Whataburger is an American fast food restaurant specializing in hamburgers, founded in Texas 1950 – the restaurant now operates over 730 Whataburger stores across Southern USA. You may know it from it’s distinct orange and white striped buildings or simply it’s great tasting burgers – but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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If you’re not familiar with Whataburger you can visit the official site at www.whataburger.com to see more information on their menu, social media and use the store locator to find a Whataburger near you.

If you have recently visited a Whataburger restaurant and would like to express your thoughts to the company, whether it be good or bad then you can use the Whataburger survey to do so. It’s a great way to help the company improve their services offered to the public.

For taking a few minutes of your time you will receipt a validation code to enjoy a free large fry and a large drink.

How to Begin with the What A Burger Survey:

You will need a valid receipt from Whataburger, which has to be just 3 days old. An Internet connection via mobile or PC would be necessary.

  1. Enter the official What A Burger survey website at www.whataburgersurvey.com
  2. Find the 16 digit survey code on your receipt and continue.
  3. Click start and answer all required questions.
  4. Receive your coupon code to use at your next visit to Whataburger for a free large fry and drink.
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  1. Just had the avocado-bacon burger, medium fries. Worst meal I have ever had at a whataburger- cold fries, dry hamburger spot of avocado burnt Texas toast, horrible


  2. Leonard Rogers


    I’m 68 yrs old and I have loved Whataburgers for years; However,
    I am going to complain… something that I never do. I live in the Pace/Milton,Florida community.

    I went to the drive-thru at your Milton restaurant located on Stewart Street, where I placed an order for one Whataburger and one Whataburger Jr. There were no vehicles in front of or behind me. I asked the lady if she could double bag my order. She replied yes and directed me to the first window. At the first window, as I paid for the order, I again asked if the order could be double bagged. When I reached the next window, a young lady asked if I ordered the Whataburger Jr.? (there was still no other vehicles) I said there was also a regular Whataburger and I would like them double bagged, if possible. She slid the window closed, as she turned away. Several seconds later, a young man opened the window and handed me the order. Both burgers were in a single bag almost too small to contain the order. However, because I requested 4 times already, I began looking on the back seat for a shopping bag. I discovered that the reg. Whataburger was cold while the Whataburger Jr. was slightly warm.

    I decided to call the Manager, Micca Rodriquez, who’s name and number was on my receipt. Her attitude was more defensive (almost combative) than apologetic.
    You have two restaurants in this area and the difference is day & night.

    This note is meant to be constructive.
    Thank You,
    Leonard Rogers


  3. Roberta Frank

    I love the whataburger #3 , and recommended it often to family and friends


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