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The Polo Factory Survey is one way to let the Ralph Lauren company know your opinion about their Polo line. If you recently buy in their store and you still have a receipt. You can take part in the survey and earn a Ralph Lauren gift card.

Polo Ralph Lauren Factory – About Company

Ralph Lauren Corporation starts in 1967 by the American designer and had a Polo men’s ties line. Starting in 1981 the company became a worldwide success. Offers clothing items and also accessories for men and women. The company operates more than 630 locations all over the globe.

What is the Polo Factory Survey?

The Polo Ralph Lauren Factory survey is a short survey poll. To test the customer’s satisfaction with the products and services. Thus, the inside issues in the store are the main focus of the survey. Moreover, like how the staff helps accommodate the customer. Along with the variety and availability of their products.

Although the company offers a lot of various products and fashion lines. Including the “Polo” in the official name was dropped years ago this line is the most popular and also liked by the customers.

What You Will Need

To take part in the Polo Factory Survey, you need to have the following items:

  • A laptop, a PC, or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  • A reliable internet connection.
    • A receipt from your last visit to a Polo Ralph Lauren Factory.

How to Participate in the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Survey?

To send your comment to the company, you need to follow the steps from this section below. Please take into account that you should only think about the visit to a shop from which you got the receipt. This will help the company identify and improves the issues within the store. So be as truthful as possible while following these steps:

  • Visit the Official Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Survey:
  • Select your preferred language: English or Spanish. Click “Next”.
  • Enter the purchase identification data from your receipt: you can follow the indications from the right side of the screen.
    • The date of your purchase: it can be found on the upper part of your receipt, after the store number.
    • The store number: is located on the first row after the heading and is usually 3 digits long.
    • The transaction number: the 6-digit code on the second row of your receipt, after the letters “Tm” and a “#”.
    • Re-enter the transaction number.
    • The register number: on the second row, a one or two-digit number depending on the size of the store and the number of registers. It can be found right after the characters “REG #”.
print screen of the polo factory survey

Simple Steps:

  • Select your age: from the drop-down list, select the range you fit in based on your age.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA: type in the characters displayed in the box on the lower part of the screen. Click “Submit”.
  • Rate your experience in the Polo Factory Store: refer to your visit from which you got the receipt and answer the questions about the overall environment in the store, the way the layout allowed you to move freely or not, and how the products were displayed, etc. Click “Next”.
  • Fill in your personal information: select your gender and your gross annual household income. If you feel these questions are too personal or irrelevant. You can also choose not to answer by selecting the “Prefer not to answer” option.
  • Type in any other observations: if the survey questions did not cover a certain aspect you want to share with the company, you can use the box on the last page of the survey to send them a message.

Useful information about the Polo Factory Guest Satisfaction Survey

Ralph Lauren Official Website:

Link to the Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Factory Customer Satisfaction Survey Website:

The reward for completing the Survey is a printable coupon that will surely save you $10 for every $50 you spend in a single transaction in-store. It can only be used once, but a person can complete the survey again with a different receipt in order to get another Ralph Lauren survey coupon.

Store Hours

Every Store is open all week long, but the hours differ from one factory store to another and from one day to another. Furthermore, for the exact business hours of each location, visit their official website.

Store Locations

Additionally, with 171 factory stores and over 630 worldwide locations, the best way to find the Polo Ralph Lauren address near you is to check the official Ralph Lauren website and use its “Store Locator” feature.

How to Contact Polo Ralph Lauren Factory

If you feel like the Polo Factory survey did not cover matters that are important to you, you can also use the “Contact” page on the official website to contact the company. You can also use the following information if you want to ask questions, solve problems, or find out the Polo Factory return policy.

Ralph Lauren contact number: 888-475-7674.

Ralph Lauren email address:

Also, you can follow and contact the Ralph Lauren company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

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