If you are a regular Burger King customer, why don’t you get a Burger King gift card either for you or a friend and enjoy together their tasty and affordable foods and drinks? Burger King is a renowned fast food restaurant chain, operating thousands of stores worldwide. The company is committed to provide excellent products at affordable prices. Over the last five years customers have been given the opportunity to share their Burger King dining experience by means of gift cards. Learn more about Burger King gift card deals in our post and profit from their discount offers and promotions.

What is the Burger King Gift Card?

The Burger King gift card or BK Crown Card offers you the opportunity to share with friends the Burger King experience.

Thanks to today’s technology, you can make a gift to someone special in a single click. Burger King gift cards come in digital form as well, and can be easily used not only as a personal treat, but also as a business gift. The electronic version of the Burger King Crown Card is called Burger King eGift and can be purchased online or received as a prize in connection to Burger King promotions. Make sure you follow their promotional activities and fresh offers either on their website or social media channels.

 Burger King Gift Card

What are the Benefits of Getting a Burger King Gift Card?

Getting a Burger King gift card is a nice and simple way of saying Thank You or Congratulations to a friend or even of treating yourself with delicious Burger King products.

Once you have received a Crown Card you can try a variety of Burger King Menu items, from burgers to salads and breakfast options, without having to carry cash with you or using your credit card. Plus, having a Burger King gift card keeps you updated with Burger King news and deals if you register it online.

Interested on how to profit more from the Burger King offer? As a company interested in providing best services for its guests, Burger King has created a customer feedback survey. By completing it online you receive a coupon which can be redeemed at any of their stores. Find out more about how to participate in the survey in our post.

How to Get a Burger King Gift Card

Burger King gift cards can be purchased either from a Burger King restaurant or can be ordered online.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the Burger King gift card page at bk.com/crowncard.
  • Choose the amount you wish to be spent.
  • Choose the quantity of cards you want to purchase (you can buy up to 100 cards without having to contact a Burger King representative).
  • Enter the contact details of your recipient.
  • Select the shipping modality you prefer.

What you should know is that you cannot select an amount higher than $500 when you purchase a card online. If you want to maintain the card amount to $500 or over, you will need to visit one of the Burger King locations and obtain a gift card in person.

How to Send a Burger King Gift Card

There are two sending options you can choose from.

  • Order a Burger King eGift online and have it send via email or Facebook in a matter of minutes. You can also select the date of the purchase and have it sent for a special occasion.
  • If you are looking for something more conventional, such as a plastic Crown Card, have it shipped. Allow Burger King around three days for processing and shipping your order.

How Does Your Burger King Gift Card Work?


Ordering a Burger King Crown Card is fast and simple. All you need to do is access the Burger King gift card page, select the amount you want to spend and wait for it to be delivered within a few business days by post, or in a few seconds by email.


Once you have received a Burger King gift card, you can register it online by creating a personal account.

In order to do so, access the Burger King official website and follow the instruction provided by them. You are advised to register your card because if it gets lost or stolen, you can report the unfortunate event and your balance will be protected. This way, your funds will be transferred to another card and you will be able to spend your remaining amount. No refunds will be provided otherwise.

There are also other benefits to consider apart from freezing your funds in case the card is lost or stolen, such as receiving Burger King news, discount offers, coupons and other deals.


By registering an account, you can reload your Burger King gift card. In order to reload your card online you need to use a credit card. The reloading process is highly protected from fraud. Ensure you enter the correct information provided on your credit card, entering the exact letters (uppercase/ lowercase), punctuation, abbreviations found on it.


If you wonder how to use your Burger King gift card, the only thing you need to do is present it to the cashier at a Burger King restaurant from the US when you want to purchase one of their items. They will see what balance you have available and check if your purchase is the subject of any restrictions.

The Burger King gift card cannot be redeemed for cash.

As regards Burger King eGifts, they are received as a 16 digital code via email or Facebook and should be shown to a Burger King crew member either on your smartphone or in printed format. Unfortunately, the Burger King eGift is not reloadable.

How to Check Your Burger King Gift Card Balance

You can check your Burger King gift card balance online easier than you imagine. Find out how much you can still spend on juicy burgers and refreshing drinks by simply accessing the Burger King gift card page.

Search for card balance, and insert all the information you are asked such as name, card number, security code.

This concludes our information on Burger King gift card deals, ordering options and how to check your Burger King gift card balance. Make a surprise to a special friend, enjoy together some delicious foods and drinks and profit from the BK fresh offers and discounts.

For further questions about the ordering process, please leave us a message in the comment section below. We will happily get back to you as soon as possible.