Wendy’s is an international food restaurant founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. With most the company being a franchise location, the company was able to grow rapidly with an estimated 46,000 employees and 6,650+ stores. At your average Wendy’s restaurant you can find a menu consisting of hambugers, chicken sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, frozen desserts and more.

If you haven’t already visited a Wendy’s restaurant then why not visit them online at Wendys.com where you can see a full menu along with other services on offer. Use the restaurant finder to find a Wendy’s restaurant near you.

So what is Talk To Wendy’s?

Talk to Wendy’s is the survey developed by the company to obtain it’s valued customers thoughts and opinions. The survey allows Wendy’s to continually improve the products and services on offer to the public. If you have recently visited a Wendy’s restaurant and would like to express your feedback then TalkToWendys.com is perfect for you. We will show you how to get started below.

For taking a few minutes of your time to complete the survey you will be rewarded a coupon code to print so you can use on your next visit to any Wendy’s restaurant.

Before you begin you will need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet and a valid receipt from your most recent purchase.

  • Visit the Wendy’s feedback website at www.talktowendys.com
  • Select your language (English, French or Spanish)
  • Locate your receipt and enter the 8 digit restaurant number, date of visit, amount of purchase and your e-mail address.
  • Continue to answer all questions as honest as possible.
  • Print your Wendy’s coupon to use on your next visit.
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  1. I’m new at this so I’m not sure that I gave the right address. I think I should have given my gmail address because nothing has shown up at my inbox.


  2. Tiffany – Hi Heidi,Your photos are betuiaful you capture such precious expressions. I’m wondering what the blue knit/crochet clothing item is that you used to wrap around the little newborn above. Is it a hat? I would love to get whatever it is to photography my daughter in. Thanks.


  3. I was not happy at all !!!!! My food was not fresh at all !!! The meat on the baconator taste like it had been sitting there for hours. My fries where like rubber! Unless someone gives me a realy good reason to go back l will not go.


  4. I just visited your store on rt 46 in elmwood park nj. it is 11:49pm. while at the drive thru i had to place my order 3times before the worker seemed to get my order correct. i simply ordered a medium #1 with no lettuce tomato or mayo. once again i had to say it 3 times. i spoke loud & clear. When i got to the 1st window and payed, it seemed expensive. when i got home and looked at my order, it was wrong. she gave me a double burger! so i spent more than i wanted to and got an extra burger party that i didn’t want. please look into who was taking orders at this location at this time. i believe they have a problem with comprehension. upset and overcharged. James


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