Shopko is an American chain of retail stores based in Wisconsin, founded in 1962 by James Ruben the company now operates an estimated 330+ locations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin with a string of Shopko Express, Shopko Hometown and Shopko Pharmacy stores also.

At your average Shopko store you can find an assortment of products including clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, market, housewares, contact lenses and more. If you haven’t already visited a Shopko store then why not visit them online at where you can see a full list of products and services on offer and use the store locator to find a Shopko near you.

What is the Shop Ko feedback survey?

The Shop Ko survey was developed to allow the company to gain an insight to what makes their customers happy and sad, if you have recently visited a Shopko store and would like to express  your feedback then this is a great way to do so. Shopko are a company who listens to it’s customers so they can continually improve the products and services on offer to the public.

For taking a few minutes to complete the survey you can enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $250 gift card to spend on your next purchases at any Shopko store.

Before you begin the survey you will need a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet and a valid receipt from your most recent purchase. It’s quick and easy to get started;

  • Visit the customer survey webpage at
  • Complete all required questions
  • Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win the $250 gift card
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  1. First visit to store: bright, well lite, wide aisles, arrangement of items in orderly manner, clerk cashier very polite. I recently bought some hearing aids (help some one in an assisted living arrangement who has limited ability to shop), and when got home could not find the items. Upon calling the store and speaking with the manager, Connie, she was able to offer assistance. Your store is about 30 plus miles away, so weekly trips are not always an option ( buying for others). But will shop your store again.


  2. very nice store


  3. I quit filling out the survey, feeling it was completely invasive. I do not need to give that much information at my doctor’s office. I only went online to be able to voice to Shopko corporation my concerns and complaints about what has happened to our local store since it changed from Pamida to Shopko Hometown. I live in Hardin, MT. Hardin is a relatively small town. When Pamida came to town, everyone was happy and excited. We loved Pamida. We could almost always find what we needed there. Yes, it was a little messy; but it was a glorious mess. It was so much fun to go and look around. Pamida almost always had what we were looking for- or weren’t, but we found we needed as it was such a good deal. We could purchase anything from landscaping materials, to furniture, to candles for birthday cakes. Then Shopko corporation decided to “upgrade” to Shopko Hometown. What a disappointment. The new store has the same friendly, helpful employees and manager, but the merchandise assortment is sorry to behold. It became a beautiful showcase store without very much to offer. Over the last two years, I have gone to Shopko to purchase something I need. I cannot explain how many times I have asked a clerk if they have an item I used to be able to find at Pamida, only to hear the helpful and kindly said words: “Sorry, we don’t have that, maybe you could find it at Family Dollar or Jimmies.” How ridiculous! Maybe I don’t want to go on the hunt. I came to Shopko because I wanted to purchase something I needed. I certainly never wander around seeing what new things are in stock and maybe finding something else I can purchase anymore. I went to Shopko the other day with a list. Most of what I needed was not available. I received a coupon for $10 off a Christmas tree, except there are no Christmas trees in the store. Does that seem dumb to anyone else? I almost wonder if Shopko corporation has some ulterior motive for deflecting possible sales to other businesses. What a strange business practice. The biggest change I have observed is that there are very few shoppers. Pamida was always full. Today, Shopko in Hardin is a haven for shoppers with crowd phobias. So this is my suggestion: bring back the essence of Paminda. In this little town, we don’t care if things are a little messy; it sure beats driving 50 to 100 miles to go shopping for these things we need, If I need to go to Billings to shop, I purchase items that I can get at other favorite stores. Now I find myself avoiding Shopko in Billings because I am irritated that I cannot get the same items at Shopko in Hardin, giving the Billings store credit when I wanted to purchase it in our local store. Please bring back Pamida. -Anna from Montana


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