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Kohls Customer Service Survey

Kohl’s was founded in 1962 and ever since then the retail store has been developing at an incredible speed and has become one of the most well-known department store chains in the United States. In 2010 the store became a Fortune 500 company. Kohl’s now has more than 1,000 stores in just about every state in the U.S. The merchandise offered by Kohl’s ranges from watches and jewelry to games, toys and clothing.

This customer service survey has been developed by Kohl’s in order to find out more about the feelings and opinions of customers shopping in the store. You will only need a few minutes to complete the survey and give your thoughts and feedback regarding the store.

With the help of this survey, Kohl’s can improve its services in such a way that its customers will have a better experience when shopping in the retail store.

What You’ll Need

Kohls Customer Service Survey

The is a questionnaire in which you can express your dissatisfaction or satisfaction regarding the services provided by Kohl’s. Kohl’s is known for being very serious about its customer feedbacks and will take your input very seriously. Knowing this, let’s take a look at what you’ll need in order to complete the survey:

  • An internet connection.
  • A tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish in order to complete the survey.
  • Around 15 minutes of free time to go through all the sections in the survey.
  • The access code and 4 digit number on your shopping receipt.
  • An email address.

How to Take Part in the Kohl’s Customer Service Survey

  • Go online to the homepage of the Kohl’s customer service survey at and choose “Click here to get started” for English or “Español” for Spanish.
  • After selecting the language in which you want to complete the survey enter the 4 digit number and access code found on your receipt and then click on “Start Survey”.
  • Enter your email address and name when asked to do so.
  • Follow all the instructions found on the website and answer all of the questions truthfully.

Kohl’s Survey Usability Score

Laptop/PC experience: 4.5/5 stars

Smartphone experience: 3/5 stars

Tablet experience: 4/5 stars

Useful Information about the Kohl’s Survey

Official site:

Survey site:

Time required completing the survey: around 15 minutes

Incentive: improving the department store’s services

How to Contact Kohl’s

If you have more inquiries and comments that you cannot address with the help of the customer service survey you can contact Kohl’s by using these methods:

1. From You can use the contact form on the company’s official website.

2. Post Mail: If you wish to contact Kohl’s via mail you can send them a letter at the following address:

Kohl’s Credit

PO Box 3043

Milwaukee, WI


3. Phone number: If you want to speak to someone in person you can call the number (855) 564-5705 (This is a toll free number)

Kohl’s Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 7am – 10pm, Sunday 8am – 10 pm CST

Kohl’s: Facebook

Kohl’s: Twitter

Jack in the Box Customer Survey Jack in the Box is one of the biggest burger chains in the United States. It was founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson and now has more than 2,300 Quick Serve restaurants in 21 states. Jack in the Box is well-known for its great value and service and has a remarkable line of burgers including the 100% Sirloin Burger, the Ultimate Cheeseburger and the Jumbo Jack as well as other products such as shakes, ice cream, chicken nuggets, salads, tacos and sandwiches. The restaurant now offers you the possibility to give a feedback regarding its services with the help of a survey at

What You’ll Need

The is a survey that was developed by the restaurant Jack in the Box in order to improve its services and receive customer feedback. You can complete the customer service survey and then get two free tacos. In order to complete the survey you will need:

  • A receipt from the restaurant that is no older than 3 days.
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish in order to complete the survey.
  • An internet connection.
  • A tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Around 15 minutes of your time to answer all the questions in the survey.
  • An email address.
  • A pencil or a pen.

How to Take Part in the Jack in the Box Customer Survey

Jack in the Box Customer Survey

  • To begin the survey head on to Choose your preferred language: English or Spanish. Enter the code found on your receipt. You will see that the receipt is only valid for three days from your purchase.
  • Choose the location of the restaurant you went and then click on “Yes”.
  • You will have to enter the date and time written on the receipt and choose the service you used, such as Drive Thru, Carry Out or Dine In.
  • Answer the questions about your order.
  • After you click on the button to continue the service you will be asked to rate your level of satisfaction.
  • You will be asked several questions regarding your visit and at the end of the survey you will receive a code that you will have to write on your receipt.
  • If you take the receipt with you on your next trip to a Jack in the Box restaurant within 7 days from completing the survey you will get 2 free tacos with your next purchase.

Jack in the Box Survey Usability Score

  • Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars
  • Smartphone experience: 4.5/5 stars
  • Tablet experience: 4.5/5 stars

Useful Information about the Jack in the Box Survey

Official site: Survey site: Incentive: You get two free tacos and the chance to improve the restaurant’s customer service.

How to contact Jack in the Box

The official website for Jack in the Box contains a lot of information about their products and you can use the contact form inside the website to ask questions or comment on the services they provide but there are also other ways in which you can contact Jack in the Box. Here are some of the ways:

1. Contact Form: You can contact the restaurant by using the contact form inside their official website. Go to and complete the form.

2. Post Mail: If you want to contact Jack in the Box via post mail you can send a letter to this address: JACK IN THE BOX INC. Attn: Guest Relations 9330 Balboa Ave. San Diego, CA 92123-1516

3. Phone number: If you wish to speak to someone in person you can use the number (858) 522-4716 to do so. Jack in the Box Hours of Operation: Monday – Wednesday 5am to 9pm, Thursday and Friday 5am until midnight, Saturday 7am until midnight and Sunday 7am to 5pm PST

Sam’s Club, formally operating as Sam’s West, Inc. is a membership-only retail warehouses club that was founded roughly 32 years ago. The corporation is currently operated by Walmart and it was founded by Sam Walton. With over 640 locations in the United States, and 25 scattered across the globe, Samsclub manages to serve over 47 million U.S. and Puerto Rican club members, making it the eight largest U.S. retailer. Most locations vary in size from 70.000 square feet to 190.000 square feet. To protect the data of its members, Walmart only releases year over year performance data.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Samsclub. For example, cash back and extra savings or discounts are a few bonuses to consider. Statistics show that Samsclub members save up to 34% more than those who shop at traditional retailers. There is also a wide variety of products that club members can choose from, from electronic to stationery merchandise. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you can also check out the products on the official page, at On the other hand, if you’ve already made a purchase at the store you might have noticed the website written down on your receipt: – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

Samsclub has created its own customer feedback survey in hopes of improving its services. By filling out the feedback form you will not only be helping the company offer better support  in the future, but you will also get the chance to win one of the 5 Grand Prizes: Sam’s Club Survey Sweepstakes with a value of 1000$ each. Keep in mind that you will have to keep your receipt until the next time you hop at a Sams Club store to prove that you are indeed the happy winner of the sweepstake.

What You’ll Need

The form is basically a questionnaire in which you can express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company’s services. Samsclub is very serious when it comes to its services and it will take all feedback and opinions seriously. With this in mind let’s see what you will need in order to successfully complete the survey:

  • A device with an active internet connection
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish and at least 18 years of age
  • A laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet device
  • Approximately 10 to 15 minutes of your time to go through all the questions
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States, Columbia or Puerto Rica to be eligible for the sweepstake.

How to Take Part in the Samsclub Feedback Survey – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • To begin the survey you must visit The loading process is extremely fast, so you will be quickly redirected to the first page of enrollment. You should know that there is another feedback form that you can submit on the official website without needing receipt data to do so. However, for this survey you will have to introduce the code of the store, the number of your receipt and the date when you completed the purchase. The landing page will also give you more details about the com sweepstake prizes. – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • After you have chosen your preferred language you must confirm eligibility. First of all, you will have to introduce your year of birth, to confirm that you are older than 18. – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Once you have typed in the information required from your receipt you can begin the feedback survey.
  • Most of the questions address your experience in the store, behavior of staff and general problems that may arise during your visit in any Samsclub location.
  • You will have to give scores, from 1 to 10, depending on the quality of services. On one of the last pages you will also be asked to live a comment, assessment, opinion or commentary. This step is not mandatory. – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • On the last step you will have to submit personal data such as street address, city, zip code etc. This will automatically prove eligibility for the 1000$ prize. Click continue to complete the form.
  • You will receive an email notification to support your claim for the 1000$ prize. – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

Samsclub Survey Usability Score

  • Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars
  • Smartphone experience: 4.5/5 stars
  • Tablet experience: 4.5/5 stars

Useful Information About the Samsclub Survey

Official site:

Survey site:

Incentive: a chance to win one of the 5 prizes worth 1000$ dollars for Samsclub merchandise. The total value of prizes to be awarded is 5000 dollars. – Samsclub Customer Satisfaction Survey

Marketing Support: Sam’s Club

How to Contact Samsclub

If you have further comments or inquiries that cannot be addresses through the portal, feel free to contact the company through any of its other channels. Let’s take a look at some of the fastest methods of contacting Sam’s Club:

  • How to contact your local Sam’s Club: the fastest way to check out contact details for various locations is by visiting the club locator page – click here.
  • Post mail: If you wish to contact Sam’s Club via post mail it is possible to do send a letter to the following address:
Sam’s Club
Member Service
2101 S.E. Simple Savings Drive
Bentonville, AR 72716-0745
  • Sam’s Club Phone Number: If you’d rather have a phone conversation with a customer care representative you can contact the company at 888-746-7726.
  • Contact Form: the company also has a contact form on its official website. You can access it here.
  • Sams Club Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 7am-8pm CST, Saturday 9am-5pm CST, Sunday 10am-6pm CST

Sam’s Club: Facebook

Sam’s Club: Twitter

Sam’s Club: Pinterest

This concludes our information. If you have further questions we suggest that you check out the Sam’s Club FAQ page or contact a professional. Good luck!

Founded in 1967, Quest diagnostics is one of the largest corporations that provides clinical laboratory services in the United States. Initially, it was part of the Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory, but in 1997 it became an independent corporation under the name of Quest. The company doesn’t operate only in the United States. It also owns operations and facilities in Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Puerto Rick and India.

Interestingly enough, it is one of the few corporations of its kind that has made it into Fortune 500 and the S&P 500. The company has several agreements with hospital and clinics that it respects through the continuous efforts of its 43.000 staff team. Customer feedback is extremely important, especially since the company influences testing for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neurological disorders.

Although it is considered one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies”, according to Fortune Magazine, there is always room for improvement. This is why Quest Diagnostics has created a customer survey on its page.

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

What You’ll Need

The is the survey developed by Quest Diagnostics to improve its services. If you have recently come in contact with Quest and want to leave a suggestion, then this is the place to visit. To complete the survey you will require:

  • 10 minutes of your time to go through the basic questions
  • Internet connection
  • A computer, smart-phone or tablet device

How to Take Part in the Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

  • To begin the survey you have to visit On the first page you will find some info about the survey. They will ask you if you made a visit at the Physician’s office or the Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. Based on this, the questions in the survey will change depending on your preliminary answer.

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

  • At the bottom of the page you will also see the completion status of the survey. The first questions are related to the location where you were and the date that you visited a specific facility.

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

  • Next, you will be asked about the time it took for you to get taken to the draw room, how often you visit the Quest Diagnostics centers, how likely you are to recommend the service to a friend etc.

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

  • At some point, you will have to fill in your personal opinion. This is the place to leave suggestions or appreciation comments.
  • At the end of the survey you will also be asked about your age, whether or not you are part of any association and your gender.

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey


  • By hitting the “next” button again you will complete the survey process. There are no coupons or bonuses handed out to those who complete the survey, only the thought that they are helping Quest Diagnostics improve.

Quest Diagnostics Survey Usability Score

Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

  • Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars – the Quest diagnostics feedback form works very well on computers and laptop. Load time is excellent and it takes less than 10 minutes to go through the entire process.
  • Smartphone experience: 3.5/5 stars – although the Quest Diagnostics feedback form is responsive with smart-phones and tablets, we felt that it can be quite time consuming to complete it, especially when you want to leave a longer commentary.
  • Tablet experience: 4/5 stars – We had no troubles completing the Quest Diagnostics survey on a tablet device. The survey fits nicely on the screen and it loads quickly.

Useful Information about the Quest Diagnostics Feedback Survey

The survey can be filled out in English or Spanish. Simply choose your preferred language at the top-right side of the screen.

Official site:

Survey link:

Time required completing the survey: between 5 and 10 minutes.

Incentive: improving the company’s services

How to Contact Quest Diagnostics

The official QuestDiagnostics website contains useful information about products for patients, physicians, hospitals, companies and organizations. For example, the corporation has a downloadable mobile app called MyQuest which can be used to stay on top of health information. If you have any questions related to the company’s policies you can also contact the company. There are several ways to contact Quest Diagnostics Customer Service. Here are some of them:

  1. From  -> Contact you can choose your preferred method of contact. From Patient Service Center Feedback you can access the survey or share your feedback.
  2. If you have problems related to your billing, you can talk to the company’s care representatives through live chat, email or phone-call. You can find a complete list of phone numbers here.
  3. MyQuest Diagnostics Customer Service phone number: If you want to reach out to the company in regards to their mobile app, you can do so by phone at (877) 291-7521.
  4. Contact Form: any inquiries, feedback, suggestions, observations or assessments can also be submitted through the company’s contact form on the official website. You will have to leave your email and name in order to receive a response.
  5. The corporate departments can also be contacted. For the headquarters you can use the address 3 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940 or call 800-222-0446. If you have business development inquiries you can call Nicholas Conti at 973-520-2901 or submit an email on this link. You can find the contact details of other Quest Diagnostics representatives on the official website.
  6. Before you start making phone calls you should take a look Quest Diagnostic’s frequently asked questions. You will find everything there is to know about Billing and Laboratory testing here.

Quest Diagnostics: Facebook

Quest Diagnostics: Twitter

Subway is a very popular fast food restaurant franchise which specializes in salads and submarine sandwiches. Recent statistics show that it is the largest growing franchise in the United States, with over 43.035 locations in 110 countries. The company’s headquarters can be found in Milford, Connecticut but there are also additional five regional centers that support the franchise’s operations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

As far as menu goes, Subway’s best-selling sandwich is the B.M.T., with ham, salami and pepperoni. Variations may appear in the menu, depending on religious requirements or location, but most franchises have to respect strict rules in regards to ingredients, preparation and serving.

Complete the free cookie

If you enjoy Subway sandwiches, or you have a suggestion to make related to their services you might want to fill out the customer satisfaction survey on Subway takes the feedback from its users very seriously and it will use it to improve products and services. Because there are thousands of locations worldwide it can be difficult to keep track of performance everywhere. This is why the company is eager to find out what it can do to offer better services. Tell how you feel about their company with the help of their feedback questionnaire. All you have to do to complete it is to have a valid receipt from the store. Let’s get started. customer satisfaction survey

What You’ll Need

  • A computer, tablet or smart-phone device
  • A decent internet connection
  • Approximately 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey

How to Take Part in the Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey

To begin the survey you must access the link. The idea is to leave honest feedback to help the company improve its services in the future: customer satisfaction survey

  • You can visit the official website and click on the survey link to select your preferred language.
  • Once you have accessed the survey page you must submit your SUBWAY store ID from the receipt. You will be redirected to the survey.
  • The first thing you must type in is the date of your receipt and the type of payment you used. customer satisfaction survey

  • Most of the questions address your experience in the store. You will see questions like ‘How likely are you to recommend Subway to a friend?” or “How satisfied were you with each of the following items’.
  • Depending on your answers, new question modules will appear. This usually happens when you say that you are not satisfied with a service. The new modules will enquire about the reasons you weren’t satisfied, for example, background noise, general comfort etc. customer satisfaction survey

  • At the end of the survey you will also be asked if you want to receive important information about the restaurant via e-mail. The email will also be used for the “Thank You” reward code.
  • Once you are done with the survey you can click on the complete button.
  • Write the “Thank you” Code on your receipt and go to the nearest Subway store to receive a free cookie.

Subway Customer Survey Usability Score

Subway has one of the fastest and easiest surveys.

  • Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars – the loading time for the survey was under a few milliseconds. It works across any type of browser and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Smartphone experience: 4.5/5 stars – the survey is compatible with smart-phone devices. Load time is good on smart-phones as well. The only slight discomfort we found was in submitting the date and receipt code.
  • Tablet experience: 5/5 stars – works perfectly across tablet devices. The site is fully responsive across tablets.

Useful Information About the Subway Survey

If you are interested in more deals and offers from Subway restaurants you should definitely join the Eat Fresh Club. Members of this club will regularly receive Subway Six Inch Sub and Drinks for their birthdays and other interesting offers. The steps to joining this service are extremely simple. Click here to find out more.

Official website:

Survey link: www.tell survey

While filling out the survey you should not click on the forward or back buttons of your browser. This will make it impossible for the feedback form to record your data. Only use the buttons provided within the survey.

How to Contact Subway

If you have further enquiries about the company, a personal suggestion to make or you simply wish to give appreciation to Subway’s services privately, you can do so through one of their contact methods. Below you can find the most effective contact channels:

  1. Contact form: the Subway customer service contact form can be accessed here. You will have to submit your personal details, store location and message to complete the process.
  2. Email: you can also contact the company directly through its email at Any inquiry related to the franchise can be submitted through email.
  3. Phone numbers for U.K. and Ireland: The U.K phone number is 0800 0855058 and the Republic of Ireland number is 1-800-413-076. Other phone numbers can be found on specific franchise websites. There should be a phone number available for each store and country.
  4. Other contact details: to find more contact details you can simply Google ‘Subway + location/country”. There is no mailing address available for the company at the moment.

This concludes our article on the customer survey report and Subway customer service number details.

Have you already completed the survey? If so, can you review the process? We would love to hear about your opinions on Subway’s feedback form and quality of customer service.

SUBWAY: Facebook

SUBWAY: Twitter

If you live in the United States you have probably already heard about the infamous Red Robin burgers. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, often referred to as Red Robin is an extremely popular casual dining restaurants chain that was founded 46 years ago by Sam. The very first restaurant was called “Sam’s Tavern”, but the owner liked the song “When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along) that he renamed it into Sam’s Red Robin.

At the moment there are approximately 500 locations scattered across the country where customers can enjoy some of the tastiest burgers. Do you like burgers? If the answer is yes you might be happy to learn that Red Robin wants to reward you for this. The company is offering Red Robin coupons and gift cards valued at 10-25$ dollars for its customers. There are also royalty programs that you should definitely check out if you dine here often.

Red Robin is adamant about providing unparalleled customer service. This is why it has set up a quick and easy survey online. Anyone who wishes to voice their opinions about the food and service at Red Robin will receive a gift: 10 chances to win the daily 1.000$ prize as well as a chance to instantly win 1.500$.

RedRobinLogoWhat You’ll Need

The Red Robin feedback survey can be found on In order to complete it you will need the following:

  • A PC, laptop, tablet or smart-phone with internet connection
  • A few minutes of your time
  • The survey code from your latest Red Robin receipt


How to take part in the Red Robin Survey

  1. To start the survey you have to visit the survey link:
  2. You will be asked to select your preferred language – between English and Spanish.


  • On page number two you will be asked to submit your Survey Code, which can be found on your receipt. This information is necessary before you can complete the customer evaluation.
  • During the survey you will be asked about your experience at the store, your opinion about food etc. You have 5 available answers: strongly agree, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree, strongly disagree.


  • You will also be required to submit the name of the person who served you and the total amount spent.
  • Depending on your answers, the survey may take more than five minutes. That’s because Red Robin will ask you questions about each product that you tried. They are concerned about tastiness, aspect etc.


  • At the end of the survey you will be asked if you want to take part in the 1000$ prize-pool contest. If you say yes, you have to enter more information such as First & Last name, phone number, city etc.
  • Upon completing the survey you will also automatically enter the instant 1.500$ contest.


Red Robin Customer Survey Usability Score

  • Laptop/PC experience: 5/5 stars – The survey loaded extremely fast on desktop browser. In order to take the survey you simply have to type in your verification code from the receipt.
  • Smartphone experience: 3/5 stars – The survey page loads decently on smart-phones but it isn’t very comfortable to complete.
  • Tablet experience: 4/5 stars – We found that the survey loaded without problems. Although not fully responsible, it was easy to fill out all the fields from this mobile device.

Useful Information About the Red Robin Feedback Survey:

Official site:

With the store locator tool you can also find locations near you.

Survey link:

Time required to complete survey: between 5 and 10 minutes

Incentive: a chance to win 1.500 dollars instantly, and 10 chances to win 1.000 dollars weekly

How to Contact Red Robin Customer Service:

As we already mentioned, Red Robin takes pride in the quality of its customer service. This should not be a surprise, considering that great restaurants are the ones where you feel at home. If you have any concerns, complaints, suggestions or comments you can send them through one of the following channels:

  • Red Robin Phone Numbers: The Company offers several phone numbers for customer support. There is a dedicated customer service hotline as well as a corporate headquarters one for administrative issues.

Customer service: 1-877-733-6543

Corporate Headquarters: 303-846-6000

  • Mailing Address: It is also possible to contact Red Robin through mail. Simply add the following address on your envelope: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • Social Media: If you are looking to connect in a more meaningful way you should definitely try reaching out on the company’s social media platforms. Here are the four most important ones:

Facebook: click here

Twitter: click here

Youtube: click here

LinkedIn: click here

  • Customer care email: Red Robin’s customer care section is divided in two major sections. One is dedicated to general comments, suggestions, feedback and complaints while the other is dedicated to dining experience. Emails can be sent to the company through the contact form at www You will receive an automated message and tracking id but no specification as to when an agent will resolve your case.
  • Hotline Experience: There are two customer care departments. You can talk to agents about rewards programs (such as coupons, discounts, gift cards etc) or you can contact an expert regarding general issues. After calling the company we only waited around 3 minutes for an agent to pick up our call. He was polite, helpful and professional. At the end of the conversation all our problems were resolved.
  • Official site: it is strongly recommended that you check out the site before submitting your concerns through the above mentioned methods. Red Robin already answers many issues through its FAQ, Terms of use and About us Page.

Old Navy is one of the most widespread clothing & accessories retailer in the United States. The company currently operates over 1020 stores under the Gap Inc. banner. The corporation’s headquarters can be found in San Francisco. In addition to this, some of the company’s flagship stores can be found in places like Seattle, Chicago, the Mall of America etc.

Old Navy started out as Gap’s idea to offer a less expensive version of its products. In 1994 the division was named Old Navy. It was for the first time that the brand was separated from its parent’s image. After 10 years of operation, Old Navy began a rebranding phase in order to gain a “high fashion feel”. The second rebranding phase started in 2011, when the company decided to focus on a more family-oriented environment, through Project One.

To this day Old Navy remains one of the better fashion retailers in the United States. If you are a customer for this brand you are probably already familiar with the type of customer service offered. The company is very serious about how it treats its customers and it appreciates any type of feedback. For this purpose it has created several survey portals such as or Most of these websites redirect to the main survey website, where customers can offer their input and comments regarding the company’s services.

What You will Need:

  • A laptop/PC, tablet or smart-phone with decent internet connection
  • A valid receipt from your Old Navy store
  • Approximately 10 minutes to complete the process

How to take part in the Old Navy Survey:


  • Head over to and choose your preferred language. You can select English, French or Spanish.
  • Click on Next to begin the survey.


  • The first few questions are designed to tell the company a little bit about you. This will make it easier for Old Navy to determine if your complaint or suggestion has been voiced before by customers of similar profiles.


  • Next, you will be asked to fill in details about your receipt. Fields such as ‘Country’, ‘State/Province of Store you shopped’ and ‘Store’ will appear.


  • For the next step you will be asked to type in your transaction and register information, as well as the date and time of purchase. Make sure you have the receipt around to make the process smoother. If the receipt information is not correct you won’t be able to complete the rest of the survey.

The process may seem a bit tedious but it ensures that feedback is truly genuine. Old Navy cares about the opinions of its customers and it will surely take steps in improving your experience with its stores.

  1. Once you have completed the receipt verification process you will be asked to respond to several questions and statements related to your experience with the company. Most of the questions are formulated as ratings from 1 to 10 that describe your experience with the company.
  2. As an incentive for completing the survey, Old Navy is offering a 10% discount for your next purchase.

Old Navy Customer Survey Usability Score:

We completed the company’s survey from a laptop, a tablet and a smart-phone. Here are our ratings for each of them. These ratings take into account the length of the process, information required and overall performance of the website:

  • Laptop/PC experience: 4/5 stars – the website loads quickly but the survey requires approximately 10 minutes to complete, and you will be asked to submit your receipt.
  • Smartphone experience: 1/5 stars – Old Navy doesn’t offer a dedicated page for smart-phones. Nevertheless, it is still possible to complete the customer satisfaction report without it. Obviously, it will take more than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Tablet experience: 2/5 stars ­– As you probably expect, there is also no mobile tablet page available. The good news is that the website works smoothly from this mobile device. It will still take a while or you to type in all the information.

Useful Information about Old Navy’s Survey:

Survey website:

Incentive: 10% discount code on your next purchase

Alternative survey websites:

Official Old Navy Website:

Social links: Facebook and Twitter

How to Contact Old Navy

o 0

The neutral clothing & accessories line has provided with various contact methods. If you have completed the Old Navy customer survey but still have something that you would like to add here are a few contact methods that might appeal to you:

  • Old Navy Contact Number: the company offers several contact numbers. All of them are free of charge. You can voice your complaints, comments and inquiries here:

Old Navy Credit Card: 1-877-222-6868

International Customer Service: 1-614-744-3908

Old Navy Visa: 1-866-450-5294

Customer Service: 1-800-653-6289

Customer Service TTY: 1-800-449-4253

  • Old Navy Mailing Address: If you like doing things the old-fashion way you can also send a letter to the company at one of the following addresses. The first addresses should be used for online purchases, while the second one is dedicated to store purchases:

Old Navy Online 200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605 – for online purchases

Old Navy Customer Relations 200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605 – for store purchases

Please keep in mind that neither of these addresses should be used for returning merchandise.

  • Email Old Navy Contact Information: There is also the option of sending your assessment, observations or reviews through emails at Make sure you state the purpose of your email in the subject. This will make it easier for operators to redirect your message to the right department. All mails are read by customer care representatives and responses are sent in a timely manner.
  •  Official website: We recommend you to first read the contact information, privacy policy and FAQ on the company’s official website. It provides valuable information related to tech issues, merchandise returns, feedback and order follow-ups. The official website can be found at
  • Hotline experience: Old Navy offers great customer service. All you have to do to get in contact with a representative is to press the 0 button as soon as the automated message starts. You will be placed on hold until an agent is available. If you are interested in coupon codes and offers, you can find out all about them with the help of the agent. Don’t forget to show your appreciation if you were satisfied with customer service!

Old Navy Hours of Operation

Some stores operate on different hours, but most locations have the following schedule:

Monday – Saturday: 10.00 AM – 9.30 PM

Sunday: 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM

ToysRUs requires no introduction as it is one of the largest & most respected juvenile-products retailer in the United States. At present, the corporation operates over 2000 stores around the globe. You can find the ones closes to you by using the store locator tool on the official website. ToysRUs also owns and operates several eCommerce sites including, and

The first BabiesRUs location opened in Westbury approximately 20 years ago. Today it is known as one of the best specialty baby product retailers. It currently operates around 260 stores in the United States. On the official website you can find BabiesRUs locations that are closest to you.

The fact that BabiesRUs has become one of the leading specialty baby product retailers in the country is no coincidence. The company knows that in order to achieve worldwide appreciation it must put its customers first. For this purpose it has created an online guest satisfaction survey that customers can fill out. By completing this survey you are contributing to the improvement of services at BabiesRUs.

What you Will need for the Survey:

-          You will need a laptop, tablet or smart-phone and a decent internet connection to access the survey.

-          A receipt from BabiesRUs in order to complete the required fields prior to the survey questions.

-          Approximately 5-10 minutes of your time


How to take part in the BabiesRUs Survey

  1. The first thing you need to do is to head over to This is the official survey website. You will probably be redirected to the foresee platform, which is the market search company in charge of the toy store’s surveys.

babiesrus feedback survey

  1. Before you begin the survey you will be asked to choose a preferred language between English and Spanish.
  2. We advise you to read the rules at the bottom of the page before submitting your feedback to the company (they can be found here).
  3. Once you arrive on the next page you will be asked to enter your valid BabiesRUs receipt information. Enter your 4-digit store code, the access code and the code of the cashier.

babiesrus feedback survey

  1. Personal information such as age will be required before you can leave your review or observation.
  2. Complete the survey and click the submit button. We urge you to give honest answers and show your appreciation (or disapproval) of the company’s services.

BabiesRUs Customer Survey Usability Score

Our usability score takes into account how much time it takes to complete a survey, how well it works across different platforms or devices, and how much information is required prior to leaving an assessment.

  • Laptop/PC experience: 4/5 stars – Although the receipt validation process is fairly simple, it may take a while for the user to fill in the information. In terms of speed, the survey is quick and easy.
  • Smartphone experience: 2/5 stars – the babiesrus survey isn’t compatible with smartphones. Although it is possible to complete it from a mobile device, it will take longer.
  • Tablet experience: 2/5 stars ­– Tablets are also not compatible with the survey, and you will be able to view it in desktop version.

Useful Information about BabiesRUs’s Survey:

Survey run by ForeSee - an independent market search company

Incentive: Customers who take part in the survey have a chance enter sweepstakes for 500$ babiesrus coupons. The coupon code will be given at the end of the survey. Please keep in mind that only legal residents who are 18-years or older are allowed to take part.

Official BabiesRus website:

Survey website:

Contact Information for BabiesRUs

BabiesRUs is part of the ToysRUs family. This means that you can also use the contact information provided by ToysRUs in order to resolve issues. Toys “R” Us currently serves millions of customers in the United States alone. With over 1.600 stores and several online eCommerce platforms (like BabiesRUs) also come several contact methods that customers can use.

Although the company is trying to keep the allure of childhood (hence the motto ‘where a kid can be a kid’), there are several ‘adult’ problems that may require solving. The customer service team is ready to help you through one of the following channels:

  • BabiesRUs Phone Numbers: there are several phone numbers that you can use to get in contact with the team. Here are some of the most important ones:

Customer Relations: 1-800-769-7787

Media: 1-973-617-5900

Sales: 1-866-742-6423

Babies”R”Us Customer Service: 1-888-222-9787 (1-888-BabyRUs)

Online orders: 1-800-869-7787 non-stop for online order issues, from 8AM to 10PM for all other problems.

  • Mailing Address: if you are a traditionalist you can also get in touch with BabiesRUs locations by sending a letter. Each store has its own mailing address, and the address for the company’s headquarters is Toys “R” UsOne Geoffrey WayWayne, NJ 07470
  • Contact Form: ToysRUs and BabiesRUs share the same type o contact form. If you have any questions related to orders placed, items, return policies, payment options, baby registry, store pick-up, promotional codes etc., or if you simply wish to leave an observation, you should visit this link.
  •  Live Chat: Even if it is not available at all times, BabiesRUs and ToysRUs websites offer the live chat option. If specialists are available for live chat you will see a green “chat live now” icon under your cart.

babiesrus feedback survey

  • Customer Service Email: As you probably expected, BabiesRUs also offers an email address that you can contact. You can use if you want to drop a comment, assessment, review or complaint for the customer care team. We tested this contact option and received an automated message from the company stating that an agent will get in touch with us shortly.
  • Social Media: You can also leave BabiesRUs feedback or reach out to the team through social media channels.

BabiesRUs - Twitter

BabiesRUs – Facebook

ToysRus – Twitter

ToysRUs - Facebook

  • Official website: The official website ( greets visitors with an ample amount of information and categories. We are confident that you will find all the information you need here. You should only contact the team through alternative channels if the solutions provided on the official website do not work.
  • Hotline experience: We gave BabiesRUs to get a feel of customer services provided. We were surprised to be picked up by a live agent in less than a minute. The agent was extremely helpful and told us that customer support is available 24/7. You can ask them anything about printable codes, store locations, feedback and assessment forms etc. In addition to this, most problems are answered in the FAQ section of the website.

BabiesRus Hours of Operation:

Most BabiesRUs locations respect the following schedule:

Monday – Saturday: 9.30 AM – 9.30 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Papa John’s Pizza, one of America’s top restaurant companies and the fourth largest pizza delivery chain in the country, invites its customers to rate services and overall satisfaction. The huge franchise, founded by “Papa” John Schnatter, opened its doors for the very first time in October 2, 1984. After three decades of success, Papa John’s grew into a 20.700 employee pizza chain. Its slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.” perfectly describes the quality of services that customers can benefit from and the company’s drive to become the best.


Have you recently dinned in one of Papa John’s locations? Did you recently order from the company? If the answer is yes, then wants you to complete the customer satisfaction survey. According to the staff, opinions and suggestions will influence the type of services offered, and lead to ultimate customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if your opinion is positive or negative because PapaJohns will take you seriously. Your opinion matters, and by voicing it you will be able to improve customer service for your next visit at the pizza chain.

If you wish to complete the Papa John’s survey we are here to offer you a few helpful tips.

What You’ll Need:

-          A laptop or mobile device with internet access

-          Roughly 5 to 10 minutes of your time

How to fill out PapaJohns Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Papa Johns Survey

  • The first thing you need to do is to head on over to the company’s feedback form (which can be found here). On the left side of the screen you will see several options like FeedBack Form, Holiday Promotion etc. You are interested in the feedback form.
  • In the initial form you will see questions such as the type of comment that you wish to send, whether it concerns previously submitted feedback and categories/subcategories filters. If your experience with PapaJohns was a positive one you should pick “praise”. Alternatively, you can choose suggestion, question or complaint.

Papa Johns Survey

  • The categories and subcategories sections include information such as restaurant service, delivery, campus suggestion etc. Pick the ones which most closely fit your feedback information.
  • Once you have completed all the initial fields the page will refresh itself. You will now be requested to submit your First & Last Name, address, city, zip code, email address and other information.

Papa Johns Survey

  • You can write a maximum of 3900 characters in your feedback form. You should also select whether you are a customer or Papa John’s Employee.
  • Write your commentary and once it is complete press the SUBMIT button. Completing the Papa Johns customer survey is very important if you want services to improve in the future.

As you can see, the customer survey for is extremely simple to fill. Although you will not be receiving any promo coupons or free meals, the five minutes that you allocate to this process may result in improved services for your next visit to the restaurant.

Papa Johns Customer Survey Usability Score:

We’ve rated the performance of Papa John’s feedback website according to different criteria such as length of process, required data etc. Here are our scores:

  • Laptop/PC Experience: 5/5 stars – The process is very fast. You don’t have to enter any code from your receipt and you are given a plethora of categories where your suggestion or comment will be relevant.
  • Tablet experience: 5/5 stars – The survey form seems responsive and it is very comfortable to complete from a tablet.
  • Smartphone experience: 4/5 stars – We felt that the process took a bit too long from the smart-phone, but that was also due to the nature of the device.

More Information About Papa John’s

At present, the franchise operates roughly 4.200 restaurants in 50 USA States and 35 countries. Over 3.200 restaurants can be found in the United States alone. The other 1.000 are scattered in other countries.  The menu mainly consists of pizzas, but you will also find salads, sliced veggies etc. What makes Papa John’s unique are the excellent ingredients used to prepare quality pizza. This standard has been preserved for over 30 years since the company was established. Customers will always receive excellent treatment, fresh products, natural sauces and original dough.

In February 26, 2004, the University of Michigan’s National Quality Research Center conducted a customer satisfaction survey which concluded that Papa John’s is the top rating pizza service in the USA, for the fifth year in a row. According to this satisfaction report, Papa Jogn’s scored 76 out of 100, while other franchises such as Pizza Hut and Yum! Brands Inc. scored 75.

Papa Survey Useful Information:

Papa Johns Survey

Official site: www.papajohns com

Survey link: www

Incentive: no discounts or coupons

How to Contact Papa John’s Customer Service Center

The company has provided customers with various methods of offering feedback. When it comes to customer service, Papa Johns excels. It may already be a major player in the restaurant industry, but it will always take into consideration suggestions of improvement from its customers.

Suggestions and questions are usually submitted through the customer service department available on, but there are also other methods. Below you can find Papa Johns contact information:

Papa Johns Contact Information:

  • Mailing Address: The company will read questions, suggestions, observations and complaints sent through mail. Each restaurant has its own mailing address (which can be found through a simple Google search). You can also write to the corporate headquarters at: Papa John’s International P.O. Box 99900 Louisville, KY 40269-9990
  • Phone Number for Papa Johns: 1-877-547-7272 for the Customer care Department
  • Customer Service Email: Unfortunately, the company does not have an email address available for the customer care department. Clients who wish to contact personnel directly must do so through the feedback form. As described above, the user can select the type of feedback, Papa Johns complaints or assessments that he wants to leave.
  • Social Media: Customers can also connect with the company through its social media profiles. Papa Johns has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter page.
  • Official website: Before contacting the company directly, one should first check out the official website. It contains tons of useful information regarding pizza menus, promo codes & coupons, schedule etc.
  • Delivery Hotline: If you want your pizza delivered at home you can contact the delivery hotline at 887-7272

According to reviews from users, the customer service hotline for Papa Johns is a bit confusing. Although you are told that a representative will get in touch as soon as possible you are asked to go through different menus and sets of options. Eventually, a representative will take your call.

Papa Johns has yet to offer any discounts or promos to customers who complete the feedback form.

Over a year ago we briefly went through the Clarks customer survey, but it was high-time that we updated the information related to it. C & J. Clark International Ltd, also known as Clarks, is one of the most successful British shoe manufacturers & retailers in the world. The company was founded in 1825 by Cyrus and James Clark. The headquarters were set in Street, Somerset, England, where they remain to this very day. One of the company’s distinctive products is the Desert Boot – an ankle height boot equipped with crepe soles, generally made out of suede leather. Other products include the Wallabee and the Desert Trek.

Clarks takes great pride in the quality of services that it offers, and this is exactly why it has created a survey report for its clients. Let’s take a look at the requirements and benefits for the Clarks customer survey report.

The process is quite simple. If you have recently made a purchase from a Clarks store, and you want to offer your feedback, you can visit The idea behind the survey was to help the company improve the level of service that it offers. It will only take several minutes to complete.

Benefits of Completing Clarks Customer Survey

Customers who complete the survey will receive a 15% discount for their future purchase at Clarks, Bostonian or Clarks Bostonian outlets.

Rules of Clarks Customer Survey Reports

In order to gain access to the company’s survey you must first have a valid receipt. The discount offered at the end of the survey may only be used alone, and not in conjunction with other discounts or offers. In addition to this, the coupon may not be traded in for cash or used more than once.

You should definitely read the following tips before submitting your survey report for Clarks:

  • First of all, go to to begin the survey. You will require internet access and a compatible browser (Mozilla, Chrome or Explorer) to gain access to the report.
  • You will first need to select the state and store where you made your purchase.
  • Enter the number of your Clarks receipt or ticket (it should be a 3 digit number which appears on the ticket). It will provide you with one-time access. You should take the time you need to submit your feedback correctly.
  • If you use the Back and Forward buttons on your navigation bar you may be logged out of the survey or lose the data you enter. This is why you should only use the navigation buttons available on the survey page.
  • Leave your honest comments and ratings then click “finish” to complete the survey.
  • Print out your coupon and present it in the store within the next 30 days.

Usability Report for the Clarks Customer Survey 

5/5 stars: Computer usability – it only takes several minutes to complete.

3.5/5 stars: Tablet usability - the survey was not optimized for mobile use, but considering that it only has one open question, it should not be difficult to complete.

2.5/5 stars: Smart-phone usability – the fact that the page is not optimized for mobile use is particularly annoying on smart-phones. It may take more than 10 minutes to complete the survey from a smart-phone.

The Clarks Customer Survey report may be short, but it offers a great opportunity for you to tell what exactly it is that you like/do not like at a particular store. This offers room for improvement in services, customer care etc. If you are experiencing problems with the website you should contact the company via You will find more information there.