Lifetouch was founded in 1936 by  Bruce Reinecker and Eldon Rothgeb and is an American chain of photo portrait studios offering a range of services including individual/family portraits/ school pictures, photo gifts and more. If you haven’t already visited a Lifetouch studio then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of the products and services on offer.

What is the Lifetouch feedback survey all about?

Photography is all about personal opinions alike with feedback surveys, Lifetouch developed the survey to gain an insight to their customers thoughts on the services on offer allowing them to forever improve the products and service delivered to the public. If you have recently used a Lifetouch service and would like to leave feedback then this is great for you.

You can start the survey at, you will need a pc or mobile device connected to the Internet and must have previously used a Lifetouch service.

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  1. The photo sitting at Holy Name Catholic Church in Cedar Lake, Indiana, of yesterday, for the
    5:00, p.m. photo session, of February the 26th, 2014, was very nice, and relaxing. The photographer was very friendly, very courteous, and really put me at ease. He took very good pictures, and I could decide quickly of what I really wanted, and I got what I wanted. I chose one picture from the several very good pictures. The photographer showed me of the sepia treatment of my complimentary photo, and I liked it very much. It is superb !! I ordered two sheets of wallet-size photos in sepia, and ordered of the colour version of the same photo for the parish church directory. I am also getting the complimentary 8×10 photograph in sepia.
    It was a very pleasant experience. I look forward to the photos of being sent to my home.
    I have paid for what I ordered. I really liked your photographer. He is a very nice person,
    very friendly, and very courteous. He really knew, of what he was doing. I felt very
    comfortable, and relaxed. His conversation was very pleasant. I enjoyed of his camaraderie.

    Jerome Dalton, Jr.
    9705 West 132nd Court, Apartment 22
    Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303


  2. Melinda was is a very good asset for your company…She worked Third Baptist Church in Malvern, Arkansas. She put the members in a comfortable mood immediately and was very good at her job.


  3. Patricia Rockwell



  4. PC:7928 – Matthew was awesome. He was extremely professional. He has a great attitude, he’s funny and makes you feel comfortable like family. He did not in any way push me into buying my photos.


  5. satisfy


  6. The process went really well. The lady that took the pictures was really nice and understanding, because I couldn’t buy a lot of pictures, because I’m financially strapped right now, because I had to pay my taxes. So it was a pleasant experience,


  7. I had my pictures done at St. Bernadette – Severn, MD today at 1:45 pm. It was my best picture-taking experience yet. The gentleman, Grant, was very nice and most professional. The pictures came out so well that I had a hard time picking poses to buy. I would not have refused any one of them, but I stuck to 2 poses as the ones I liked best. This was my first experience with Life Touch, and I can truthfully say that it was far better than either of my past experiences. Grant really helped me to hold down my “bottom line”, understanding my $$$ limit. I hope my parish chooses Life Touch when it’s picture time again.


  8. I had a very positive experience with Stacy. She seemed very supportive and knowledgable about composition of the photos.


  9. I was very disappointed with my finished portraits. I expected and paid for 5×7 and 8×10 portraits. The actual portrait sizes were approx. 3×4 and 7×5, the paper size was 5×7 and 8×10. I feel I didn’t get what I ordered. Then the one that was in directory was 8×10 sideways not up and down like a normal portrait. Why do you do that? I have never seen that before.Our church has had several directories with other companies and we always received full size 5×7 and 8×10 portraits not just the paper size. I hope our church doesn’t use your company again.


  10. Stephanie Badorrek

    7/21/2016 – Pictures at the Altoona Alliance Church in Altoona PA.
    We had photographer Bryan, what a nice guy. He answered my husbands 1,000 questions
    and did a great job with the pictures.
    We weren`t intending to make a purchase, but after seeing the nice poses Bryan put together
    we couldn`t help it!
    2 thumbs up for Bryan!


  11. PC-8831-Paul. Paul took our photos at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Ashburn,VA. He very professional, polite and made us feel really comfortable. He was also very patient and friendly. It was a wonderful photo session for myself, my son and mother, My son took graduation pictures and he was really patient and nice to him.
    Thank you ,Paul
    – The Adun Family


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