Filling out Brueggers survey is a way of providing valuable feedback to the company. If you had a positive experience during your last visit to a Bruegger’s bakery and want the employees to benefit from their performance, or if your experience was below your expectations and want to see improvements in the future, filling out the Brueggers client visit survey is the right thing to do.

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Bruegger’s – About Company

Bruegger’s bagels exist since 1983. After 33 years of activity, Bruegger’s offers a wide variety of bagels with different types of filling, coffee, soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. They claim to only use traditional, time-tested methods to make authentic New York-style bagels available on the Northern American continent.

What is Brueggers Client Satisfaction Survey?

Brueggers Survey is a short opinion poll that aims to gather opinions from customers about their last visit to a Bruegger’s bakery, the services they benefited from, the products they purchased, and the overall experience in their bakery.

What You Will Need

In order to participate in the Brueggers survey, you will need:

  • A PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A decent internet connection.
  • A survey invitation.

How to Participate in Brueggers Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To correctly complete Brueggers survey, you need to be as honest as possible about your last experience in a Bruegger’s bakery. Since the code you will need to introduce contains information to identify the restaurant that issued it, Bruegger’s marketing team will interpret the results and implement changes accordingly, so make sure you only refer to your last experience when filling in Bruegges client survey.

  • Go to the official survey page: Bruegger’s Guest Satisfaction Survey –
  • Enter the required code: a 13-digit code that can be found in the central part of your invitation to complete the Brugger’s survey. This invitation can be acquired from any Brugger’s bakery at the same time with your order or before leaving the restaurant.

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  • Choose the day and hour interval of your visit: this can be approximate if you do not recall the exact time you visited the bakery, but be as precise as possible.
  • Rate your overall experience: from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  • Select your dining option: dine in or take out.
  • Select the products contained by your order: only food, only beverages, both or something else.
  • Select the dominant food item in your personal order: the number of bagels if it was the case, hot or cold sandwich, soup, salad, dessert, etc.
  • Select all the beverages that you ordered: drip coffee, specialty coffee, or other beverages.
  • Rate the attitude of the staff: greeting and general manners of the staff, the general aspect of the bakery, cleanliness, duration of ordering and preparing the food, appearance, etc.
  • Rate the quality of the food: portioning, temperature, overall taste, etc.
  • Rate the organization of the bakery: ease of ordering and identifying ingredients, knowledge of staff about the menu, payment, atmosphere, overall value, etc.
  • Answer the rest of the questions: whether you would recommend Bruegger’s or not, how did the staff accommodate your needs, how many times do you visit a Bruegger’s on average, etc.
  • Get your validation code: it is found on the last page of the survey and should be written by you on the survey invitation, in the indicated box

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Useful Information about Brueggers Survey

Brueggers survey website:

Bruegger’s official website:

Every Brueggers guest visit survey offers a reward for taking the time to complete it. They differ from restaurant to restaurant, but the same location can have more than one way of rewarding the customers that stated their opinion. These are always mentioned on the invitation and can be redeemed as soon as you get the validation code.

Brueggers Hours

A Bruegger’s bakery’s hours widely vary in terms of location. The one in Tampa is open from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM on a workday, from 7 AM to 1 PM on a Saturday, and closed on Sunday. The one in Lincoln, Nebraska is open from 6 AM to 3 PM all week. There is no fixed schedule, so please visit the Bruegger’s official website for more details and navigate to their “Locations” page.

Brueggers Locations

There are over 280 Bruegger’s bakeries in 26 US states, plus the District of Columbia and Canada. In the US, a Bruegger’s bakery can be found in big or small cities from the central or eastern part of the country, and on the LA coast or in the Tucson area. For more information about precise addresses please visit Bruegger’s “Location” page on their official website.

How to Contact Bruegger’s

If you want to find out more about Bruegger’s, the ingredients they use or each store’s policy, visit the Contact page on their official website. You can fill out the form with your contact information and some details about your last visit, then type in your message in the designated box.

You can also get in contact with Bruegger’s through social media. You can find links to their profiles below:

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