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The following is meant to provide a detailed overview of the company Lenny’s Subs in addition to Lenny’s survey, their customer feedback form. Here you will discover exactly what is required to complete the survey, a link to the survey website, and a quick step-by-step walk-through to guide you through the entire process.

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Lenny’s Subs – About the Company

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Lenny’s Subs first opened in 1998 with a dedication to serve freshly prepared food. They focus largely on Philadelphia-inspired food from sub sandwiches to cheese steaks. They mainly operate across south-eastern United States.

What is the Lenny’s Survey

The Lenny’s survey is an opportunity for customer’s to provide honest feedback about their specific experiences at Lenny’s Subs. It is also a chance for the company to give back to their loyal customers as upon completion, you will receive a reward. The Lenny’s survey includes standard questions about what you liked and didn’t like about your trip to the restaurant. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

What You Will Need

To participate in the Lenny’s survey, you need to have a stable Internet connection whether with a computer or a mobile phone. You will have to enter information found on your receipt. So it appears a purchase is required to enter the Lenny’s survey. Be aware though that you must complete the survey within three days of the date on your receipt in order to receive the reward.

How to Participate in the Lenny’s Survey

  • Have your receipt from your recent visit ready and head over to the survey website. Which website you visit will be based on whether or not you see a code on your receipt. Both sites will be linked to later on in this article.
  • Without a code: Enter your store number, ticket date, time, and total price amount to begin the Lenny’s survey.
  • With a code: Simply enter the 13-digit invitation code found on the receipt to start the survey.

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  • Once you begin the Lenny’s survey, you will begin the Q&A, answering honestly about what you liked and disliked about your recent trip to the restaurant.
  • After you complete the Lenny’s survey, you will receive a validation code. It is a discount that can be applied the next time you purchase a sub.

Useful Information about the Lenny’s Survey

If you are looking to find out more about the company including their menu and catering options, you can do so at their official website. To take the Lenny’s survey, you have to visit the feedback website. For those that cannot find an invitation code on their receipt, there is an alternate site you can use.

Upon completing the Lenny’s survey, you will be able to receive a coupon for a free regular fountain drink and chip included with the purchase of your next sub. The offer can only be valid at the location you visited. Also, there is a limit of one per person, per visit.

Lenny’s Subs Hours

The hours of operation for Lenny’s Subs vary based on location. For instance, some locations, like one in Jackson, TN, operates Mon-Sat, 11AM-9PM and from 11AM-6PM on Sun. Meanwhile, in Louisville, KY, they run Mon-Sat, 10:30AM-8PM. You should check with your nearest location to figure out exact hours.

Lenny’s Subs Locations

Lenny’s Subs currently operates in 12 states with about 150 different locations throughout. You can find them in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. To find a location near you, use their store locator.

How to Contact Lenny’s Subs

To reach Lenny’s Subs, you can use several means. You can write them at the following mailing address: Lenny’s Franchise Systems, LLC, 8295 Tournament Drive, Suite 200, Memphis, Tennessee 38125. The phone number for the mailing address is (901) 753-4002 and their fax is (901) 753-4395. Their toll free phone number is 1-877-705-7827.

Online, you can fill out their contact form on their website. Additionally, you can reach them at two social media websites: Twitter and Facebook.

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