Filling out the Vitamin Shoppe survey doesn’t only help the company understand their services from their clients’ perspective; It is ultimately beneficial for shoppers, too, because Vitamin Shoppe uses the information gathered through these surveys to improve their products and services. Filling out the survey can be confusing, this is why we created this comprehensive guide that will eliminate any doubts or constraints.

the logo of the Vitamin SHoppe company
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Vitamin Shoppe – About Company

The Vitamin Shoppe is a New Jersey-based company that was founded in 1997 and provides over 26,000 health supplements online or through their 700 stores in Northern and Central America.

The products range from vitamin shoppe fish oil supplements to probiotics, creatine, omega 3 oils, or vitamin shoppe weight loss products from over 400 brands. They are mainly targeted at fitness enthusiasts, customers who want to lose weight, or cure certain diseases naturally, but they also provide beauty products or sexual supplements.

What is the Vitamin Shoppe Survey?

The Vitamin Shoppe Client Satisfaction Survey is a way the company keeps in touch with its customers who acquire their products through their online shop or one of their 700 stores. The questions in this survey address matters like the quality of their products, the prices and promotions available, the appearance and arrangement of the store they visited, or employees’ attitude and helpfulness towards customers.

What You Will Need

In order to participate in the Vitamin Shoppe Survey, you will need:

  • A mobile device, laptop, or personal computer.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A Healthy Awards Vitamin Shoppe card.
  • OPTIONAL: A receipt from your last order or visit in a Vitamin Shoppe location.

How to Participate in the Vitamin Shoppe Survey?

The Vitamin Shoppe Customer Satisfaction Survey is slightly different for customers who have their receipt from their last visit in a Vitamin Shoppe location or online order than it is for those who do not input a transaction ID. Regardless of this, here are the steps to correctly fill in the Vitamin Shoppe Client Survey:

introduction to vitamin shoppe survey
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  • Read the “Terms and Conditions” for the survey: you can find a link at the top of the page above.
  • Click the “Take Survey” button: blue, located in the middle of the screen, right below the “Terms and Conditions” link.
  • Enter your Vitamin Shoppe customer number: it is 7 digits long and located at the top of your receipt and on the back of your Healthy Awards card.
  • Choose “Yes” or “No” to the question “Do you have your receipt?” and click “Next”.

first page of the vitamin shoppe survey
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The following section of this survey is only available to those who have their Vitamin Shoppe receipt:

  • Type in your transaction ID: it is located at the bottom of your receipt, right under the bar code.
  • Answer the questions:
    • whether you were satisfied with the overall purchase or not;
    • whether you found everything you were looking for or not;
    • how likely are you to purchase from Vitamin Shoppe again;
    • how likely are you to recommend the service to others;
    • how satisfied you were with: the attitude of their employees and their knowledge; shopping experience; product variety, quality, and availability; available information, etc.
    • what would you change about the Vitamin Shoppe location or website you visited.
  • Click “Next”.
    the second page of the Vitamin Shoppe Survey
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Page 2 of the survey is available to customers who do not have their Vitamin Shoppe receipt, too:

  • Type in any other recommendations or observations: issues that were not covered by the questionnaire that you noticed.
  • Fill in your contact information: this will help the company notify you if you are among the winners.
last page of the vitamin shoppe survey
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The last page of the Vitamin Shoppe Survey, available to all customers

  • Click the “Done” button when you are finished: this will submit your survey.

Useful information about the Vitamin Shoppe Survey

Vitamin Shoppe Website:

Vitamin Shoppe Satisfaction Survey Website:

Vitamin Shoppe Survey Terms and Conditions:

The Vitamin Shoppe Survey Reward is a chance to win a $250 Vitaminshoppe Gift Card every time you complete the survey. The odds of winning are directly related to the number of participants to the Vitamin Shoppe Customer Experience Survey.

Vitamin Shoppe Hours

Most Vitamin Shoppe locations and online consultants are available all week long, with a shorter schedule on Sunday. To find out each store’s exact hours, please refer to their “Store locator” tool on the official website.

Vitamin Shoppe Locations

With over 700 stores in 45 states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, Vitamin Shoppe is available to most Americans who are willing to drive 10 or 20 miles at most. Please refer to their official website and use the “Store Locator” application to find out the closest Vitamin Shoppe.

How to Contact Vitamin Shoppe

If you have difficulties in placing an order or simply want to find out more information about their supplements, you can contact Vitamin Shoppe through the form on their “Contact” page.

However, you can also get in touch with the company through their social media pages:

Vitamin Shoppe on Facebook.

Vitamin Shoppe on Twitter.

Vitamin Shoppe on Instagram.

Vitamin Shoppe on Google+.

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