Friendly’s an American restaurant chain founded in 1935, Springfield, Massachusetts by brothers Curtis Blake and S. Prestley Blake. Since the beginning, it has quickly grew to over 380 locations across Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia.

At your average Friendly’s store you can find sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups, breakfast and over 22 flavors of ice cream. If you haven’t already visited a Friendly’s store then you can visit them online at to see the full list of products and services on offer, use the restaurant locator to find a Friendly’s near you.

What is Talk To Friendly’s ?

It’s the survey designed by the company to enhance it’s customer feedback program allowing them to continually improve the products and services on offer to the public. If you have recently visited a Friendly’s store and would like to express your feedback then this is perfect for you.

The survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete and once finished you can print your free coupon code to redeem at your local Friendly’s restaurant.

Before you begin you will need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet along with a valid recent from your most recent purchase.

  • Visit the official Friendly’s survey website at
  • Enter the 14 digit code found on your receipt and click Start.
  • Continue to answer all required questions as honest as possible.
  • Print your coupon code and enjoy your next visit!
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  1. Nancy Christiansen

    We ate at Friendly’s in Danville, PA on June 14. We were charged $1.99 for a Kiosk game. I didn’t know we would be charged. We found it on our bill when we got back from vacation. It is an unfair charge if I didn’t agree to pay for the game. I was trying it out and only answered one trivia pursuit question and stopped. If a customer is being charged, there should be an agreement before the game begins. I was so surprised when we saw the charge on the bill after we got home! Because I didn’t know the charge would be on the bill, I would consider this a hidden cost. I’m shocked that we didn’t notice it before we paid the bill! We had a nice time there and people were friendly….but we would never pay to play a game like that one.


  2. Janice Cafarelli

    We just came back from Pennsylvania yesterday and felt we should inform you of the condition and service at the Friendly’s we stopped at in Fort Washington, PA.(we were there Friday, July 29th around 6:30) Although very well staffed the service and time it took to be waited on was uncalled for especially when there were numerous wait staff standing around chit chatting. As for the food quality it left much to be desired. The cheeseburger sliders and cheese quesadilla were awful! The cheeseburger sliders my grandson said were hard and the cheese quesadilla had so much oily cheese dripping out of it that is was inedible! He left hungry and I had to find him something else to eat. My daughter’s turkey supermelt was overcooked and the turkey was hard, we had to ask for my other grandson’s side order of fries, our appetizers came out after we got our meals, and our to-go fribbles with no whipped cream, came out in glasses with whipped cream. I did mention it to our server, but got a nonchalant attitude about it and was asked if I wanted anything else, but we didn’t want to chance ordering anything else.. The cleanliness of the store wasn’t being kept up either. A straw sat on the floor after falling out of a glass from a server cleaning off a table and I counted at least 5 employees step over or around the straw, not one bent over to pick it up! We frequent Friendly’s quite often with my grandchildren and were glad to find one on our vacation, but this has to be one of the worst Friendly’s experiences I have ever had!


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