If you are a regular customer of the Smart and Final stores, you can fill out the Smart and Final Survey. Moreover, you can do so even if you happened to use their services once in the past few weeks. Thus, you become eligible to win one or more $100 coupons that can be used in their stores. Because the company wants to know what customers honestly think about their stores, it introduced this survey regarding important matters that decide the overall customer experience.

The incentives were added to motivate customers and obtain more responses. This will help the company generate effective solutions to improve their products and services, which in the end will benefit customers.

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Smart and Final– About Company

With a 140-year-old history, Smart and Final is a retailer that handles warehouse stores in western U.S.A. Their almost 300 stores cover the needs of individual and business customers. Their most popular products include beverages, foods, equipment, supplies, groceries, packaging, and other disposable items.

What is the Smart and Final Survey?

The Smart and Final Survey is a short questionnaire,regarding customers’ experience in the Smart and Final stores. It covers matters like cleanliness, product variety, services, employees helpfulness and attitude, or the overall shopping experience.

The company will use the provided information to improve their products and services. Therefore, it is important to answer the questions truthfully. In addition, the survey will require identification information for the store you shopped in. Thus, you should only refer to your last visit in a Smart and Final store.

Mentioning negative experiences or disadvantages of the stores will not lower your chances of earning the rewards.

What You Will Need

To participate in the Customer Survey Sweepstakes organized by Smart and Final, you need the following:

  • A PC, laptop, or another mobile device like smartphones or tablets.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A Smart and Final receipt.
  • A phone number.

How to Participate in the Smart and Final Survey?

To be eligible for the grand prizes offered by the Smart and Final survey, you need to closely follow these steps:

the first page of the smart and final survey
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  • Then, fill in the required fields. You can follow the example receipt on the survey page to locate the required information. Here are some details:
    • Your purchase date. The form automatically fills in the date you accessed the survey page. If you shopped at Smart and Final on a previous date, modify this field. You can find our transaction date on the receipt,
    • Your store number. Located on the middle right side of your receipt, can be easily identified by the “Store #” text which precedes it.
    • Your transaction number or code can be found in the central part of your receipt, under the name “Trans #”. You will need to re-enter this transaction number in the next field.
    • Your term number. Located under the time of your purchase.
    • Your age. Select the number corresponding to your age from the drop-down list.
  • In addition, you have to complete the CAPTCHA verification. Type in the numbers or letters from the box in the specified field. Then, click “Submit”.
  • Now, answer the questions. Rate your satisfaction degree regarding their products and services. Here, you can also type in additional observations about matters that were not addressed by the survey questions.
  • Then, enter your telephone number. This step is critical for registering in the Sweepstakes.
  • Finally, enter your e-mail address (OPTIONAL). If you want to receive the Smart and Final brochure electronically, provide the company with a valid e-mail address.

Useful information about the Smart and Final Survey

The rewards for the Smart and Final survey comprise of five grand prizes of $100 SmartCash Cards. The winners are randomly selected among customers who completed the survey and entered their 10-digit telephone number. The sweepstakes began on July 1st, 2016 at 12:AM PT and will end on June 30th, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM PT.

The answers, opinions, and observations mentioned in the survey are not relevant in any way. Customers can complete one survey per month at most, given they have different receipts every time.

The Smart and Final Official Website: www.smartandfinal.com.

The Smart and Final Survey Website: www.smartandfinal.com/Survey.

Smart and Final Hours

The Smart and Final business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Smart and Final Locations

There are over 270 grocery and foodservice stores operated by the Smart and Final brand. These are located mainly in California, Oregon, Washington, Northern Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. To find out exactly where the nearest Smart and Final location is, please refer to their official website and use the “Store Locator” feature. It can be found on the top of the page, next to the Smart and Final logo.

a smart and final store
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How to Contact Smart and Final

If you want to contact Smart and Final to make a suggestion or enquire on their policies, products, and services, you can use the following information:

Smart and Final Phone Numbers

Corporate Office: 1-323-869-7500

Customer Relations: 1-800-894-0511

Business Resale Card Program: 1-800-793-9344

Smart and Final E-Mail Addresses

Customer Relations: customer.relations@smartandfinal.com.

Business Resale Card Program: SmartAdvantage@smartandfinal.com.

Media Relations: press@smartandfinal.com

Smart and Final Mailing Addresses

Corporate Office: 600 Citadel Drive, Commerce, CA 90040

Customer Relations: Customer Relations, PO BOX 2377, GMF, Los Angeles CA 90051-0377

Smart and Final on Social Media

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