T.G.I. Friday’s is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining. The popular restaurant known for its red-striped canopies and frequent use of antiques as décor now has made its own TGIF survey. Customers are invited to provide their feedback on the customer satisfaction topic. This will enable the company to review its customer services to better improve customer care.

The first T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant was opened 1965 by Alan Stillman. The restaurant opened on the 15th of March, 1965 and served standard American cuisine, bar food and alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless the restaurant emphasized on food quality and preparation. There is a wide range of TGIF specials customers can choose from. Another distinct feature of the restaurant is represented by the uniform. Employees are wearing red and white soccer shirts displaying the well known TGIF stripes.

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The newer T.G.I. Friday’s franchises are more contemporary. Wallpaper, granite exteriors as well as red and white striped lamps instead of Tiffany make for the new look. In terms of menu there is an emphasis on alcoholic beverages. However the popular dinner also serves a vast array of appetizers, entrees and desserts. The restaurant menu is known to offer both low-carbohydrate and low-fat items.

Since its debut in the mid 60’s the restaurant has witnessed a rise in popularity. It was often mentioned and depicted in popular culture through movies and TV shows. Today it stands as one of the largest restaurant franchises in the world. The popular franchise can nowadays be found on all the continents. It has restaurants in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

What is TGIF Survey?

The TGI Friday’s Survey is an online questionnaire made for customers to evaluate the famous restaurant franchise based on customer service criteria. This will enable the franchise to continue improving its customer services based on their very own motto of ‘quality over quantity’.

As such clients are welcomed to share their review as honest as they can. They are invited to participate in the TGI Friday’s feedback so that the popular dinning franchise can better assess its customer services policy.

What Will You Need?

In order to participate in the TGIF survey customers you will be required to fulfill a few requirements:

  • Have a device capable of Internet connection such as a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone.
  • Have a recent receipt after visiting a TGI Friday’s dinner.
  • Have basic knowledge of the English or Spanish language to be able to read and answer the survey questions.
  • Around 10 minutes of spare time to be able to complete the survey.
  • Make sure to read and agree with the Privacy Policy as personal info may be collected.

How to Participate in the TGIF Survey?

In order to complete the online survey by providing your feedback there are a few steps customers need to follow.

  • Begin by going to the TGIF survey page.
  • Include the store number located on the receipt.

tgif survey page 1
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  • Continue by including your e-mail address and language of preference (English or Spanish).
  • Also type down the 12 or 20 digit survey code also located on your receipt.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to the survey.
  • Provide your feedback and evaluation of services and products by answering the questions that appear on the screen. Be as honest as possible for it will allow TGI Friday’s to fully assess their customer service policy.

TGIF Survey Usability

Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars.

Smartphone experience: 4/5 stars.

Tablet Experience: 4.5/5 stars.

Useful Information About TGIF Survey

Official TGI Friday’s website: www.tgifridays.com.

The official TGI Friday’s website is packed with useful information. From food and drink menus to nutritional info as well as their very own store locator, TGI Friday’s website has all the needed information. Access their official page for more TGIF rewards and Fridays coupons.

Official TGI Friday’s Customer Satisfaction Survey website: www.fridaysfeedback.com.

The link provided will take customers directly to the survey page. There customers are welcomed to provide their feedback and appreciation regarding customer service, quality of food and more.

TGI Friday’s Hours of Operation

In order to see the hours of operation it is better to enter the official website. Depending on the location the hours of operation may differ. For more inquiries regarding hours of operation TGI Friday’s representatives may be contacted.

How To Contact TGI Friday’s

As any other franchise TGI Friday’s devised a series of ways through which they can be contacted for any inquiries. TGI Friday’s representatives are available to answer to any questions regarding hours of operations, products, special offers as well as other services.

Contact TGI Friday’s by Phone

The company can be contacted via phone by calling the number: 1-800-FRIDAYS.

Contact TGI Friday’s by E-mail

TGI Friday’s representatives can be contacted via e-mail. Simply go to their website and click on the Contact Us option located on the bottom right of the main page. After filling some required fields with info such as e-mail address customers can leave their inquiry.

Contact TGI Friday’s Through Social Media

As well as having conventional contact means, TGI Friday’s devised a few social media channels through which customers can get in contact with them and check the latest news.

TGI Friday’s: Tumblr.

TGI Friday’s: Instagram.

TGI Friday’s: Twitter.

TGI Friday’s: Facebook.

TGI Friday’s: Youtube.

This ends our TGIF Survey report. We hope it was most knowledgeable in helping provide the much needed information regarding the steps needed to be made to complete the survey. For any inquiries regarding the evaluation or assessment process feel free to tell us in the comment section below. We are looking forward to be of aid. Good luck.

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