This is the CustomerSurveyReport guide to filling out the My HoneyBaked Feedback survey. If you recently visited a HoneyBaked store, fill out the survey. It only takes about 3 minutes and the reward is a HoneyBaked ham coupon which you can use during your next shopping session with HoneyBaked.

In this article, you will find information about the company and how to contact them, as well as a comprehensive guide to filling out the survey and enjoying your reward.

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HoneyBaked – About the Company

HoneyBaked was founded in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan by Harry J. Hoenselaar and remained in the family ever since. Right from the beginning, the company used high-quality products and traditional curing and cooking procedures that offer a unique taste.

The honey baked ham company manufactures bone-in smoked ham with a sweet, crunchy glaze that enhances the flavor. HoneyBaked also patented a slicing method, along with their other curing methods.

What is My HoneyBaked Feedback Survey?

My HoneyBaked Feedback is a short questionnaire you can complete to let the company know about your experience with their stores and products.

Thus, you help the company improve their overall activity while also benefitting from their reward.

What You Will Need

Since you can read this article, you already have a device that connects to the internet. Therefore, all you need is a HoneyBaked receipt to complete the survey. An e-mail address is not mandatory.

How to Participate in the My HoneyBaked Feedback Survey?

Here are the steps to correctly filling out the HoneyBaked survey:

my honeybaked feedback first page
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  • Then, enter the date and time of your checkout, as well as the survey code. The first two can be found at the top of the receipt, while the code will be at the bottom. Check the example below for more information.

a receipt from honeybaked
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  • Now, rate your overall satisfaction with shopping in a HoneyBaked store.
  • Next, select the type of your visit (catering, retail purchase, or regular order from their lunch menu).
  • Rate your satisfaction with the following aspects: store cleanliness and appearance, order accuracy, menu variety, and food taste & quality. The next page will inquire on store associates, their knowledge and friendliness, or overall attitude.
  • Now, think about the overall value for the price and rate how fair the pricing is.
  • Answer if you had any trouble while visiting the store and provide more info if they were related to the company.
  • Rate how likely you are to return and/or recommend the store to friends and family.
  • If you have further observations or suggestions the survey did not cover so far, now’s the time to type them in.
  • Now, provide more info about the store associates. Whether they greeted you, thanked you and invited you back, repeated your order before payment, and suggest additional items or not.
  • Then, tell the company how you got to visit their store and how many times you visited in the past month. The survey will also ask you to type in the total value of your purchase.
  • Now’s the time to recognize an employee that impressed you with their attitude, who went above and beyond their obligations to make you a happy customer. If you also want to receive special offers via e-mail, type in your name, and e-mail address.
  • Finally, write the validation code in the designated box on your receipt to receive your HoneyBaked ham coupon.

my honeybaked feddback last page
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Useful information about My HoneyBaked Feedback Survey

HoneyBaked Official Website:

My HoneyBaked Feedback Survey Website:

The company will reward you with HoneyBaked ham coupons for filling out the My HoneyBaked Feedback. These are redeemable at any participating HoneyBaked store, like the one that handed you the receipt with the survey invitation code.

HoneyBaked Hours

The hours for HoneyBaked stores widely vary in terms of their location and traffic. Even though few are open on Sundays, most of them start around 9:00 or 10:00 AM and close down no earlier than 5:00 PM.

HoneyBaked Locations

You can find hundreds of HoneyBaked stores across the U.S., both in major cities like New York, Atlanta, or Philadelphia, as well as in smaller towns. To find out where the closest HoneyBaked store is, please refer to their website’s store locator feature.

How to Contact HoneyBaked

Here’s how to get in touch with the company:

HoneyBaked General Phone Number: 866-492-4267 (stands for 1.866.492.HAMS).

HoneyBaked Customer Care Phone Number: 1.800.367.7720.

Customer Care Phone Number for California Residents: 1.800.854.5995.

HoneyBaked is also active on social media. Here are their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

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