Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies, or more commonly known as Leslie’s Pool, is a Phoenix-based pool supplies company. Leslie’ Pool has created an online survey for customers to complete.

The purpose of this online questionnaire is to find out what customers want and need when it comes to pool related products. So go now and provide your feedback to have the chance to win a Leslie’s Pool coupon worth 10% off for any purchase.

Leslie's Pool Customer Survey - www.lesliespool.com/opinion
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The company was founded in 1963, by Phil Leslie in Phoenix, Arizona. Leslie’s Pool service is unparalleled by any other company. Leslie’s Pool supplies and services encompass everything from cleaning services and safety items to products that can be purchased to beautify the surroundings of your pool.

Leslie’s Pool locations numbers over 910 stores. Spread throughout 35 states, the company has over 3,000 employees during the summer season. After the end of the fiscal year, in October 2009, the company reported sales worth $510 million.

What is the Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey?

To better learn what customers want and need in terms of pool related products and services, the company devised an online survey. This survey takes between 5-10 minutes and guests will have the chance to win a 10% off coupon for any Leslie’s Pool purchase. No prior purchase is required to be eligible to enter the sweepstake once the survey is finished.

Therefore, we will show the necessary steps that need to be completed in order to enter the 10% off coupon sweepstake.

What Will You Need?

In order to provide your feedback in the survey, there are a few aspects that must be accomplished first:

  • Have Internet access through a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Have a receipt from Leslie’s Pool, as you will be asked to provide a few information such as the Store Number, located on the top right corner of the receipt.
  • Spare approximately ten minutes to do the survey.
  • Comply with the privacy and sweepstake policy.

How to Participate in the Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey

In order to take part in the survey people will have to take the following steps:

  • Enter the survey page – www.lesliespool.com/opinion.
  • Provide the Store Number from the receipt in the blank space.
  • Go through the survey questions carefully.
  • Provide your e-mail address to take part in the 10% off coupon sweepstake.

Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey

Laptop/PC experience: 4/5 stars.

Smartphone experience: 3/5 stars.

Tablet experience: 3.5/5 stars.

Useful Information about the Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey

Leslie’s Pool Official Website: www.lesliespool.com.

To discover more about Leslie’s pools, Leslie’s Pool supply, Leslie’s Pool coupons, Leslie Pool service as well as Leslie Pool supply hours or Leslie’s Pool store hours, we recommend visiting their official website. Their website also gets frequently updated with useful information about new products and offers.

Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey – www.lesliepool.com/opinion.

The link will transport users directly to the survey page. There, after provding your feedback, customers will be able to partake in one of the Leslie Pools coupons worth 10% off for any purchase at one of their stores. The coupon can only be awarded to one person and cannot be changed into cash or be used for any other one of their offers.

Leslie’s Pool Locations

Leslie’s Pool numbers over 910 stores in 35 states. The company’s headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company plans to have 1,000 stores in the near future. The company has 2,400 employees and 3,000 seasonal employees during the height of the peak season. That is why we recommend entering their official website and use the Store Locator option to find out the nearest Leslie’s Pool store.

Leslie’s Pool Hours of Operation

With over 910 stores in 35 states, the hours of operation can differ from state to state. As such we recommend visiting their official website, use the Store Locator option to see the hours of operations of the nearest store to you, before departing to it.

How to Contact Leslie’s Pool

Leslie’s Pool devised a number of ways through which customers and potential customers can get in touch with them. They include:

  • Contacting Leslie’s Pool via Phone

The fastest way to get in touch with Leslie’s Pool representatives is by calling the phone number: 10800.537.5437.

  • Send a letter to Leslie’s Pool

Another means of reaching Leslie’s Pool is by sending them a letter at the address Leslie’s Pool Supplies, E. Indian School Road Phoenix, AZ 85040.

  • Reach Leslie’s Pool through Social Media

Alongside traditional mean of reaching Leslie’s Pool, the company also devised a series of social media channel through which customers can get in touch with them or learn the latest news regarding products or special offers.

Leslie’s Pool: Youtube.

Leslie’s Pool: Facebook.

Leslie’s Pool: Twitter.

This brings to an end our report on Leslie’s Pool Customer Survey – www.lesliepool.com/opinion. We hope it helps people in taking part in the online survey. If you have any questions regarding the survey or sweepstake, please ask us in the comment section below. Good luck in the sweepstake!

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