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With Busch’s survey, you get to share your thoughts about what you enjoy the most and what you feel they can improve about the family-owned and operated food market.

To ensure that you get the most out of the survey, we have come up with a short, but informative guide. This should inform you all about the items needed to complete Busch’s survey as well as walk you through the steps to finish it.

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Busch’s Company

Busch’s is a hometown food market chain that operates out of Michigan, United States. Joe Busch and Charlie Mattis originally began the company back in the 1970s. Then, Joe’s sons carried on the mantel when he retired in 1986. Busch’s sells fresh, local produce in addition to the handmade bakery and deli items.

What is the Busch’s Survey?

Busch’s survey is a customer feedback opportunity. You get to tell the company all about your recent trip to their marketplace, sharing your completely honest feelings. Questions you will see will be common guest satisfaction questions such as rating your overall experience, rating the quality of the products, the quality of the customer service, check-out speed, etc.

What Will You Need for Busch’s Survey?

If you want to participate in Busch’s survey, it requires a purchase because you will need a receipt. The receipt includes the invitation code necessary to begin the survey, so keep your receipt on hand. Your receipt should be of your most recent visit to the market. Also, Busch’s survey is available completely online. So you will also need a strong Internet connection, preferably on a computer.

How to Participate in the Busch’s Survey?

  • To begin Busch’s survey, you first need to head to the survey website with your receipt ready. Enter the 6-digit survey code and select begin.
  • With your most recent visit in mind, rate your overall satisfaction with the specific store from the price of the items to the layout of the market.
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  • You will also rate your overall satisfaction with the products offered in the various departments.
  • Further, in Busch’s survey, they may ask you if you are a MyWay member. If so, you will answer additional questions about that program.
  • After more survey-related questions, they may ask you some personal questions such as how they handle grocery shopping in your household.
  • Once you are completed with Busch’s survey, you will be taken to a screen where they will prompt you to enter contact information to enter the monthly sweepstakes.

Useful Information for Busch’s Survey

Further information about Busch’s is by visiting their official website. To take Busch’s survey, you can use the guest survey website link.

When you complete it, you enter their monthly drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift card. There will be five winners each month. If they chose you, you have 14 days to claim your prize before it is forfeited.

Operating Hours

Busch’s hours of operations can change based on the location. Most locations are open from 7 AM-11 PM. There are some locations though that operate from 8 AM-9 PM. It is best to look at your local store to see details about their opening and closing hours.

Busch’s Locations

Busch’s has over a dozen locations throughout the state of Michigan. Finding information about a specific location is made easy thanks to the store map found on their website.

Contact Information

Contacting Busch’s is through several different means. First, if you want to speak with a representative, you can call (734) 214-8088 between the hours of 8 AM-4 PM, Mon-Fri. On their website, there is a contact form you can fill out as well. Soon, someone will get back to you.

Busch is also active on a handful of social media websites. You can find them at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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