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Founded in 1981, Panera Bread is a casual bakery chain throughout North America with an estimated 1,500+ company owned bakery-cafes in 41 states. With mouth watering specialty bread including pastries & sweets, bagels & spreads, egg souffles, breakfast sandwiches and more. Panera Bread thrive on it’s loyal customer base and are always listening to it’s customers on how to improve their products and service which has made it so popular to date.

The Panera Listens Survey helps the company improve their customer experience and by listening to your feedback and comments they hope you will keep coming back for more. By participating the Panera Bread survey you will get a chance to win a whopping $2,000 on completion.

What do I need to participate?

  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access
  • A valid Panera bakery store number

How to begin the Panera Listens Survey;

  • Visit the Panera Listens Survey website at www.paneralistens.com
  • Enter the cafe number seen on your receipt and continue
  • Complete all required survey questions

If you’re a fan of Panera Bread and are a regular customer then it’s a good idea to give feedback to the company who listens to it’s customer base and are always looking to improve their products and service. Just by taking ten minutes of your time you can have the chance to win $2,000 for your feedback.

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  1. Christa Fretwell

    I LOVE this place, panera just makes my day go by so much better. Thanks for brightening my day! The cashier Missy working in Panera in coranado, CA. Seems to have the brightest smile and the other hard working staff members are equally great


  2. very good during our visit today which is the norm.


  3. robert merriman

    always excellent service. manager always gives me a cheery hello. keep up the great service.


  4. I have been going to Panera Bread for many years in Weston, Fla. Cafe 4711. I have ordered the
    Cinnamon Chip Scone many times. On 5-11-13, I was advised that the recipe had been changed.
    Therefore I ordered 3 Cinnamon Crunch Scones among other items. The Cinnamon Crunch Scone
    was so sweet, I was unable to eat it. The great manager there, Kim, was nice enough to take back
    the 3 Scones and replace them with some bagels. Why did you change the recipe and why did you
    stop making your original Cinnamon Chip Scones? The new ones are terrible.



  5. I had called in a order on Wednesday night 5/15/13 and ordered 2 trays of asst bagels to pick up on Thursday morning @ 6:30 am. The lady on the phone said that would be ok they will have them . Thursday morning I arrived at store 0654 @ 6:20 am not knowing they don’t open until 6;30 . I stood at the door and waited while 2 Emp sat there and worked on a computer . When they open the door I sent straight over to the register and ask for my order . The young didn’t say anything except he had to find the order .. I went over and fixed my coffee and turned back to the register and waited and waited .. No word was spoken to me .. They where busy getting bagels ready .. 20 minutes later I was walking out with my order .. I was upset . They didn’t have my order ready , and no one said anything to me why they didn’t have it ready it’s like I was a statue or something .. I don’t think I would have been so upset if they would have said something . But no I had to stand there looking dumb because I didn’t know what was going on .. I do customer care at my work and k know they should have said something some kind of why my order wasn’t ready . Because of the experience I was late for work And I made sure my fellows knew what I had experience . Needless to say I will not go back again and I will not order from panera bread again .
    My order # 194
    What a BAD Experience .. It spoiled my whole day ..


  6. I go to the Panera in Darien Ct. with my dear friend Len every day. The service is great, the place feels like home and the pasteries are the best. !!!!
    Theres no place like home, well this is it !! Try it. AND all the people that have tried it keep coming back every day a, at least every morning. Our check # is 478


  7. Patrick Rimington

    I went on-line to see what time your Mashpee location opened on Memorial Day and was happy to see it was your regular time of 6:00 a.m.

    While on the site, I was astounded to see that some of the remarks in the comment section were negative! I absolutely could not believe some of the things people said.

    As someone who frequents Panera on a regular basis, I want to set the record straight on your Mashpee location.

    Having owned a restaurant myself I am very aware of the challenges of good, quick service v.s. quality food and I am amazed at how well the staff in Mashpee consistently turns out fantastic food with such speed and quality of service. I rarely have to wait for anything more than a few minutes coming from the back counter and am instantly served anything from the front counter. I’m always met with a smile and a positive attitude. Hats off to the management team that can consistently keep that kind of high level service throughout the day. It’s easy to tell who the managers are by the way they take two steps in one, always hurrying about in an organized manner to keep their team working as a cohesive unit. A level of respect is clearly given to management that I can only assume is well deserved with a thundering velvet hand as there are always smiles all around.

    I really don’t know how Panera provides such fresh food, great service, with relatively low prices all accomplished so quickly order after order. I would never consider anything but high praise from the top down with your establishment.

    Keep up the good work,



  8. Samia El Ibiary

    Re: check number: 566520 cashier :Jovoun date:6/6/2013
    I bought $30.00 worth of food , . While I was putting in my order the cashier seemed not to be concentrating and asked me several times “what kind of soup I wanted?” Did I want you pick two? . He finally got the order right and I paid for the food. Immediately after paying I handed him my Panerra card -and was surprised to hear him say that it was too late to swipe the card as I should have handed it to him before paying. My answer was ” but cashiers usually ask if you have a Pannera card at the beginning first” .
    Another man came up to me and told me that the only way I could get my points was to goon line”
    I would like to point out that having a cashier who is fatigued or not concentrating on his job is very bad service!! Shame on you Panera Bread!!


  9. I am a regular customer at the store 4156 in Kissimmee, fla,the soup was cold, we told the attendant ( i could not get her name the name tag was cover somehow), and she told us “there is a microwave there if you want it hotter” ,we did, her attitude was not the best,we noticed she was texting and looking at her cellphone,we told the Manager Mr Okeefe, he acted very professional , our chek number:658826, we love panera,so please take care of it, best regards Gustavo Romero.


  10. Overall excellent but two suggestions: 1) improve the decaf coffee; 2) provide larger soupspoons.


  11. I was at the San Marcos ca location yesterday , when I went to refill my ice tea it was empty as I walked to the food prep area I notice the young lady that had taken my order was eating from open container , when she saw me she drop the remainder back into the container . i told her i dont think the health dept. would like that . She had a busted look on her face and went to the back I left ! Ruined for me


  12. I went through the drive in Window and ordered a a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with juice can up 6.51, two weeks ago and the bread was not fresh, it kind of elastic. So I threw it out. I went yesterday and order the same thing and explains to the girl in the drive through what happen and it was like taling to a wall cause she handed me a sandwich cry similar to other one, so I the threw it out once more. Needles to say that will never order in that panera in Kissimmee 34714 again. It’s far for me to go their to not be happy with what am paying for which is not cheap, by the way. My receipt number was 5637-5717-5555-9635-6804-80


  13. I have never had a bad experience at any of the panera breads that I have been to! And two of them are in nc and one in Pennsylvania the change on the menus are amazing some items are kept and some are seasonal and that’s to be expected. So panera bread I have no complaints only good comments keep up the outstanding work you do


  14. Jackie Spaulding

    We went to Panera in Christiansburg VA for lunch. I ordered my favorite, the Garden chicken broth bowl. Husband got the new Green goddess Cobb salad. His came and they told him they were making the broth for mine. About ten more minutes went by. Finally they brought mine. It was not edible. The broth was deep brown and tasted strongly of soy, crazy salty. Obviously no one there knew how to make the broth. That being the case they should have said they didn’t have it so I could have ordered something else. As we were on our way to a movie I went without lunch.


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