Costa Vida is a successful fast-food franchise that specializes in Mexican grill dishes, however, it is not limited to that. Boasting dozens of locations across the US and Canada, you are bound to run into a Costa Vida restaurant sooner or later. The Costa Vida Survey aims to improve your experience as their customer, being quite the sociological review tool, while also allowing the customer to make his or her own suggestions. Find out below all there is to access and completing the Costa Vida Survey online.

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What Is the Costa Vida Survey?

The Costa Vida Survey is an online questionnaire that customers of the franchise are invited to complete, in order to help improve the products the restaurants serve, and particularly the service that is provided to you in their places of business.

Your completion of the survey is valuable, and the more customers take the survey, the better the chances that it will produce relevant results. We have reason to believe that the questions are designed in such a manner as to produce both quantitative and qualitative proper results.

If you are a fan of the delights provided in Costa Vida restaurants, then bear in mind the fact that the fresher your Costa Vida experience, the more relevant your answers will be. Read more below on how to access and complete the Costa Vida customer satisfaction review.

What are the pre-Requisites?

There are not many pre-requisites that you will require in order to take the Costa Vida survey as its creators have stressed accessibility as that is beneficial to the overall purpose of the survey – collecting as much relevant data as possible.

Therefore, all you need to have to access the survey is:

  • Any device that is able to connect to the internet, and support a major browser – PC, Mac, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • A fairly recent receipt from any Costa Vida location, in either the US or Canada. More specifically, the receipt number is your gateway to this questionnaire, as it will be the first thing you will be asked to introduce.
  • An elementary knowledge of the English language.

How to Take Part in the Costa Vida Customer Satisfaction Survey

Participation in the Costa Vida Survey should only take up an insignificant amount of your time, is a very simple process accessible to everyone who knows their technological ABC’s. Here is how the steps go:

Costa Vida Survey
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  • Take your receipt (remember?) and find out the number of the store (as all stores have uniquely designated numbers) and enter that number in the form to begin the survey proper.
  • Respond truthfully and with as many details as you feel are necessary. Try being as accurate and objective as possible when you are asked to provide ratings to the products and the personnel.
  • Submit your answers to the survey and finish the surveying process by noting a redemption code that will be provided to you on your receipt, as you may well be the lucky recipient of some gratuities at your next visit to one of the Costa Vida restaurants.

Relevant Info about Costa Vida

Costa Vida is a relatively new endeavor, as the first restaurant opened its doors only in 2003, yet its enfranchisement means that there are dozens of Costa Vida restaurants in the US (especially in the western United States, with several on the east coast and Canada).

Their website has a very attractive and interactive interface, highlighted by the detailed presentation of all the dishes available in the Costa Vida locations, and an interesting set of nutritional facts about all their products, all of them topped by a nutrition calculator which is surely very helpful for those on a diet.

Costa Vida is also very active on social media, and for more tales of success involving nachos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, you may read their blog, view their YouTube channel or check out their accounts on:


Now that’s about all you need to know and all there is to know about Costa Vida restaurants and the Costa Vida survey. If you have further inquiries, do not hesitate to make your curiosities known in the comments section, and meanwhile, you should order something if hunger has set in.

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