The Shoe Company is interested in what their clients think of their products and services, so they created The Shoe Company Survey. Of you are a regular customer or you recently purchased items from this company, you can use your receipt to complete the survey and become eligible for their rewards.

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The Shoe Company – About

The Shoe Company is a footwear brand with over 60 years of experience retail and 65 locations in Canada. It is a subsidiary of the Canadian Town Shoes chain, a family-owned and operated business dating back from 1952.

What is the Shoe Company Survey?

The Shoe Company survey is a short questionnaire containing key aspects of the stores for customers to evaluate. Product diversity, staff attitude, cleanliness, and organization are just some of the matters in question of the survey. As a reward, the company offers coupons and a sweepstake system with daily and weekly winners.

The Shoe Company started this survey because they want to improve their products and services. If you are a client and want to help them upgrade their offers, think about your last visit in their stores. Because identification information for your last purchase is required when entering the survey, it’s important to stay focused on this event alone and ignore previous occurrences.

What You Will Need

In order to participate in The Shoe Company survey, you will need the following items and amenities:

  • A receipt from your last purchase from The Shoe Company.
  • A computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • An internet connection.

How to Participate in the Shoe Company Survey?

To correctly fill out the Shoe Company survey and be eligible for the daily and weekly prizes, you need to follow the simple steps below. Because identification data for the store you last visited is required, please only refer to this event when answering the questions. The Shoe Company

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  • Read the Terms & Conditions and their Privacy Policy. You can find links on the bottom left side of the page.
  • Choose the location where you received the survey invitation.
  • Enter the requested information: date of visit, your entry code for the survey, and your total purchase amount, then click the “ENTER’ button to start the survey.

a print screen of the second page from the shoe company survey
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  • Answer the questions regarding products, services, and overall quality of your shopping experience during your last visit in a The Shoe Company location.
  • Fill in your contact information and complete the survey. It is important to pay extra attention when typing in your personal info so the company can contact you if you are one of the winners.

Useful information about the Shoe Company Survey

The Shoe Company Official Website:

The Shoe Company Survey Website:

International Sweepstakes Official Rules:

The straightforward reward for completing the survey is a The Shoe Company coupon which saves $10 off your next purchase of $39.99 or more. By taking the time to complete the survey, customers are also rewarded with chances to win are daily prizes of CAD $1,000 and 3 weekly prizes of CAD $ 500. Customers all over the world can win a reward of The Shoe Company survey until the end of July 2016.

The Shoe Company Hours

Every store is able to set its own hours. Most of them are open Monday through Sunday, from 10 AM to at least 6 PM, but the opening and closing hours for a specific store can vary. Please refer to the official The Shoe Company website for more details.

The Shoe Company Locations

With over 60 locations in Canada, there is a location in almost every major city, with some having more than one The Shoe Company store. For more information on the closest store, please visit the official website and use the Store Finder tool.

How to Contact the Shoe Company

If you want to find out more about the schedule, online ordering, or other policies of the Shoe Company, you can use the following contact information:

The Shoe Company toll-free number: 1-888-874-6326

The Shoe Company e-mail address:

The Shoe Company mailing address: Town Shoes Limited, 44 Kodiak Crescent, Toronto, ON M3J 3G5, Canada.

Other ways to contact The Shoe Company are through their Social Media pages: The Shoe Company Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles.

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