Tim Horton’s is a well known coffee & dohnut shop. It’s also Canada’s biggest fast food-service with over 3,000 shops nationwide. In 1967, Horton joined with investor John Joyce, who thought control over functions after Ricky Horton died in 1974, and extended the string right into a multimillion dollar business.

The Tim Hortons Visitor Survey, available at www.TellTimhortons.com, is an on-line questionnaire created by Tim Hortons that analyzes consumer acceptance of products and services made. The business requires these studies and makes enhancements based on which consumers mention that they had issues with. This study is performed on the internet for your own comfort.

You may leave comments about your own experience, if you decide to spend the study. It may be vital to provide words to your own compliments, issues and issues; it’ll enable you to really feel much better. The business loves getting the suggestions too, actually the suggestions. It’s significant to them to keep enhancing their shops, which is hard to get this done if nobody informs them you will find difficulties.

The survey shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete, and once your finished you can enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $600 Tim Card. Sound good? Let’s begin below;

  • Visit the official Tim Horton’s survey at www.telltimhortons.com
  • Select your language (English or French) and click Next.
  • Find your receipt and enter the restaurant number, if you cannot find this simply search by state/province.
  • Answer the appropriate questions as honest as possible.
  • Enter the sweepstakes and leave your  contact details in case you win the $600 Tim Card.
  • Enjoy your next visit at Tim Horton’s knowing well that your opinions are listened to.
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  1. I was recently at Tim Horton’s in Sudbury at Paris and Cedar St. It was early in the am & I bought an X-lg coffee with 3 cream/1 sugar. There was a native woman who waited 1/2 hour for a sandwich and the arrogance of the staff in charge was deplorable. He never stirred my coffee before I was served and spent his time gossiping with his school buddies. Yah!! I’m going to “Country Style” from now on. Their service is more reliable & mature, thanks. Not Impressed


  2. Yes indeed . I too was treated poorly. The attendant was available to serve me but was refused because she was busy stocking muffins , donuts etc… This location was on the run at Carling Ave and Maitland.
    The young lady in question was a very angry soul with little or no costumer service values. She also made a point to say that she only served people she liked and pointed out to me that I was not one of them. I do not know how she would feel this way since I had no previous experience with her.
    She also suggested that I go somewhere else to get my coffee !!
    Man what a way to start the day. Tim Horton’s I am terribly disappointed and truly going to consider this young woman’s advice.
    I will start buying my coffee at Mcdonald’s from now on.
    My 10 to 15 dollars per day will no longer be spent in your stores.

    Thank you Tim Horton’s for this en lighting experience.


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