Welcome to the Customer Survey Report guide to filling out the Carnival Cruise survey. If you went on a sea trip with Carnival Cruises, you might have gotten a survey invitation from the company via e-mail. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to fill out the survey, and what else you should know about it. Also on how to contact the company.

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Carnival Cruise Line Company

Carnival is a cruise line from America. Together with Holland America Group, Carnival UK, and Costa Group. It is part of the Carnival Corporation & plc. The Carnival Cruise Line has over 20 majestic ships. Also, it organizes cruises to and from all corners of the world. This includes the Caribbean, Alaska, Asian shores, Africa, and Europe.

What is the Carnival Cruise Survey?

The Carnival Cruise guest satisfaction survey is a short questionnaire about your most recent cruise trip. This survey covers aspects of your interaction with the company ever since entering their website and until after your cruise has ended.

What Will You Need?

Since you already have a PC, laptop, and/or mobile device connected to the internet, all you’ll need is an actual survey invitation. And since most deals with Carnival Cruise take place online, you will receive this code via e-mail a few days after your cruise ended. So, you will need to complete the survey 10 days from receiving it.

How to Participate in the Carnival Cruise Survey?

Here are the steps to correctly fill out the Carnival Cruise survey:

  • First, follow the link you receive via e-mail from the company to enter the survey.
  • Then, answer the questions regarding the quality and accuracy of their website. This includes navigation, booking, user-friendliness, and ease of use.
  • Now, think about your interaction with the customer care representative and rate their attitude, knowledge, helpfulness, etc. It’s particularly important to highlight any additional services. Especially the purchase at the recommendation of the representative.
  • Then, think about your time on the cruise ship and rate individual aspects. These include the food and beverage quality, size and comfort of your room, staff’s attitude, shore excursions, etc.
  • If you accepted additional services from the company, like accommodation the night before your cruise or after, transportation, etc., now’s the time to rate them.
  • Finally, type in any other observation the survey did not cover so far and finish the survey!

If you did not receive a survey invitation, you can contact the company using the phone numbers mentioned below.

Of course, you can also complete the shorter version of the Carnival Cruise survey. Here’s how:

  • Go to the short survey link, www.newlinks.com/carnival.
  • Fill in your name, address, and e-mail.
  • Tell the company when and where you traveled with them last.
  • Rate the food, entertainment, shore excursions, special events, music, shops, and your cabin.
  • Tell the company whether you’d recommend them to others and travel with them again or not.
  • Finally, let the company know about your age and income.

However, you will have better chances of earning the rewards when filling out the survey from the official e-mail link.

Useful information

Official Website: www.carnival.com.

Survey Website: www.newlinks.com/carnival or the one received via e-mail.

The rewards for filling out the Carnival Cruise survey are discounts and fun points. You can later use it to buy cheaper cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines Hours

You can get in touch with Carnival Cruise 24/7. You can use the phone numbers mentioned below. For non-urgent matters, employees are ready to offer assistance. So, it is from Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 6:30 PM.

Carnival Cruise Lines Locations

The main Carnival Cruise Line is in Miami, FL. Few offices exist outside this location since most business takes place via the internet. And fewer of them are open to the public.

Contact Information

If you want to book a cruise, already have a booking but need to find out more, or have a complaint, you can call the following phone numbers:

Phone number: (800)438-6744

Complaints & guest care phone number: (800)929-6400

Of course, you can always log in to your Carnival Cruise account and contact the company via their website.

You can also contact Carnival Cruise Lines on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram.

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