Surveys are everywhere these days, but it’s because companies realize that they need to get information from their consumer base to successfully meet demands. That’s where the world of social media can come into play, and Facebook is a significant part of that community.

About Facebook

In February 2019, Facebook celebrated its 15th birthday. First founded in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg used his knowledge of psychology and technology to create “Thefacebook” while he was attending Harvard. It took off almost instantly, and within the first year, people couldn’t wait to sign up and get online with the emerging social media platform.

Facebook became what we recognize today in August 2005 when the “the” was dropped from the name. The platform was also opened up to more people that existed beyond just the university populations that had embraced it.

By September 2006, Facebook had expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, and the UK, but was still limited to students and faculty members. It was then that Facebook was opened up to everyone across the globe, and membership took off with a quickness.

The total users at the end of 2009 amounted to more than 350 million people with over a hundred million unique, first-time visitors every single month. Then, in 2010, Facebook was valued at 41 billion dollars, but the company didn’t stop there.

From 2012 Through Today

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars and later took the company public. After some ups and downs, the platform had the pleasure of saying that they had reached one billion customers in addition to increasing its global and financial reach.

There were even more highs and lows for the company for the next several years that ranged from dealing with the political climate, handling hate traffic, and ensuring that any new algorithms were based on what people wanted to see. Some businesses took a hit from this particular update in 2018, but Facebook as a company continues to thrive.

How Social Media, Including Facebook, Drives Consumer Behavior

Interesting research shows that social media participation actually drives purchase behaviors, so having a Facebook survey can be beneficial to your business. It was explained that methods and frequency of social media engagement drove future behaviors and became an accurate indicator of business expectation.

There’s a reason for this correlation, though, and it is because social media has been a major influence on millions of consumer opinions. It makes sense when people spend an average of about two hours every single day online frequenting social media platforms.

After all, social media will help keep your business stay relevant in addition to keeping your brand visible to the masses. Information can be updated as needed on social media platforms like Facebook, and the engagement is accessible in real-time.

The Power of Consumers

Consumers have tremendous power on Facebook as well as every other social media platform. If a person follows your business, shares your posts, and regularly chooses to “like” what you share, then they are more likely to push others to your page.

From here, as a business, you can go forward and encourage engagement with your consumer base. With so many people online every day, you can reach millions of people at your fingertips that are online on a constant basis.

Smart, savvy business owners recognize this opportunity and have endeavored to make social media create a convenient sales funnel to build up their business. They engage their customers with funny posts, memes that are shareable, and eventually ask questions or polls to get regular feedback.

What Is the Facebook Survey?

If you’re on Facebook at all these days, then you’re going to be familiar with the options that you see when you create posts. You have options to Check In, Ask for Recommendations, and Tag Events, and create Polls which is where Facebook surveys come in.

They don’t have a traditional survey platform, but businesses can ask questions via the Poll option to get input back from the users that see their posts. While not necessarily great at getting truly meaningful feedback from consumers, it does at least give a glimpse into what a business’s customer base may be interested in.

How to Participate in the Facebook Survey

Creating a Facebook survey is very simple, and it’s easy to make them available to the public. The polls offer the ability to collect results that are simple to read and understand. To get the poll started, you need to click on the text box that asks, “What’s on your mind?”

Click on the options below to see the various choices you can select. You’ll see the ones that you’re used to seeing like Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity, Tag Friends, and others. Click on the Poll option to start filling out the information you would like to gather.

Your text box will change and prompt you with, “Ask something…” At that point, you will see a choice to start adding options to choose from. In other words, if you were to ask a question like “What’s your favorite color?” you could follow it up with options like Red, Blue, Green, and White.

Naturally, you from a business perspective, you probably wouldn’t be asking about colors unless it’s relative to your business. You could ask questions about what consumers want in terms of good or services provided, but that’s going to be about the extent of what you can do or expect.

After all options have been added, you can select how long you want the poll to run. You can choose to let it run for a day, a week, or some other customized amount of time. Once you’ve created your survey and added all of the options you want to get input on, you’ll go to the bottom of your post and click on the Post button

Useful Info About the Facebook Survey

Facebook surveys are not anonymous, so you will see how every single person votes. They will also see how their votes compare to everyone else who gives a response.

You can also present a poll in smaller groups within Facebook Messenger. This is a great way to figure out meeting and scheduling times if you’re trying to get a common time together for everyone.

If you’d like, you can also put a poll together inside of a Facebook event. You go over to the Events tab and pick the event that is going to host the poll. From within the event, you do the exact same thing that you do from your business page.

As the voting takes place, you can watch your poll progress in real-time and see responses as they come in. You can even add GIFs or photos to your polls in some instances to make them a little more engaging.

Facebook Hours

Facebook is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. There is no off day, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to reach a real person. Instead, they encourage the use of their knowledge base when you have a question you need to ask them.

Honestly, you’re better off reaching out to the online community to get information about Facebook and any issues you’re having. While real people work in their various offices, best of luck trying to reach a live person.

Facebook Locations

Facebook has established its presence around the globe. You will currently find physical locations for the company in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Of course, you can find Facebook online at any time of day or night.

How to Contact Facebook

There isn’t an easy way to contact Facebook directly unless you’re filing a complaint or a report for something like an errant post or a policy violation. You can, however, go to their help page and get information that way.

Instead, they encourage using the Help Community to get your questions answered. If you need to reach a human being, you’re pretty much out of luck. There is a phone number, but when you call, it redirects you to searching online.

Phone Line: 650.543.4800

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