spend their hard-earned dollars.

What is the Nielsen Survey?
nielsen survey

The Nielsen Survey, also known as the Nielsen consumer panel survey and Nielsen paid survey, is meant to provide solutions for clients across the globe. It is part of a larger corporation, the Nielsen Company. They incorporate households from all over the United States to find and focus on the most current shopping and internet trends.

In return for being a part of the survey team, you get rewards like free entries into sweepstakes for as long as you remain a dedicated member. Being a member means that you’re uploading information frequently, as in weekly or more often, to stay in good standing with the company.

If for any reason you fall into negative standing, you will be asked to return any equipment that is sent off to you in the first place. It is easy to sign up, though, and you start by filling out a questionnaire.

How Do You Participate with the Nielsen Survey?

Signing up is pretty quick and relatively painless to do. To get started, you need to fill out a fairly short questionnaire followed by downloading the software that you’ll need to your PC or other laptop. The installation is quick, too.

If you’re partaking in the web tracking option, then all you do is surf the net like you would any other day, and the app keeps track of where and what you’re visiting online. It runs silently as you do your thing and then transmits your user data to Nielsen’s housing.

You could also opt to join the Nielsen consumer panel for surveys. That one is a little different, but it
still starts with a questionnaire. You fill it out, they determine if you fit the demographic they’re searching for, and if you fit, they’ll follow up with whether or not you want more information and to join the panel. Joining the consumer panel means you’ll get a box that you upload receipts and shopping information to Nielsen to track shopping trends.

In yet another option, you could opt to join as a Nielsen family and keep track of what you watch on TV every single day for a week or longer. Nielsen ratings rule the television programming on networks across the country. You will also be asked questions about your household or spending habits occasionally as a Nielsen family.

To Join or Not to Join the Nielsen Company?

There’s no doubt that the Nielsen Company is as legit as they come, so you have no worries about them scamming you if you decide to join. You do have to decide if you want to make the commitment required to fulfill your obligations.

When it comes to the duties you need to fulfill being part of the Nielsen Company, you need to be prepared for a few things. For the internet program, you don’t have quite so much to do aside from doing just your regularly scheduled surfing.

If you were to go about the Nielsen survey that requires you to submit shopping receipts, you need to be more dedicated. They expect you to scan and upload your receipts on a regular basis. They want to know everything you purchase for up to a year to keep track of shopping trends. From groceries to running out to the corner store, you’ve got to be prepared to submit it all. It can be a pain to keep up with it all.

Going forward with being a part of the Nielsen ratings system for television means that you’re going to watch programming and then those results are going to essentially decide on what stays on network TV. It’s both an honor and an obligation to be a Nielsen family because you will be one of the small pieces of the planet that determines the shows that continue to run from season to season. The downside to this is that you have to be available to watch TV regularly to be an accurate representation of the American public.

nielsen survey

Useful Info on the Nielsen Survey Program

There is plenty of good and bad when it comes to the Nielsen Company. The perks of regular sweepstakes entries are pretty good, especially when you consider how they do offer drawings for annual $120,000 winners for their contributors. Sounds pretty great, until you look at the darker side of Nielsen.

If you were to go out to the Better Business Bureau, you would see that they have a lot of negativity just in 2018 alone. On 9/4/18, an individual left a complaint saying that, “These people have been coming to my house going on 3 years now, I keep telling them I am not interested in being a Nielsen house yet they continue to come to my house and leave flyers in my door and now today 08/**-2018 I receive a ***** Express envelope telling me that my house is chosen. I am being harassed by these people. I want them stop coming to my house and leave me alone. Can I file a law suit against them for harassment?” They received little more than a generic response from the company.

In another example from a contributor dated 9/21/18, it is written that, “I have been contacted by 2 different agents from Nielsen, coming to our apartment complex on 3 separate occasions in the last month or two. The first guy came and gave me a box of candy, which I refused, but he said oh just take it anyway, mu gift to you. So I did, then he came back a week later, and I just looked at at him and shook my head no and shut the door. I never signed up for anything related to participating in anything to do with Nielsen, and we want them to stop bothering us. The lady who came today 9/**/18, said, “they are REQUIRED to at least get a phone number so they can call us”. I said no, go away, we will never participate, she said someone else would be coming again, I said great I’ll tell them the same thing. I don’t understand this at all. We never signed a survey, or answered an email, we’ve done nothing to initiate this. They obviously picked us out of a hat to harass. Why are they bothering us? I called the ###-###-#### number? The “contact us” number, and never could get through to a real person. Tried all the categories, or I don’t know what I’ll do when the next person comes.” The response, again, was very generic and didn’t seem to give much encouragement to the experience you can expect from Nielsen.

A Few More Thoughts About Nielsen Surveys

There’s quite a bit to think about when you decide whether or not to move forward with Nielsen. They have lots of perks, but you have to determine whether or not the potential cost is worthwhile. There is a certain amount of obligation involved when you partner up with Nielsen, but you may or may not be able to meet it regularly.

Additionally, if you ever have to reach out to Nielsen if you have problems or issues, you may not be well-received. Be prepared to have some difficulty getting a hold of customer service because chances are it won’t come easily.

Going in, if you know what you’re getting yourself into, then you’re going to be better off if you choose to contribute to Nielsen’s surveys, ratings, and web tracking. If you’re still not sure after this, definitely take some time and go out to do some reading for reviews and other information to make sure you feel comfortable working with Nielsen.

Nielsen Hours

You can log in any time of day or night, but you can only typically reach them during business hours, Monday through Friday, if you can reach the company at all.

Nielsen Locations

The headquarters for Nielsen is found at the following address.

Mailing address: NIELSEN, 85 Broad St, New York, NY 10004

How to Contact Nielsen

You can contact Nielsen via their Contact Us page or at the following toll-free phone number.

Toll-Free Line: 1.800.237.8611 or 1.800.543.7300

Fred Meyer is a massive chain conglomerate that has merged with different industries from all sorts of backgrounds. From the well-known grocery store, Kroger’s, to jewelry stores and restaurants, there are so many types of stores that belong to the chain.

The company has strong roots in its beginning and is just a little over a decade away from celebrating its centennial anniversary. They have continued to grow with its success by way of strategic mergers and Fred Meyer surveys to keep on top of what the public wants.

Kroger, Fred Meyer’s parent company, has also worked to create a harmonious relationship with Fred Meyer and the rest of the stores that are under its umbrella. They realize what a gem Fred Meyer is and they don’t want to lose that little piece of history either. Instead, Kroger has absorbed and incorporated a lot of what Fred Meyer was and has become.

About Fred Meyer

fred meyer jewelers

Fred Meyer can trace its beginnings to 1931 when the very first shopping experience opened up in Portland. It became a neighborhood staple for groceries, parking, clothing, and gas stations. Meyer was a shrewd businessman, too, because he decided early on that he would decide where he wanted to build locations depending on highway construction.

By the 1960s, Meyer’s company had taken off and was becoming a household name across four different states. It continued to grow through the 1970s, and then in the 1980s it grew even more, but this time through acquisitions. Fred Meyer worked with Weisfield to acquire more locations, and then signed leases with Associated Grocers to go even further. The company even expanded to Alaska via Valu-Mart lines that were also acquired under the Fred Meyer banner.

It wasn’t until the 1990s and the early 2000s that Kroger acquired Fred Meyer as part of its chain. Kroger had the right idea, too, because it also included Smith’s Food and Drug stores that were all under Fred Meyer.

Kroger has taken a page from Fred Meyer and has adopted many of the Fred Meyer practices as part of the company’s daily standards. To this day, the Fred Meyer banner still flies across many of the stores as a proud reminder of where it came from and where it stands today.

With the way things are now, Fred Meyer can safely be considered to be one of the top domestic retailers that sell just about everything you can imagine. It has truly become a one-stop shop in the retail industry. Thanks to Kroger acquiring the Fred Meyer name, there are more than a couple thousand stores altogether.

fred meyer survey

What Is The Fred Meyer Survey Rewards Program?

Fred Meyer surveys are just a small part of the rewards program. Back in 2004, Fred Meyers brought out the rewards program to give customers incentives for doing their regular shopping. Then, in 2007, they changed it a little to offer a Fred Meyer Rewards MasterCard as a way to give shoppers rewards. A few years later, in 2011, the program changed again, except this time, it was a Visa card, and it also offered fuel rewards, and then back again to a Rewards MC within the past couple of years.

Kroger’s took the initiative from Fred Meyer and started working on something similar along the way. First, there was a Kroger rewards program similar to Fred Meyers’ program, and they also offer a Rewards Master card. One of the most recent things offered from Kroger is the survey at the end of the receipt.

Like the Fred Meyer surveys, the Kroger’s survey reaches out to ask for feedback from customers. With every entry, you can win gift cards so long as you participate within seven days of the date of purchase.

How to Participate in The Kroger Feedback Survey

To get a little deeper into what you can expect when you take the Kroger survey, let’s start by describing how it all works. Simply put, it’s an online survey where every customer has the opportunity to participate in a survey that enters each person into a sweepstake. Within that sweepstakes, you can win fuel points, gift cards, digital coupons, and grocery cards. All can be used for Kroger’s purchases.

The best thing about the sweepstakes is that you could even win $5000 in grocery cards as a grand prize. Other winnings consist of $100 grocery gift cards and fuel points. You do need to be at least 18 years old to win and claim your prize.

You will need an active connection to the internet in order to participate, but the good news is that you can do it from any device. Remember the seven-day deadline, too, so you don’t miss a great opportunity. Give yourself about 15 minutes to answer all of the questions on the survey, and then you’re done and well on your way to rewards.

How to Participate in the Fred Meyers Survey Rewards Program

If you choose to apply and get approved for the Fred Meyers Mastercard, you can earn lots of reward points every time you use it. As an example, for every qualifying purchase, you make using this Mastercard, you will receive double points. When you earn five hundred or more points, you’ll receive a rebate that you can spend at any Fred Meyer like cash.

Additionally, you can also save money on fuel every time you fill up with this card. You can even use it at Kroger to get fuel savings, too. Eligible gift cards also give you extra fuel points when you use them at Fred Meyer.

When you get receipts from your purchases at Fred Meyer, you do the same thing that you do with Kroger receipts. You’ll need an active internet connection and your receipt. The Fred Meyer survey consists of 10-15 questions and will take about fifteen minutes to complete.

Once you complete the survey, you’re entered into sweepstakes where you can win a $100 gift card. You do have up to 15 days to redeem your receipt to be entered before the receipt entry expires. You’ll also answer the survey at the same location –

fred meyer survey

The Current Climate of Fred Meyer

In this day and age, people want to know what and where everyone stands on what they think might be important on everything from environmental stances and the way the company feels about gun control. If that matters to you, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Back in 2010, Fred Meyer stopped providing plastic bags in the Portland area as a result of the Portland city council deciding that plastic shopping bags would be outlawed at all grocers and other big-box stores. This was meant to help reduce the environmental impact of disposable bags. There were other stores as well that also had to discontinue using plastic bags as a result of the ordinance.

Then in 2018, Fred Meyer took a stance about its firearms sales. They decided to stop the selling of firearms to anyone under twenty-one years old. Kroger took things a step further and decided they would also end selling magazines that had material about assault rifles. That would mean magazines like Guns & Ammo would no longer be sold at the store. Several other stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods also adopted the same policies hoping to help adjust the way firearms were being sold to the masses.

The Last Line on Fred Meyer Surveys

Fred Meyer participates in civil activism, so if that is an important part of the stores you frequent, you can consider them to be an ally. Not only do they willingly participate in a ban that can only help the planet, but they also try to support the people in such a way that works to keep the many of the people happy.

Now you know a little more about Fred Meyer, it’s relation to Kroger, and the way the stores are run. They value feedback from their customers along with the rest of the Kroger family. As such, they try to incentivize sales, so you keep going back for more.

That means that you get rewards just for shopping, a credit card that saves you money on fuel, and points that you can use for rebates. Not too shabby if you ask us. Take a few minutes, and you’ll see that answering a Fred Meyer survey is truly worth your time.

Fred Meyer Hours

Hours vary by location.

Customer Service Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to
Midnight EST

Weekends, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM EST

Fred Meyer Locations

Given the many locations and types of Fred Meyer stores, your best bet is going to be to search via their store locator to find a specific store near you.

contact us

How to Contact Fred Meyer

You can contact headquarters by phone or by filling in their customer comment form

Phone: 1.800.KROGERS

(kw: fred meyer survey)

Part of business these days, especially since shopping trends seem to change in the blink of an eye. It’s tough to keep up with consumer demands unless you have a platform to help stay attuned to their needs.

The Bass Pro survey aims to do just that. It asks you questions about your experience within the store, products used, availability of items, and a few other things that are related to the business. It is the perfect opportunity for you to share your opinion in a way that matters to the future of the company.

About Bass Pro

bass pro shops logo -

Bass Pro is every outdoors person’s dream. You walk in, and you’re immediately surrounded by so many different pieces of outdoors goodness. On one end, you’ve got boats, and we’re not talking row boats, although they have those, too. No, we’re talking about cruisers and trawlers and so much more.

Then you’ve got the fishing department. If you’re into fishing, it’s enough to make you drool. You’ve got poles and lines for every situation. And the bait and lures? It’s a fisher’s haven for sure. You can find anything for any situation inside Bass Pro, although that is probably what you expect given the store’s name.

As you continue wandering through the store, you’re going to see another section devoted to the outdoor cooking experience. Yes, outdoor cooking is more than just grilling and smoking. There are so many different options and accessories that you’re going to wonder if you can justify buying a rib rack just because you didn’t know it existed before you walked down the aisle.

And then there’s the hiking and camping section. That area of the store will make an outdoors person simply swoon. It is so much more than tents and sleeping bags. You’re going to see fantastic hiking packs and enough equipment to make it up Mt. Everest several times over.

For the gun and knife aficionados, there are several different options for you to choose from. In knives, you’ve got the pocket variety as well as the kind you may want to throw just to show off your skills. Throwing hatchets are in the same department, and here’s a suggestion – if you have a kid that is in some sort of Scouting program, when they’re old enough, throwing knives and hatchets become one of the most fun things you can possibly do. Bonus – they’re fun for adults, too.

The only thing that exceeds that is getting out on the water in kayaks, canoes, or SUP boards. The variety of each is unparalleled, as is the equipment that goes with them. Dry bags, boxes, paddles, throw ropes, and life jackets all seem to jump and cry out to be taken out on the water. It’s a great place to daydream about that river trip you’re going to take one day or actually get what you need if that trip is next weekend. 

Bass Pro and the Community

Bass Pro is also well-respected and appreciated in the outdoor community because of the way they give back to the community. Every year, they offer outdoors classes to children that are a part of BSA to help them earn their merit badges. What’s more impressive is that these classes are entirely free of charge. Your Scouts won’t earn an entire merit badge, but they’re a good resource to get some experience done for at least a few partials.

Bass Pro also donates items to outdoors-oriented non-profit programs. If Girl Scouts needs some tents for their troop, all the troop leader needs to do is submit an application. If American Heritage Girls need some outdoor cooking equipment, it’s the same process. It works the same way if Trail Life members would like to request a canoe for their kids. The important takeaway here is that Bass Pro gives back because they understand how important it is to get outside and encourage youth participation in the outdoors. They do want it known, however, that they can’t meet all requests, but they do as much as they can.

What is the Bass Pro Survey?

bass pro survey

The Bass Pro survey is an opportunity for you to give valuable feedback back to the company. They take it seriously, too, and want to know what you think. To say thank you for completing the survey, you have the opportunity to submit an entry into a sweepstakes drawing  

How to Participate in the Bass Pro Survey

To participate in the Bass Pro survey, you’re going to need to be aware of a few restrictions. First, you’re going to need an active internet connection from whatever device that you’re using. If you don’t, you won’t be able to give your feedback or be entered for the sweepstakes at the end.

You’re also going to need to have a receipt because you’re going to need the information at the bottom to enter the survey. Something worth noting about this survey is that you can be fluent in Spanish, English, or French to participate as it is translated into these three languages as well. The survey will automatically load in English, but you can change it on the very first page by selecting the language you want. You select Next, and the rest of the survey will load in the language of your choice. Once you complete the survey, you can enter the sweepstakes for a $500 gift card. The drawings are held monthly, and odds depend on how many people enter for a chance to win. 

More About the Sweepstakes

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to purchase anything to enter the sweepstakes. If you want to throw your name in, you’ll have to go to a different link and enter your information there. Once you fill it out and click submit, you can do so again once a day throughout the duration of the contest. You also must be at least 18 years old to participate in the sweepstakes as per the official rules. There are also limitations regarding where you live. You must live either in one of the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada. Residents that live in Quebec are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes drawing. If you win one of the $500 Bass Pro gift cards, you can use them for merchandise, food, and beverages inside the store or restaurant locations. They cannot be used for bowling in locations that also incorporate the Fish Bowl bowling alleys. 

Useful Info About the Bass Pro Survey

You have a limited time to contribute your opinions to the Bass Pro survey. The survey must be completed within seven days of the purchase date. At the end, the customer is welcome to enter the sweepstakes if so desired. If you don’t want to enter, then you don’t need to input your information once you complete the survey. 

The survey will be available until June 19, 2019, so you still have plenty of time to make sure you submit your surveys and enter the sweepstakes drawings. Winners will be notified within two weeks of the drawing date via email or telephone. If you do not claim your prize, you forfeit your winnings, and they go to the next person in line.

Bass Pro Hours

Hours seem to vary by location, so you’ll need to check the store closest to you. Remember, Cabela’s and Bass Pro fly under the same company, so if you’re looking for one, you can look for the other, too.

Most stores tend to be open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and then close earlier at 7:00 PM on Sundays. Check for extended hours around the holidays because many locations tend to have longer hours around that time of year.

Bass Pro Locations

There are many different Bass Pro locations across the country, so to find the one that is closest to you, you’re going to want to use their store locator. With nearly 200 stores between the United States and Canada, you should have a lot of choices.

Unfortunately, there are a few states that don’t have a Bass Pro or a Cabela’s just yet, but you can always reach out to the company and let them know that you’d like to see one in your neck of the woods. They’ll analyze the location and may decide to build a store if they feel it’s a smart move.

How to Contact Bass Pro

Bass Pro Survey

You can contact corporate a number of ways. They have their email contact availability on their site, but if you’d prefer, you can also do a live chat with them if you have a quick question you need answered.

There is also a toll-free number you can use to reach out if you want to be able to talk over the phone with a real person on the other end.

Toll-Free Line: 1.800.BASSPRO