ChuckECheese is a chain of American family entertainment centers offering pizza restaurant services, arcade games and amusement rides. The company is committed to provide excellent foods and great guest experience for both kids and parents. High quality, fresh products and fun to play games are their priorities when it comes to pleasing their customers.

No wonder ChuckECheese is known as one of the most popular locations for kids and parents especially because of the discounts and free tokens they can benefit from. Interested how to get ChuckECheese coupons, and enjoy more rewards? Find out everything you need to know in our post, from becoming a ChuckECheese Club member to profiting from different deals and discounts.

What are the ChuckECheese Coupons?

ChuckECheese coupons are printable vouchers you can redeem in ChuckECheese locations across the United States, except Hawaii. There are either free coupons you receive when purchasing foods and drinks or tokens you can buy to enjoy discounts when you next visit one of their stores.

With ChuckECheese you are just a few clicks away other big rewards and savings. All you need to do is become a ChuckECheese Club member, sign up for their exclusive deals and enjoy some quality time with your kids. Before giving you all the indications you need to follow in order to become a member, let’s see what types of ChuckECheese Coupons you can benefit from.

Types of ChuckECheese Coupons You Can Choose From

ChuckECheese Coupons are of different kinds and offer various discounts. Here are a few of the popular coupon deals we have encountered online:

  • 10 to 29 Free Tokens when you buy a pizza and drink.
  • 100 tokens for $20.
  • 60 tokens and 200 tickets for $15.
  • ‘All You Can Eat Salad Bar’ – a ChuckECheese coupon allowing to eat as much as you can from their salad bar for a discounted price.
  • Pizza discount when buying a large pizza.

We have found ChuckECheese coupons you can get and use until July 2. So here are a few printable coupons you can redeem TODAY:free chuckecheese coupons to print

What Other ChuckECheese Coupons and Deals are There for You?


If you reserve a birthday party for your kid, ChuckECheese offers you special discounts on food and beverages, as well as bonus tickets and free tokens. Wonder how many free tickets and tokens you can get for your little ones? According to their policy, your boy or girl celebrating his or her birthday can get between 400 and 1000 free tickets and over 15 free tokens, plus other free souvenirs. 


ChuckECheese not only is committed to provide you with best services and fun, but also to help your kids accomplish daily tasks and goals. That is why they designed rewards calendars where you can establish goals such as doing home chores, cleaning their room, doing their homework. As a reward they get 10 free tokens over a course of two weeks for excellent behavior. If you are looking for a unique way to reward your kid, this is a good choice.

chuckecheese rewards calendar

Wonder how to get started?

  • Download and print out the rewards calendars from the ChuckECheese website.
  • Mark the days when your kids has goals to accomplish. Use a pen or a sticker.
  • Bring back the calendar to ChuckECheese to get the 10 free tokens reward.


Apart from birthday discounts, ChuckECheese also offers deals for group events. These include: free slices of pizza, drinks, unlimited refills, 16 tokens for each kid. You can also double tokens if you make a reservation for ‘Double Token’ events.

How to Benefit from ChuckECheese Coupons, Deals and Discounts?

If you are a parent looking for best discounts for your kid at ChuckECheese, become a ChuckECheese Club member and sign up for their best deals and rewards online. You will receive exclusive news and rewards by email.

As a member, you will benefit from:

  • Up to a 30% discount on your purchases and great token offers on your first coupon sheet.
  • A ChuckECheese rewards calendar which is worth 10 free tokens.
  • Exclusive access to the Chuck E. Story which is a digital book you can read to your little ones.
  • Get members-only information, deals, news, kids’ activities and other perks.

How to Become a ChuckECheese Club Member?

Becoming a Chuck E-Club member is fast and easy. All you need to do is:

  • Visit the Chuck E-Club registration page.
  • Provide all the information you are required in the indicated fields.
  • Enter your email.
  • Enter your birthday.
  • Mention your preferred ChuckECheese location.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and follow their simple indications.

If you are a regular ChuckECheese guest why don’t you provide them with a feedback and enjoy even more benefits at the same time? ChuckECheese is a company interested to provide great services, games and foods for best value. That is why they have created an online questionnaire to listen to their customers’ opinion and suggestions on how to improve their customer care. Find all the information you need on how to participate in the ChuckECheese survey in our post. Let them know what you feel about their services to enhance your guest experience and satisfaction when you next visit one of their locations.

Useful Information & Links

To find out more about ChuckECheese coupons, services, menu items and more, we recommend you visit their official website. Also, here are some useful links for a faster access to the pages of interest for you:

  • ChuckECheese Coupons Page
  • ChuckECheese Survey Page

If you want to contact ChuckECheese, there are several ways to reach out to them.

  • Fill out their online contact form if you have any questions or comment.
  • Give them a call at 1-888-778-7193. They are available Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 5pm.
  • Send them a letter at the following ChuckECheese mailing address:

P.O. Box 152077

Irving, TX 75015

Phone: 972-258-8507

If you are new to ChuckECheese and we have made you curious, access their website and find the nearest location to your place. You can easily do it by entering your zip code in the ‘Location Finder’ box at the top of their page.

This concludes our information on ChuckECheese coupons, deals and rewards. For further information on how to register as a member and benefit from their discounts, please do not hesitate to drop us a message in the comment box below. We are happy to answer to your questions and always welcome suggestions and opinions from our readers.