Village Inn was established in 1958. For over five decades, the restaurant chain has continuously catered to everyone’s taste in a family friendly environment. Village Inn locations are well known for their hospitality.

Village Inn customers are greeted with a varied menu from breakfast until dinner time. The dining restaurant chain aims to bring ‘Good Food, Good Feelings’ to all customers in the United States. The most valued items on the Village Inn menu are the restaurant chain’s pies and breakfast foods. Unlimited coffee refills served throughout the Village Inn opening hours are also greatly valued by Village Inn guests. Completing the Village Inn client satisfaction survey doesn’t take longer than five minutes.

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What is the Village Inn Survey?

The Village Inn Survey aims to improve customer satisfaction. The Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey is an online survey. With each visit and order to the Village Inn locations, customers receive a guest check. On each guest check, there is validation code or survey code. Using the survey code infers customers’ willingness to share their opinions and experiences with the Village Inn. The Village Inn plans to use customers’ feedback to improve future experiences.

What You Will Need

In order to participate in the online Village Inn guest satisfaction survey, Village Inn Customers must:

  • have  access to an internet connection via a laptop, personal computer, smartphone or tablet;
  • have the Village Inn guest check with the survey code clearly printed on it. More validation codes will grant access to the online Village Inn survey several times;
  • reserve no more than five minutes of their time to complete the Village Inn customer experience survey;
  • Be aware of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of the Village Inn survey page.

How to Participate in the Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey?Village Inn customer feedback survey snapshot  

Provided all the above requirements are met, Village Inn clients must access the online webpage. The Village Inn client survey screenshot is available above.

  • Head to the webpage
  • With the guest check nearby, input the survey code.
  • Click continue.
  • Wait until the list of questions loads and answer each of the questions accordingly. Based on the Village Inn survey answers, the Village Inn will improve your future visit and experience in Village Inn locations across the United States.
  • Answer each question in the Village Inn customer visit survey rethinking of the last visits you made to a Village Inn location. Your dining experience is important.

Village Inn Survey Usability Score:

  • The Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey on Laptop, PC: 5/5.
  • The Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey on Smartphone: 4/5 .
  • The Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey on Tablet: 4/5 .

Useful Information about the Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey

Village Inn Customer Feedback Survey website:

This is the direct link to the Village Inn survey which assess customer experience and customer satisfaction. To access the survey it is compulsory to have a survey code provided on a guest check received during a visit at the dining locations. Although several Village Inn surveys are typically available, at the moment Village Inn offers just the Village Inn guest experience survey.

Village Inn Official Website:

For more information on Village Inn gift cards, the Village Inn menu, as well as the Village Inn locations around the United States, the official website is a useful resource. Accessing Village Inn surveys is also possible through the official webpage.

Village Inn Hours of Operation

Village Inn hours of operation are largely dependent on the specific Village Inn location you’re planning to visit. To find out more information on the hours of operation of the American chain restaurant locations, head to the official website.

On the official Village Inn website, click on the locations tab. In the box, you can enter a city, zip code or state and find all the Village Inn locations in the area on the map. Click on a given location and more information appears to the left of the screen. Hours of operation are listed individually to the left of the screen.

How to Contact Village Inn

Village Inn offers a general contact address on the Guest Relations page featuring on the website. In addition, a contact form is offered on the same page. You can find Village Inn on Facebook or Instagram as well.