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Doodle is a web-based tool that can be used to make administrative tasks easy for those that choose to incorporate it into their everyday work life. These solutions include easy appointment settings, being mobile-friendly, and integrating calendar settings from places like Connect and MeetMe.

If you wanted to go Premium, then you’re looking at even more features like poll monitoring as well as being able to answer inquiries directly via the Doodle interface. Management becomes a breeze when you make the choice to upgrade.

About the Doodle Survey

Doodle Sign-up
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Doodle on its own is a free application that you can use to schedule events and determine meeting times. It is designed to make life easier when it comes to scheduling everything from troop meetings to family dinners to meetings with the CEO.

You might say that by polling people for time and availability, you’re even sending out a Doodle survey ofsorts because it functions similarly to a survey platform. You can design your questions and answers in a fully customizable way for every single poll you send out.

Another perk that Doodle offers is the way that it will send emails to remind people to answer the poll, at least in the Premium version, and it will tell you who has and has not seen or answered your question. You also don’t have to worry about security as an issue for Doodle because it offers complete encryption from one end to the other.

If you choose to upgrade to Business, then you can also have subdomains under your single Doodle account. This is great for a parent organization that needs to keep track of multiple groups and meeting times that all affect the larger picture.

Perhaps the best thing about Doodle is the way that it makes the entire scheduling process a breeze instead of forcing you to track down everyone to ensure that they answer. If you’re in need of planning and scheduling, then Doodle may very well be your new best friend.

How to Participate and What You May Pay for Doodle

Doodle Premium
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Doodle offers you a few different options. Like most applications today, there are free features that allow you to see if this is going to be an app that you love. If you decide that it’s not for you, then there’s no price tag commitment because you can walk away if needed.

Doodle’s Free Options

There is a completely free option available for individual users. It works beautifully and includes the MeetMe feature. MeetMe shows your availability in an online calendar and people can request appointments with you absolutely free of charge. This is a handy feature if you want to test the waters.

If you want to take a leap and try the 14-day trial for Premium or Business features, you can do that, too. You don’t even need to input credit card details to try it out for 14 days because the application is automatically set to go back to being a completely free account if you choose not to purchase the full subscription.

Making the Choice for Doodle Premium

The first question for any application that charges a fee is, “how much does it cost?” The answer is a very affordable $49 per year for an individual user to go with a Premium subscription. When you choose this option, you get plenty more features available as a result.

Not only is scheduling easy for you to go, but you can also send reminders and messages as needed. Calendar connection stays the same, but now, you can also see who is missing and who hasn’t responded. This first tier of paid subscriptions also gives you an ad-free experience whenever you use it.

Going Full Throttle with Business Subscription

This is still an affordable option at $69 per year for a single user, but the difference with this choice is that you can select multiple users. The more users you have, the lower the price point gets per person. For a group of five people, you’d be paying $179, and for up to fifty people, you’d pay $1199 for the year. If you want to connect more than fifty users, then you need to contact Doodle directly for customized pricing.

Now that costs are out of the way, you’re going to see some fantastic perks by choosing the Business package. Not only do you get everything you got with the Premium subscription, but you also will get to have an entirely customized design. That means you can brand it as your own with your company’s logo and details.

You can also add customized subdomains at this level. That means that under your main Doodle account, you can custom subdomains to help you manage your users, your polls, and your scheduling. The slightly higher price certainly justifies having this as an option if you’d like to make Doodle a primary tool available at your disposal.

How to Create a Doodle Survey

There is a completely free way to create a Doodle survey, and you don’t even need an account to just play with this functionality. Having an account makes life easier for you in case you ever want to duplicate a survey, but you can at least try it and see if you like it before handing over your email address to yet another website.

Here’s a scenario to help you navigate exactly how this works. Imagine that you’re trying to plan a family reunion, but no one can decide on where they want to go even though a date has been selected already. Enter Doodle survey to save the day. You start by clicking on Create a Doodle which is located on the top right corner of Doodle’s site.

Filling in Your Doodle Survey Information

From there, you start filling in information as needed, which includes your email address, but take note that by adding your email address, you will not be opening an account. On the next screen, you’re going to see a calendar, but to create a survey instead, opt for Free Text (found in the upper right-hand corner of the prompt) and click on that.

By clicking on Free Text, you can enter the details of what you’re trying to figure out along with instructions to all about how they need to select their top favorite locations to start planning the whole thing.

What to Put in Time Proposals

On the next screen, you’re going to see Schedule an Event and a place to enter time proposals. The reality here is that you’re entering text for options that you prefer to have instead of times. That makes it possible for you to enter whatever you want to within those text boxes.

You’re almost done at this point. On the next screen, you’re going to enter everyone’s email addresses to get their answers. When you’re done, Doodle sends out the poll to everyone and then that’s it. Now you wait for replies to pour in and then you’re good to go to get your planning underway.

Useful Info About the Shortcomings of Doodle Surveys

Doodle Survey
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Doodle has fantastic functionality as a scheduling tool. Many people have tried it and agree that it is excellent in that capacity, but as a survey platform, there are some key things missing. It certainly has its uses, but there are significant shortcomings.

As an example, you can’t leave the option for anonymity which can be important for getting truthful answers if you’re asking for feedback. You also can’t leave options for open-ended answers with Doodle without someone messaging you directly.

Truthfully, Doodle surveys are good for little more than basic polling to find out good dates, times, and locations for events. There’s nothing wrong with that but understand that you won’t get comprehensive feedback if you’re looking for customer or colleague input about business operations or processes.

Think about why you want the app before diving in and making an account. Try out the free functionality to see if it feels like what you’re hoping to get out of an application like this one. If you don’t like it, no harm, no foul, and you can move on without worrying about getting unwanted emails in the future.

Doodle Hours

At its core, Doodle is an online company that is open 24/7, but if you need to reach an actual person, you’re out of luck unless you’re okay operating on Switzerland hours.

Doodle Locations

Their headquarters are located in Switzerland and operate on a global scale.

How to Contact Doodle

You can contact Doodle via their contact form, email, or via snail mail at the following address.

Mailing Address: Doodle AG, Werdstrasse 21, Postfach, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

Email Address:

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