We all like to be treated like kings and queens and we all have individual needs and opinions so as an retailer online or offline you will often find them striving to support it’s customers in anyway possible – whether that be discounted prices, a wheelchair ramp for the less able, more visible prices, better air conditioning and the list goes on! We can be a demanding race!

Customer feedback surveys were designed with us in mind, so if we visit our favorite stores and they aren’t satisfying our every need then the store will work it’s best to meet the needs of it’s customer. Customer surveys allow the stores to improve their overall customer experience and are carefully designed to ensure that we get what we want, when we want it.

As a consumer it’s good to let stores know how they are doing ortherwise they are in the dark with no knowledge of what makes their customers tick – a happy customer is a good customer which will come back.. so if you have any queries regarding your stores operations, product range, prices or anything else for that matte then I recommend you fill out the customer feedback survey to help the improve their service.

Thanks to everyone visiting our blog and your continued support, if you have a problem with a store then tell them! You may well be rewarded via sweepstakes, cash prices and more. We are constantly updating this site with the latest customer surveys for some of the largest retail chains around so take a look around our website and I hope you like it. Happy surveying!


  1. Carrie Preston

    I very upset that you guys no longer have sweet and sour pork. We ate their at least 2or3 Times a week. We will not eat their anymore and they said oh well sorry I m very disappointed that you guys don’t care about your customer wants. We even went to Sacramento, Reno and Idaho and left all the Panda Express cause you did have are favorite thing sweet and sour pork.o well I guess you don’t care if you have business . Thanks for listening.

  2. Entered survey code. Response was that code was invalid. I noticed that this has been happening to several people. Will you correct this problem? Would like promised coupon.

  3. I LIKE crazy 8 so más

  4. nedra roquemore

    i like shopping at office depot

  5. Schart, Gerhard

    Outstanding expeditious customer service. Definitely competent team at the wheel, thanks.

  6. Patrick J. Beggane

    I am the person at Tobyhanna that inputs the CCIR’s on the DPST system. On 7/11/16 the system allowed the info to be put in but when I hit the save it gave me an error. I sent you an email. The next day, Tuesday, it allowed me to input 2 and then the message came back. All last week the system didn’t work. Today I tried it again and it didn’t work at first. Finally at 11 it worked fine. The only complaint is that it took a week and everyone was bugging me because they had to get in.

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