Completing the Del Taco survey is beneficial both for the company, since it provides useful and honest feedback about their products and services, and for the customers. Del Taco seeks their clients’ opinions because they want to improve their products and services. By completing the survey and mentioning what aspects were not according to your or their standards, you ensure that your next experience in the Del Taco restaurants will have a higher quality.

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Del Taco – About Company

With its headquarters in Lake Forest, California, Del Taco is a quick service restaurant chain with currently 547 locations in 17 US states. The brand became a public company in 2015, after being purchased by Levy Acquisition Corporation.

They are specialized in Mexican cuisine which has been influenced by the American style over the years. Their menu includes many types of dinner burritos, shakes, salads, regular or crinkle cut French fries, multiple types of burgers and cheeseburgers, soft and hard tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and many types of shakes.

What is the Del Taco Survey?

The Del Taco customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire customers can complete in order to give their feedback to the company.

What You Will Need

In order to fill out the survey, participants must make sure they have everything they need first.

  • A laptop, mobile device, or PC.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A receipt that is no older than 3 days.

How to Participate in the Del Taco Client Satisfaction Survey?

In order to take the Del Taco survey, you need to follow a few steps to make sure the feedback is properly interpreted.

An important aspect is to answer the questions by thinking about your last visit to a Del Taco restaurant, and not the overall experience. The survey requires certain information in order to identify the restaurant that printed your receipt. By excluding all previous experiences in other Del Taco restaurants, you help the company improve the needed aspects.

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  • Type in the number of the restaurant you last visited. This number is always printed on the upper part of your receipt. If you have difficulties in identifying it, you can observe the example shown in the survey page.
  • Type in the unique survey code. Also known as the survey validation number, this code is 15 digits long and is split into 5 3-digit groups. This can be found at the end of your receipt, before your “total”.
  • Answer the survey questions. Be open and honest regarding your last experience in a Del Taco restaurant, from food and drink quality and serving size to restaurant cleanliness and staff’s attitude.
  • Write down the validation code. This will be shown on your screen after you have submitted the answers and is used to come into possession of the incentives offered.

Useful information about the Del Taco Customer Visit Survey

Del Taco Official Website:

Del Taco Customer Survey Website:

Every Del Taco restaurant has the authority to set its own rewards and incentives for customers that filled out their survey. As a general rule, these can mean a few meal or product, a discount for your future purchases, Del Taco coupons, or a symbolic financial reward.

Del Taco Hours

Every Del Taco restaurant is open 24/7.

Del Taco Locations

You can find the majority of Del Taco restaurants on or close to the West Coast. California has more Del Taco restaurants than any other state, closely followed by Washington and Oregon. However, they can also be found in certain other states from western America like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, or Nevada, with Las Vegas having more Del Taco restaurants than any other city.

How to Contact Del Taco

If you are interested in finding out more about the Del Taco chain, its products or the origins of their ingredients, visit their official website. You can contact them via their contact form if your message requires an answer from Del Taco employees you simply want to give a suggestion about an issue that was not addressed in the survey.

Another way to get connected with Del Taco is via their social media profiles. Here are the links to their official pages:

UPDATE: The Del Taco survey is no longer available for users to complete. Please come back to this page from time to time to check if the survey is back up. In the meantime, you can use this link to register for a Del Taco taste test, or just Google “Del Taco taste test” and visit the first result. You can also register for a taste test in one of the restaurants by asking an employee for a form.

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