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Marshalls, Inc., is a chain of American and Canadian department stores. They are the second largest off-price fashion and home retailer in America. Marshalls have been selling products for the whole family since 1956. If you’re one of their clients, they have a Marshalls feedback survey at You can complete it in 7 minutes.

The first department store was founded in 1956 by Alfred Marshall. Headquarters are in Framingham, Massachusetts. They offer clothing, beauty products, footwear, and much more. One of their most well-known slogans is “Never Pay Full Price For Fabulous.” Marshalls has more than 975 conventional stores. You’ll find them in 42 states in the U.S. and 38 in Canada. Department stores are also located in Puerto Rico.

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If you had the pleasure of shopping at one of the Bon-Ton stores why not share your experience through the aid of the questionnaire? Customers are invited to provide their feedback as it will benefit the company to improve their customer care and relations.

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. was founded in 1898 when Max Grumbacher and his father Samuel opened S. Grumbacher & Son. They first specialized in hat making and other dry goods, and took the store’s name from the British term that referred to the elite or high society. Their first store opened on Market Street in York, Pennsylvania.

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The T.J. Maxx customer service online survey has been made available to the public. Wonder what is your T.J. Maxx reward? By providing your TJ Maxx feedback, you will get the chance to enter a $500 gift card sweepstake. Your opinion matters as it will enable the company to improve their customer relations.

T.J. Maxx is one of the largest clothes retailer in the U.S.A., with over 1.000 stores. In Europe, it is known as T.K. Maxx operating throughout the U.K., Germany, Poland, Austria. By now the company having over 343 stores located through the old continent.

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One of the largest retail store in the USA, Stein Mart became famous as an upscale boutique-style for men and women, based in Jacksonville, Florida. Now, customers have the chance to express their thoughts about the company’s customer care services by taking part in the Stein Mart Survey at

The company began its existence in early 20th century. In 1908, a Russian Jewish immigrant named Sam Stein opened the first store in Greenville, Mississippi. The company changed focus on discounted clothing after the company was taken in 1932, by Jake Mart, after his father passed away.

By introducing goods with discounts from 25 to 60 per cent, the chain targeted customers who shopped on a regular basis. As such, by the late 1970s, Stein Mart led the retail clothing business in the Mississippi Delta.

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Kohls Customer Service Survey

Kohl’s was founded in 1962 and ever since then the retail store has been developing at an incredible speed and has become one of the most well-known department store chains in the United States. In 2010 the store became a Fortune 500 company. Kohl’s now has more than 1,000 stores in just about every state in the U.S. The merchandise offered by Kohl’s ranges from watches and jewelry to games, toys and clothing.

This customer service survey has been developed by Kohl’s in order to find out more about the feelings and opinions of customers shopping in the store. You will only need a few minutes to complete the survey and give your thoughts and feedback regarding the store.

With the help of this survey, Kohl’s can improve its services in such a way that its customers will have a better experience when shopping in the retail store.

What You’ll Need

Kohls Customer Service Survey

The is a questionnaire in which you can express your dissatisfaction or satisfaction regarding the services provided by Kohl’s. Kohl’s is known for being very serious about its customer feedbacks and will take your input very seriously. Knowing this, let’s take a look at what you’ll need in order to complete the survey:

  • An internet connection.
  • A tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish in order to complete the survey.
  • Around 15 minutes of free time to go through all the sections in the survey.
  • The access code and 4 digit number on your shopping receipt.
  • An email address.

How to Take Part in the Kohl’s Customer Service Survey

  • Go online to the homepage of the Kohl’s customer service survey at and choose “Click here to get started” for English or “Español” for Spanish.
  • After selecting the language in which you want to complete the survey enter the 4 digit number and access code found on your receipt and then click on “Start Survey”.
  • Enter your email address and name when asked to do so.
  • Follow all the instructions found on the website and answer all of the questions truthfully.

Kohl’s Survey Usability Score

Laptop/PC experience: 4.5/5 stars

Smartphone experience: 3/5 stars

Tablet experience: 4/5 stars

Useful Information about the Kohl’s Survey

Official site:

Survey site:

Time required completing the survey: around 15 minutes

Incentive: improving the department store’s services

How to Contact Kohl’s

If you have more inquiries and comments that you cannot address with the help of the customer service survey you can contact Kohl’s by using these methods:

1. From You can use the contact form on the company’s official website.

2. Post Mail: If you wish to contact Kohl’s via mail you can send them a letter at the following address:

Kohl’s Credit

PO Box 3043

Milwaukee, WI


3. Phone number: If you want to speak to someone in person you can call the number (855) 564-5705 (This is a toll free number)

Kohl’s Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 7am – 10pm, Sunday 8am – 10 pm CST

Kohl’s: Facebook

Kohl’s: Twitter

Old Navy is one of the most widespread clothing & accessories retailer in the United States. The company currently operates over 1020 stores under the Gap Inc. banner. The corporation’s headquarters can be found in San Francisco. In addition to this, some of the company’s flagship stores can be found in places like Seattle, Chicago, the Mall of America etc.

Old Navy started out as Gap’s idea to offer a less expensive version of its products. In 1994 the division was named Old Navy. It was for the first time that the brand was separated from its parent’s image. After 10 years of operation, Old Navy began a rebranding phase in order to gain a “high fashion feel”. The second rebranding phase started in 2011, when the company decided to focus on a more family-oriented environment, through Project One.

To this day Old Navy remains one of the better fashion retailers in the United States. If you are a customer for this brand you are probably already familiar with the type of customer service offered. The company is very serious about how it treats its customers and it appreciates any type of feedback. For this purpose it has created several survey portals such as or Most of these websites redirect to the main survey website, where customers can offer their input and comments regarding the company’s services.

What You will Need:

  • A laptop/PC, tablet or smart-phone with decent internet connection
  • A valid receipt from your Old Navy store
  • Approximately 10 minutes to complete the process

How to take part in the Old Navy Survey:


  • Head over to and choose your preferred language. You can select English, French or Spanish.
  • Click on Next to begin the survey.


  • The first few questions are designed to tell the company a little bit about you. This will make it easier for Old Navy to determine if your complaint or suggestion has been voiced before by customers of similar profiles.


  • Next, you will be asked to fill in details about your receipt. Fields such as ‘Country’, ‘State/Province of Store you shopped’ and ‘Store’ will appear.


  • For the next step you will be asked to type in your transaction and register information, as well as the date and time of purchase. Make sure you have the receipt around to make the process smoother. If the receipt information is not correct you won’t be able to complete the rest of the survey.

The process may seem a bit tedious but it ensures that feedback is truly genuine. Old Navy cares about the opinions of its customers and it will surely take steps in improving your experience with its stores.

  1. Once you have completed the receipt verification process you will be asked to respond to several questions and statements related to your experience with the company. Most of the questions are formulated as ratings from 1 to 10 that describe your experience with the company.
  2. As an incentive for completing the survey, Old Navy is offering a 10% discount for your next purchase.

Old Navy Customer Survey Usability Score:

We completed the company’s survey from a laptop, a tablet and a smart-phone. Here are our ratings for each of them. These ratings take into account the length of the process, information required and overall performance of the website:

  • Laptop/PC experience: 4/5 stars – the website loads quickly but the survey requires approximately 10 minutes to complete, and you will be asked to submit your receipt.
  • Smartphone experience: 1/5 stars – Old Navy doesn’t offer a dedicated page for smart-phones. Nevertheless, it is still possible to complete the customer satisfaction report without it. Obviously, it will take more than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Tablet experience: 2/5 stars ­– As you probably expect, there is also no mobile tablet page available. The good news is that the website works smoothly from this mobile device. It will still take a while or you to type in all the information.

Useful Information about Old Navy’s Survey:

Survey website:

Incentive: 10% discount code on your next purchase

Alternative survey websites:

Official Old Navy Website:

Social links: Facebook and Twitter

How to Contact Old Navy

o 0

The neutral clothing & accessories line has provided with various contact methods. If you have completed the Old Navy customer survey but still have something that you would like to add here are a few contact methods that might appeal to you:

  • Old Navy Contact Number: the company offers several contact numbers. All of them are free of charge. You can voice your complaints, comments and inquiries here:

Old Navy Credit Card: 1-877-222-6868

International Customer Service: 1-614-744-3908

Old Navy Visa: 1-866-450-5294

Customer Service: 1-800-653-6289

Customer Service TTY: 1-800-449-4253

  • Old Navy Mailing Address: If you like doing things the old-fashion way you can also send a letter to the company at one of the following addresses. The first addresses should be used for online purchases, while the second one is dedicated to store purchases:

Old Navy Online 200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605 – for online purchases

Old Navy Customer Relations 200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605 – for store purchases

Please keep in mind that neither of these addresses should be used for returning merchandise.

  • Email Old Navy Contact Information: There is also the option of sending your assessment, observations or reviews through emails at [email protected]. Make sure you state the purpose of your email in the subject. This will make it easier for operators to redirect your message to the right department. All mails are read by customer care representatives and responses are sent in a timely manner.
  •  Official website: We recommend you to first read the contact information, privacy policy and FAQ on the company’s official website. It provides valuable information related to tech issues, merchandise returns, feedback and order follow-ups. The official website can be found at
  • Hotline experience: Old Navy offers great customer service. All you have to do to get in contact with a representative is to press the 0 button as soon as the automated message starts. You will be placed on hold until an agent is available. If you are interested in coupon codes and offers, you can find out all about them with the help of the agent. Don’t forget to show your appreciation if you were satisfied with customer service!

Old Navy Hours of Operation

Some stores operate on different hours, but most locations have the following schedule:

Monday – Saturday: 10.00 AM – 9.30 PM

Sunday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM

Banana Republic is a popular clothing and accessories store owned by Gap Inc. Founded in 1978, the Banana Republic brand quickly grew to now operating over 600 stores internationally. If you haven’t already visited a BR store then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of products and services available to the public including discount sales, credit cards and don’t forget to use the store locator to find a Banana Republic local to you.

What is Survey4Br all about? The website was developed by Banana Republic to allow them to monitor their valued customers opinions and see how they can continue to develop the brand and services on offer to the public. If you have recently made a purchase at a Banana Republic store and would like to leave your comments then this is a great way to do so.

The feedback survey shouldn’t take more than a few moments to complete once you’re in flow and on completion you will be given a 20% off coupon to use in-store on your next visit.

Sound OK? Let’s begin =)

  • Take a visit to the official survey website at
  • Select your language (English/Spanish/French) and click Next
  • Enter your age and gender and click Next
  • Continue to answer all questions by selecting the appropriate checkbox and click Next.
  • Once your finished, you will be given a 20% off coupon.


Sears is a famous retailer providing products and associated services and is part of ShopYourWay, a social shopping experience where members have the capacity to earn points and get benefits across a broad selection of real and digital formats through It runs an estimated 2000+ shops in the United States and Canada. Home goods, clothing and automotive merchandise and services are all available at Sears.

What is the Sears Feedback survey?

The Sears Feedback Survey was designed to allow the company to gain an insight to what makes their customers happy and sad, if you have recently visited a Sears store and had a good or bad experience then it’s good to tell them how they are doing so they can rectify or improve the level of service available to the public.

The survey shouldn’t take too long to complete, and for participating you can enter the Sears sweepstakes for your chance to win a $4,000 Sears gift card.

It’s really simple to get started, so we’ll show you how to begin below;

  • Visit the official Sears Feedback website at
  • Locate your receipt and enter the 12 digit sales check number, choose from 1-10 the likelyhood of recommending Sears, and answer further questions and click Submit to continue.
  • Enter the sweepstakes and enjoy your next visit to Sears.

Sears are a company who values your opinions, whether they are good or bad so rest assured your voices will be heard and Sears appreciate your time.

For Sears Canada shoppers, you can visit the link at to enter.

Dressbarn is an American retailer of womens clothes. The very first Dress Barn was opened in 1962 in Stamford, CT, by Roslyn Jaffe. The business began trading on NASDAQ (symbol DBRN) in 1982. If you haven’t already visited a Dressbarn store then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of products on offer including womens clothing for petities, misses and plus sizes along with a  range of jewelry, shoes and accessories. Use the store locator to find a DressBarn near you.

About the Dressbarn Feedback Survey

If you have recently shopped at Dress Barn recently and have a sale receipt why not take part in the customer survey, it shouldn’t take longer than several minutes to complete and on completion you will receive a 20% discount coupon to use on virtually any purchase of regular priced item.

Dressbarn are a company who value it’s customers opinion, so rest assured your voices will be heard.Dressbarn strive off high level products and customer satisfaction and the survey was developed with this in mind.

It’s really simple to get started with the guest survey, so let us guide you how below;

  • Visit the official survey website at
  • Select your language (English or Spanish)
  • Find your receipt and enter the survey number and click the Arrow to continue.
  • Answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • On completion, receive your 20% discount code and enjoy your next visit to Dressbarn.

Shopko is an American chain of retail stores based in Wisconsin, founded in 1962 by James Ruben the company now operates an estimated 330+ locations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin with a string of Shopko Express, Shopko Hometown and Shopko Pharmacy stores also.

At your average Shopko store you can find an assortment of products including clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, market, housewares, contact lenses and more. If you haven’t already visited a Shopko store then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of products and services on offer and use the store locator to find a Shopko near you.

What is the Shop Ko feedback survey?

The Shop Ko survey was developed to allow the company to gain an insight to what makes their customers happy and sad, if you have recently visited a Shopko store and would like to express  your feedback then this is a great way to do so. Shopko are a company who listens to it’s customers so they can continually improve the products and services on offer to the public.

For taking a few minutes to complete the survey you can enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $250 gift card to spend on your next purchases at any Shopko store.

Before you begin the survey you will need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet and a valid receipt from your most recent purchase. It’s quick and easy to get started;

  • Visit the customer survey webpage at
  • Complete all required questions
  • Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win the $250 gift card