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J Gilberts survey is the restaurant chain’s way of improving their services. At the end of this guest satisfaction survey, people can choose whether or not to sign up for special offers for use at the restaurant at a later time. This quick guide should help guests with discovering what they need and how to take the survey.

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J Gilberts – About the Company

J Gilberts is a steak restaurant that specializes in wood-fired steaks and seafood. It originally began in the Midwest drawing from traditional Kansas City steakhouses, and it has since added expansions to include a total of five locations in five different states.

What Is the J Gilberts Survey

This guest satisfaction survey is made to provide the restaurant chain with valuable feedback. All questions relate to your most recent visit and whether or not you will return.

What You Will Need

Due to J Gilberts survey being completed online, internet access is necessary. Thus, one can easily complete it on the likes of a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Furthermore, you need to keep the receipt from your latest visit as it contains the invitation code one needs to start the survey. A guest can only complete one survey per day.

How to Participate in the J Gilberts Survey

  • With a working internet connection, visit the J Gilberts feedback website with a PC or tablet.
  • Have your receipt ready so you can enter the code in the appropriate space.

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  • You will begin by rating your overall satisfaction with your most recent visit.
  • From there, you will describe more details about the visit. Thus, this will include a range of questions from wait time before you got a seat, to the servers and menu.
  • After detailing your visit, you will be asked whether or not to recommend the restaurant to others and if you will return in the future.
  • At the very end of the survey, the request will be made for you to fill out personal information to receive future special offers.

Useful Information about the J Gilberts Survey

For those with an interest in additional information about the company, visit J Gilberts official website to learn more. The J Gilberts survey can is available at their feedback site.

Upon completing the satisfaction survey, guests can choose to enter personal information in order to be eligible to receive updates and special offers such as coupons in the future. J Gilberts takes the safety and privacy of guests seriously, so they recommend that anyone under the age of 13 to not provide any personal information on their site.

J Gilberts Hours

Their hours of operations depend wholly on each location. Only two of their buildings open for lunch at 11AM. The others do not operate until 4PM. One can easily find information about the usual hours at their locations on their website.

J Gilberts Locations

The company has restaurants in five states across the U.S. They can be found in Connecticut, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia. On the main website are specific details such as maps and directions for each of the locations.

How to Contact J Gilberts

Guests can contact the company as a whole via a sheet that can be filled out on their website. Each location also has specific phone numbers to call. Their Kansas location can be contacted at 913-642-8070, while Connecticut guests can reach their restaurant at 860-659-0409. Ohio guests call 614-840-9090, Virginia ones use 703-893-1034, and those in Missouri will call 314-965-4600.

These locations all have individual social media accounts too. They generally post similar content, but to leave specific reviews, guests should visit the right account. The social pages are as followed: Connecticut (Facebook and Yelp), Kansas (Facebook and Yelp), Missouri (Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter), Ohio (Facebook, Yelp and Twitter), and Virginia (Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter).

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