Take the latest Lego Survey to honor a company with tradition. Lego was established in 1932 by the family of a wood carpenter based in Billund, Denmark. So, throughout the decades since, the Lego Group has expanded worldwide. Also, building brick toys are the most sought-after by children and adults alike.Lego logo on Lego Survey page

Lego Toys are the Lego Group’s flagship products. So, the plastic building bricks and the mini-figures with their accompanying variety of gears comprise a Lego set. Also, Lego building bricks offer an array of interlocking possibilities. Then, they dedicate the resulting toys to a Lego set’s instructions. Also, by the imagination of each Lego customer.

With the latest survey, Lego invites you to express your opinion on the latest Lego set you purchased. So, take the opportunity to let them know if anything needs they should improve.

What Is the Lego Survey?

The Lego survey is available. So, they want to know how you feel about the company’s building bricks toys.

Take the opportunity to complete it and enter a Lego sweepstakes contest. They consider each Lego customer who completes the survey for the chance to win a Lego set. Also, the winners are picked each month. So, the winners will receive a notification as soon as they pick their names.

What Will You Need?

In order to participate in the survey, Lego customers must:

  • Have a functional internet connection. You can complete the Lego survey on your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Make sure to have an internet connection with any of the devices.
  • Have played with a new Lego set.
  • Check for the 4 or 5-digit code Lego set number. The Lego set number is near the age marking on the front of the building bricks set box. In addition, the set number is visible on one of the box’s sides, in the vicinity of the Lego logo. Also, the same set number is available on the first page of the Lego set building instructions.
  • Spare seven minutes to complete the Lego Survey.
  • Be in agreement with the Lego Privacy Policy terms and Terms of Service.

How to Participate in the Lego Product Feedback Survey?

If all the requirements stated above are complete, Lego customers may access it at the following link: https://survey.medallia.com/?legoproduct&domainredir=legosurvey.com or by typing legosurvey.com/product in the search bar. Lego Survey screenshot

  • On the right side of the Lego web page, a drop-down menu allows Lego customers to choose the language.
  • The Lego set number should be typed in the box present right underneath the instructions.
  • Lego advised that all children who wish to participate in the  survey are with a parent or legal tutor.
  • Once the set number is typed in, click on the red Let’s Go button.
  • Answer the multiple-choice as well as open-end questions.
  • Submit your answers for review and take the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes contest. The rewards come in the form of Lego sets.

Usability Score

Laptop and PC: 5/5

Tablet: 5/5

Smartphones: 4/5

Useful Information

Survey Website: https://survey.medallia.com/legoproduct?domainredir=lego.com

This link takes you directly to the page. So, make sure to have the set box or the Lego set number at your disposal. Also, the set number is necessary to participate in the Lego friends survey. Reading the questions and providing answers doesn’t take longer than 7 minutes. Then, complete it for the chance to win a Lego set.

Contact Information

Lego has a prolific online presence. So, you can find Lego on:

Each of the pages above offers several ways to contact the Lego Group. So, keep up with Lego news and participate in other Lego surveys.