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Save a Lot is a supermarket chain based in Missouri, with an approximately 1,250 stores in the US equating to over $4 billion in annual sales. Founded in 1977, Save a Lot offers quality name brand and private label groceries at up to 40% cheaper than your convential grocery store. On top of that, there are regular weekly ads, coupon codes available and more great savings to be had on thousands of grocery products in-store. If you’re not familiar with the Save a Lot supermarket chain, you can use the online store locator to find a Save a Lot near you.

Why take part in the Save a Lot feedback survey?

If you have shopped at a Save a Lot supermarket recently then you now have the chance to tell the company how your experience was, were you satisifed with the level of service provided, were the prices good? By taking part in the Save a Lot listens survey you can express your feelings and have chance to win $100 grocery gift card to spend at your local store.

How to begin the Save a Lot listens survey?

  • Visit the official webpage found at www.savealotlistens.com (you will be redirected to Medallia.com the company holding the survey page)
  • Enter the security image to begin
  • Enter store number and store code found on your receipt and click Next.
  • Continue to answer the required questions
  • Get entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Save a Lot gift card to use at your local store.
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  1. I recently visited one your stores it was the first time it was clean well stocked
    prices were reasonable. I purchased a few items when checking out to my
    surprised they charge me 3 cents for a plastic bag. how petty of a practice
    they save on food. but get ripped off on the plastic bags theres not even
    a sign saying bring your own bags. this was the first time and the last time
    I will shop at any of your stores. and I will pass this on to everyone I know I am
    very disappointed.


  2. I could not complete the survey because my receipt does not have a code as shown in the example……

    From Freeport Illinois Save A Lot


  3. I could not complete the survey either! There’s no store code on my receipt. I tried to take the feedback survey at another site and I was prompted to enter a 4-digit store code: THE STORE CODE ON RECEIPT IS 3 DIGITS!
    The past few times at the store in Wadsworth, I have the same snarky cashier. Unpleasant visit #1, he asked how many bags I selected, then he counted them anyway and told me I was incorrect and told me to put the other bag back. I replied, “Just ring it up, I’ll take it.” How rude to correct a customer over one bag and ask me to hang it back up! All the while, he had a smirk on his face.
    Today, the same cashier barked at my son, who was just casually talking to me, volunteering to put my cart outside, when before I could explain the “leave a cart” process, he barked, “I NEED THAT!”
    There was a 65-year old man in line behind me with a can of beer and the cashier was haggling him while my transaction was not yet complete. (Because I was digging in my wallet to pay and thought he was talking to me) I heard the cashier asking the man, “DO you have your ID for that?” (NOTE: The man appeared to be of Hispanic origin) The man said, “Are you serious? I am 65 years old!” The cashier replied, “Well, I SHOULD ask you for your I.D”. Rude, rude, rude!


  4. I come to Seymour, Indiana every year and my Aunt’s house is right accross the street from one. Every night at 6:30 a car pulls up to the dumpster and removes boxes of stuff from the dumpster. That’s disgusting! I will never shop your stores again.


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